Sopranos Episode 80 Remember When

sopranos episode 80 Remember When

Tony Wakes up to see Paulie hustling over to his house. Carmela's ferkakta espresso machine is on the fritz. Paulie has bad news: Feds are doing some digging on Branford Avenue in Newark, Paulie reminds Tony about his first hit Labor Day 1982, Willie Overall the bookie.

Paulie and Tony drive over to see the FBI digging. Word is that Larry Barese has been talking.

Paulie, to Tony "You made your bones with that prick, eh?" That was 25 years ago. Paulie wonders whether there'll be anything left. Tony answers there'll be bones, teeth.

Tony decides to take a trip just in case the feds link the body to Tony.

Carmela is upset that Tony has to go on the lam; Tony, in a dig to Carmela: "It's not like I won a trip to Paris."

Paulie packs a number of white shoes for the trip to Miami.

Carmela wonders why their lives are so worrisome at this stage of their lives: "It's just, this is what life is still like, at our age?" Tony fibs about why he's leaving: "a little gambling charge." Tony regrets that he has to leave just as his tomatoes are ripening.

At the Managed Care Home, Wycoff Therapeutic Center, Uncle Junior tells Tony's Uncle Pat Blundetto that he's still waiting for an apology from Tony. Uncle Pat is trying to convince Corrado to make an appointment with an outside dentist so that Uncle Pat can meet him there and sneak him off in their car. Unfortunately Corrado is too addled to understand what they are talking about. Uncle Junior is still getting payoffs from the electrician's union; money he uses to help finance his clandestine poker games at the home. Corrado pays Jameel the orderly 60 bucks to let him run the game and supply sodas to the players. Uncle Junior has befriended and is mentoring Carter Chong, a young Chinese man who idolizes Uncle Junior.

Chong is the dealer for the illicit games. Uncle Junior complains that the 60 bucks is a stiff price for just soda considering that Uncle Junior already gave Jameel his expensive watch. Jameel also steers people away from the door to the games.

Uncle Junior announces "No limit 5 card stud, 40 dollar buy in to the house, the white buttons are 5 bucks, the red buttons are ten."

1959 Eldorado BiarritzOn the road south, Paulie and Tony reminisce about the old days, the hit on Willie Overall, a week before Meadow was born, that they took Tony to Lugar's after to celebrate his first hit.

Appropriately, based on the conversation about esacpe with Uncle Pat and Uncle Junior, Tony and Paulie pass a sign that says: "HITCHHIKERS MAY BE ESCAPING INMATES." (Although thet are headed south, there's a sign just like this on the road to Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut) Later, Paulie sees another sign, Chevy Chase, "Chevy Chase, whatever happened to him?"

Tony asks Paulie if he knows who could have gotten the remark about the mole on Ginny's ass to Johny Sack. "Who the f*ck would tell Johnny about that joke?" Paulie: "How should I know?"

Back at the game the inmates are playing cards when Uncle Junior begins cracking jokes: "A man comes home with a bouquet of flowers for his wife. 'I guess now I'll have to spread my legs,' she says. 'Why,' he asks, 'Doncha have a vase?'" Amazingly they all laugh as if they understood the joke.

Professor Brian Lynch comes by looking for Keith to play chess, but Uncle Junior tells him he's busy playing poker. Then Uncle Junior rails on the Professor calling him "the pride of Rutgers, slits his wrist in the faculty lounge, after he stabbed the dean."

The Professor, "At least some of us know when we need help." Uncle Junior curses at him at slams the door in his face. The Prof then snitches to another orderly (Warren) about the game and it is then broken up.

Later Carter brings Uncle Junior his tea. Uncle Junior gives him a taste of the earnings, a handful of buttons, for running the game. Uncle Junior relates how his father once smacked him for not accepting a quarter tip from a lady and made him walk home for eleven miles to teach him the value of money.

Carter goes into a rant about how he once got a 96 on a spelling test that did not satisfy his father. Carter, cursing violently, has some unresolved issues about his father.

[Music: Song: Rock On David Essex]

Back on the road trip near Culpepper Virginia the boys recall a motel dive with 16 year old hillbilly hoors and decide to stop at the place. But the "Havenaire Motel" is no longer there, instead a modern Marriott motel without the old amenities has transplanted itself in that location. [Music: Touch Me in the Morning: Diana Ross] Checking into the motel, Tony finds out that room service is limited to wraps and salads after 11 pm, no steaks or bottled booze. But they can get some nachos over at Buckingham's Pub.

