Liberals Demand Troop Increases for Iraq

That's right, this headline

Liberals Demand Troop Increases for Iraq

is precisely what every major American newspaper would carry if Islamic Imams declared tomorrow that Allah wants Capitalism instituted throughout the world. Our liberal friends so hate Capitalism and all it stands for that they would be holding pro-war demonstrations in Washington, Paris, London and other world capitals demanding that their government expend blood for oil.

Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats would be asking Bush why he hasn't yet attacked Iran. Even Barack Obama would be warning us that Iran's government is "a threat to all of us," and that the US "should take no option, including military action, off the table." [IsraelInsider]

Hillary Clinton would promise, if elected, that she would have 500,000 troops sent to Iraq within 3 months of being elected President.

Don't think so? Look at any so-called Anti-war Rally. Except for a few genuine, die-hard pacifists, most of those drawn to such rallies are green-peacers, PETA people, socialists, communists, Muslims and other anti-Zionists, anti-Corporation wackos, Pro-Palestinian Jews, anti-Nato Europeans, "breasts not bombs" exhibitionists and every other kind of nut-job that comes to these things because there are not enough of their own kind to form a parade.

The anti-war crowd encourages every looney toons group in the country to come join the protest because they need to fill out the ranks of their pathetically skimpy rallies. In fact, there exist many groups that are so small that it would be laughable if they actually tried to form their own march. So what they do, even if they are not opposed to the war, is join in for the photo op and a chance to get their banner splashed across front pages and TV news shows. So if you see a rally with 2,000 alleged anti-war protesters, you will be lucky if you come across more than a handful of genuine pacifists. I cannot believe that there could be more than a half-dozen people so ignorant, so willing to be victims of violence and so stupid as to believe that no war could ever be justified. There just cannot be that many mentally defective imbeciles in one place at one time. I don't believe it.

anti-war mosaic

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Here we have peaceniks puffing up their rally with the Muslim Coalition:

Monsters and Critics,
Thousands take part in demonstrations against Iraq war

London- Thousands of anti-war protestors rallied in London and Glasgow Saturday calling for the immediate withdrawal of British troops from Iraq. The protestors were also demanding an end to plans to update Britain's nuclear missile system and demonstrating against any military action in Iran, according to Lindsey German of the Stop the War Coalition, which organized the march along with the British Muslim Initiative.

Liberal Algerian Daily Criticizes U.S. Anti-War Movement

In an opinion piece in the liberal Algerian daily Liberté, columnist Mustapha Hammouche criticizes what he sees as the simplistic populism of the anti-war movement in the U.S. He argues that the anti-war protests are primarily a result of nostalgia for the protest movement against the Vietnam War, and that they ignore the realities of the current war in Iraq - which, he says, has helped terrorism diminish Iraqis' hopes and has eroded their support for democracy.

Big Lizards,
That Was Then, This Is Still Then. To Them. You Dig?

The more I ponder the Democrats, the more amazed am I at their anachronism. They insist upon living in the past. But unlike Civil War reenactors or the Society for Creative Anachronism, the Left also insists that the rest of us live in their past, as well.

Virtually every position they actually take -- and there aren't many -- is an attempt to relive the "good, old days" of the 1960s (actually, a fantasy 60s that's more like Tribes, Billy Jack, or Hair). In their own tepid way, they are as anxious to recreate a bygone era as are Islamic fundamentalists... which may be one reason they find it easier to understand our enemies than fellow Americans.

Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho
First and most obvious is the Democratic/liberal/New Left support for governance by protest. Back in the very late 60s and early 70s, "protest" was more than a means of political expression; it became, for the first time in American history, a lifestyle choice for a small but influential segment of the populace... a populace that has now grown old (if not up) and seized the levers of governmental power.

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