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As some of my readers are aware back in the early 1980s I was in the Gold business buying gold bullion, scrap gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, etc.

I also owned about a dozen jewelry stores, even one in San Francisco and invested in wholesale jewelry businesses in downtown New York in the Wholesale Jewelry District. When I first opened back then most of the businesses were Jewish-, Italian- or Spanish-owned. Now the majority are Chinese-owned with a very few Jews still around.

Many of the shops import their gold chains and bracelets from Italy, but the duties are high. In order to avoid the high import fees, some of the Italian houses have moved the assembly of their jewelry to countries that can export to America with little or no duties. One of these countries is The Jordan that has a free trade accord with the US. What the Italian manufacturers do is ship parts of 14kt jewelry to the Jordan for final assembly there. The actual "Assembly" is nothing more than clipping together the ends of a chain, a 20 second operation. Unfortunately, the Jordanian company uses Sunni Muslims for the job and instead of squeezing the end parts using a plastic tipped pair of pliers, they use metal pliers which leaves dings and dents in the jewelry. (See photo - yellow circles; click on image for larger view)

This is what happens when you use Muslims for jobs that should be done by Mexicans. One could argue that perhaps the workers are doing this on purpose since they know the goods are going to the Great Satan, but I suspect that the Italian firms assumed that whoever was running the assembly facility in The Jordan had some modicum of modern skills. This is what happens when your worldview of Islam is that it's a religion just like any other rather than a primitive stone-age culture which is exactly what it is. The flickering light of Arabic intellectual achievement 1000 years ago was but a brief anomaly, snuffed by Imams who began controlling Islam as it is practised today.

What the Jordan needs to do, is bring in Israelis to show them how to do business in the modern world. The Jordan has about the same population as Israel but is 5 to 6 times larger in area. They would do well to associate with a country that has more entrepreneurs per capita than any other country in the world.

What Jordan needs is what the whole of the Arab world needs, more Jews.

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