[Music: Terms of Endearment Artist: Michael Gore] At the pub, Tony and Paulie again recall the old days when Paulie and his Dad made trips down South on deals. Paulie was 20 at the time without a driver's licence piloting Johnny's 1959 Cadillac Biarritz when a State Trooper in Georgia pulls them over. Paulie: "This is the deep f*king south we're in, and we're Italian." Tony's father tells Paulie to tell him that Barney Fife is a cousin on the force. The trooper whacks him in the face and Paulie admits he never watched TV he had no idea who that was. Tony's dad had to duke the trooper a hundred bucks, a month's salary in those days, to let them slide.

Paulie says that the only time he saw Tony's dad cry was when Tony was born. Tony: "Funny, you know, I never knew where I stood with him. Like he didn't believe in me or sumptin."
Paulie: "You kidding, he trusted you enough to give you the Willie Overall thing." Tony was only 22 then.

In the morning at the motel, Tony catches Paulie talking shop with strangers at the breakfast buffet. Tony: "What the fuck is wrong with you?... We're supposed to be layin low."

On visiting day at the home, Carter gets a visit from his mother who warns her son not to emulate the bad habits of Uncle Junior.

sopranos episode 80 Remember When

Tony and Paulie finally arrive in Miami; Sil phones Tony to let him know the Feds Identified the body. Tony sees Paulie joking it up with the locals in front of the hotel.

Uncle Junior has Carter write a letter to Vice President Cheney to intercede in his case because "Like yourself, I was involved in an unfortunate incident when a gun I was handling misfired..."

Jameel comes in to get Uncle Junior to sign his autograph on his arrest photos so he can sell them on Ebay.

[Music: El Botellon Artist: Tropical Orchestra] Tony and Paulie meet with Beansie and they discuss American Standard toilets that were hijacked by Cubans that Beansie is in contact with. Then Beansie shows Tony an old photo from 1963 of Paulie when he was a young man and the photo below of Tony's dad and Uncle Junior in front of Satriale's

sopranos episode 80 Remember When

Paulie is distressed to hear that beansie pees in a bag.

Uncle Pat phones Uncle Junior and asks if he made the appointment with the dentist. Uncle Junior has no idea what he's talking about. But when reminded begs off saying he's being watched. Uncle Junior is just too comfortable in his daily routine of TV, snacks, and being the big cheese among the inmates to take it on the lam.

[Music: Mimi - Artist: Cubanismo] Later at the Hotel restaurant the boys are with Beansie entertaining young women. Actually pretty hookers. Paulie inadvertantly calls Beansie, who is in a wheel chair, a standup guy. Paulie and Beansie recollect how Paulie threw hot zeppole oil in a yokel's face who mouthed off to Beansie's cousin at a feast. Paulie: "Powdered sugar - he would've been done." Then keeps blabbing until he mentions about "some hippie kid mysteriously drowned". Tony is furious Paulie can't keep his mouth shut.

Tony: "'Remember When' is lowest form of conversation."

Phil is having lunch with Doc Santoro, Phil "I told Tommy Dileo that you're the boss now." Phil slides an envelope over to Doc, "your taste." Then Doc reaches over to fork a sausage on Phil's plate. Phil is raging inside over the insult.

The Professor interrupts a checkers game that Uncle Junior is playing with Carter causing Uncle Junior to verbally abuse the Professor. The professor tells Uncle Junior that he only acts tough when there is an authority figure nearby so that nothing will go too far, "Oh how the mighty have fallen!" which prompts Uncle Junior to attack the professor brutally.

Later Jameel defends Uncle Junior when he is questioned by Dr Mandl. His impartiality is questioned when it is noted that Jameel is wearing an expensive gold vintage watch. Dr Mandl changes Uncle Junior's meds to curb his aggressiveness.

Tony borrows 200K from Hesh, he's a little low lately, just lost a big bet on a football game. The games have been running against Tony the past few months.

Tony bangs Anika, a beautiful young thing (see photo below). Tony admits to her there was a time when he wishes Paulie was his dad. "He used to work for my dad." The girl says, "I know, he told me." Which gets a look from Tony.

Uncle Junior gets a form letter from Dick Cheney's office informing him that the Vice President's busy schedule does not permit him the opportunity to respond to every letter.

Uncle Junior complains that he has no pep. The meds are calming him down. Carter: "They're trying to numb you out."

Tony and Paulie meet up with the Cubans:

Ramon (in Spanish to Esteban): "That truck with the Black & Decker items, it's coming in this month, or when?"
Esteban: "I think it's going to be after the 12th day of the month, I don't know exactly which day, but after the 12th."

They then strike a deal to buy a trailer full of Black and Decker power tools.

Carter distracts the orderly and nurse so Uncle Junior can dump his meds.

