The Holocaust began this day, 1933

Der Sturmer
Photo Credit: Nazi War Crimes
No April Fool today, just a reminder that 74 years ago on April 1, 1933 the Holocaust began. Months earlier, the National Socialist German Workers Party became the largest parliamentary faction and on January 30th, Adolf Hitler was appointed to the chancellorship. On April 1st, Julius Streicher who founded the racist newspaper, Der Stürmer ten years earlier, orchestrated a one-day boycott of every Jewish-owned business in Germany. This event was not noticed by the world and few in Germany realized where this would all end.

Some people mark the beginning of the Holocaust to the riots of the Night of Broken Glass ("Kristallnacht") of November 9, 1938, in which Jews were attacked, Jewish property was vandalized, and almost every single synagogue in Germany was damaged or destroyed, but this was merely the germination of the seed planted in 1933.

Julius Streicher

Streicher argued in the newspaper that the Jews had contributed to the depression, unemployment, and inflation in Germany which afflicted the country during the 1920's. He claimed that Jews were white-slavers and were responsible for over 90 percent of the prostitutes in the country.

Today we hear the same accusations against the Jews by Muslims throughout the world. Amazingly, Liberals, especially useful idiot Jews, refuse to acknowledge the threat Islam poses to Jewry everywhere. Because Jews were once falsely accused of the most fantastic of crimes, Jews now fail to accuse Muslims when genuine atrocities are committed by them. Because Jews suffered under racism and religious bigotry, they now blindly avoid even mild criticism of Arabs and Muslims for fear of being called racists and religious bigots themselves, even when Arabs and Muslims deserve severe condemnation. Jews embrace pacifism and spout moronic phrases such as 'give peace a chance', 'war is not the answer', and other similar drivel.

Let me explain something to you idiot Jews: Mohandas Gandhi was able to make non-violent protests eventually work because they were directed against a civilized people: the British. Had he tried it with the Nazis or Muslims, he and all his followers would have been destroyed.

Asking Israel to use non-violent methods against barbaric savages would have only led to her destruction. On the other hand, had Yasser Arafat adopted peaceful non-cooperation against Israel, he would have shamed Israel into granting them Statehood without shedding the blood of a single Jew or Arab. Non-violent protests would have worked in this case because Israel is a civilized country.

I'm assuming, of course, that the Palestinians would have dropped the request that Israel drown itself in the Mediterranean.


Joels Trumpet, Arabs to Israel: Peace on our terms or war

In a statement betraying the true intentions of the Arab world, Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister on Tuesday warned Israel to accept the pan-Arab peace proposal as is or face war.

The Arab League convened in Riyadh on Wednesday to discuss the plan, which was first presented by Saudi King Abdullah at a Beirut meeting of the organization in 2002.

It offers Israel the promise of peace with its neighbors in return for surrendering every inch of land liberated in 1967 and opening its borders to millions of foreign-born Arabs who called themselves "Palestinian refugees.”

Israel’s failure to accept these "generous” terms means it must want war, Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal told Britain’s Daily Telegraph.

Dinocrat, The Saudis assert themselves

saudi arabia tihama

Flickr User: retlaw snellac
One purpose of the Saudi hard line coming from its most senior authorities may well be to assert Saudi authority over against Iran in the Middle East. Neither these words above, nor the Iranian kinapping of UK military hostages, seem to us particularly compelling evidence of strength and authority — indeed, rather the opposite. We are reminded again to wonder how much attention the world would pay to this neighborhood if it had no oil.

Captain's Quarters,
Olmert To Arabs: You Broke It, You Own It

Ehud Olmert has made it clear to the Arabs pushing the 2002 Saudi peace initiative that Israel will not accept even a single Palestinian refugee under a notion of "right of return". Olmert stated yesterday that the Arab nations created the refugee problem with their multinational war of annihilation against Israel, and they can deal with its consequences now:

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