Back at Beansies' house Tony, although impressed with Paulie's chutzpah with the Cubans, complains of Paulie's constant yapping. "It concerns me, lately." Beansie explains that people who live alone get like that. Tony says things are great but he's waiting for the other shoe to drop. Beansie says Paulie is a standup guy, but Tony wonders what would happen if he was put to the test. But Tony admits that he always loved the guy.

Silvio lets Tony know that Larry Boy told the feds that Jackie Aprile was responsible for the hit on Willie Overall.

Now that they're off the hook, Tony suggests they take a boat fishing before they head home.

Uncle Junior wets his pants because being off the medication has made his incontinence return. Dr. Mandl tells Uncle Junior to take the meds or wear Depends. Uncle Junior decides to go back on medication which disappoints Carter, since Uncle Junior cannot be his old self when he's medicated.

Tony takes Paulie fishing which gives Paulie the willies. He sees flashbacks to the Pussy whacking at sea. Paulie has a terrible sense of dread and foreboding as they leave dock in the Sea Vous Play (s'il vous plais - Please in French).

Carter believes he's been betrayed by his mentor.

Paulie cooks on the boat and gives a plate of Rigatoni ala Paulie to Tony but is too upset to eat himself. Tony said he saw a whale which made me think of Ginny Sack and again presses Paulie if it was him that told Johnny Sack about Ralphie and the joke. There is a moment when it looks as if Tony is actually contemplating knifing Paulie. But Paulie's unwavering denial of telling the Ginny joke proves Paulie may have the balls to stand up if he's ever put to the test with the Feds. The boat seems a bit big for just a two man crew, btw.

Elektra Semiautomatic SXC Chrome Espresso MachineAt the home, Uncle Junior is listening to the piano being played when Carter tries to interrupt the piece and Uncle Junior gives him a look that means stop it. Carter then attacks Uncle Junior for suddenly leaving him alone, without a mentor.

Paulie sees Pussy in a dream. "When my times comes, tell me, will I stand up?" The next scene, we see Paulie doing some strenous weight exercises, determined to be strong against any pressure to flip.

Carmela opens a box to reveal a Elektra Semiautomatic SXC Chrome Espresso Machine, a gift from Paulie. Carmela wonders what's wrong with Paulie. Tony defends Paulie saying it's guys like him that prop up their lifestyle.

Doc Santoro is whacked by Phil's crew, we see Butch Deconcini leaving the scene. This now leaves Phil in charge and able to exact revenge for his brother's murder.

At the Bing Tony comes in to hear Paulie incessantly yakking away. Sil: "Phil is the 'main guinea' now." Interestingly, we see Christopher sitting listening to Paulie. Why Tony doesn't say something like, "Hey, Chris, what are you doin' here?" is puzzling since in the last episode Sil said that Chris doesn't come to the Bing any more.

[Music: Gene Krupa - Drummin' Man, Sing! Sing! Sing!]

Back at the hospital Uncle Junior is sitting in a chair petting a therapy cat, stewing.

It seems as if in these last episodes we are saying goodbye to each of the major characters before the denouement of this great series. We are going to miss them all.


Ken Leung (Carter Chong)
Paul Herman (Peter "Beansie" Gaeta)
Neshawn Kearse (Jameel)
Elizabeth Sung (Mrs. Chong)
Dan Conte (Faustino "Doc" Santoro)
greg antonacci (Butch Deconcini)
Charles Morgan (Prof Brian Lynch)
Stephen Singer (Dr. Mandl)
Frank Albanese (Uncle Pat)
Joe Pucillo (Beppy Scerbo)
Stink Fisher (Warren)
Suzanne Hevner (Val)
Joseph Adams (Larry)
Brian D. Coats (Itzhak)
Stanley Harrison (George)
George Riddle (Walter)
Joe Rosario (Gary)
Ptolemy Slocum (Keith)
Kevin Murphy (Ascot Man)
Gaston Renaus (Ramon)
Serafin Falcon (Esteban)
Christina Cabot (Lynn)
Chester West (Ordely)
Donnete Lavina Grays (Nurse)

Jen Araki

Jen Araki (Anika)

ginger kroll

Ginger Kroll (Clista)

Kate Rogal (Misha)
Herbert Rogers (Willie Overall)
Donna Smythe (Gia Gaeta)
Patrick McNulty (Hotel Clerk)
Lin-Manuel Miranda (Bellman)
Rocco Sisto (Young Uncle Junior)
Joseph Siravo (Johnny Boy)
James Coyle (Salesman #1)
Tod Engle (Salesman #2)
Jan Blackman (Salesman #3)

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Paulie as a young man (click on image for a larger view):

paulie walnuts as a young man

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