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nigger brown sofa

Doris Moore nearly had to end her life when her new couch was delivered to her Toronto home with a label that used "nigger brown" to describe the dark brown shade of the upholstery.

Worse yet, it was her 7-year-old daughter whose innocent ears never heard such a term before who discovered the racial slur on the tag. If it were not for this incident, her daughter could have gone through life without once hearing the word "brown".

Kingsoft Corp., a Chinese software company, acknowledged its translation program was at fault and said it was a regrettable error.

Moore, who is a greedy, entitlement-bred black bitch, said Kingsoft's acknowledgment of a mistake does not make her feel better.

April 19,2007,
Chinese translation error blamed for slur on sofa label

Moore is consulting with a lawyer and wants compensation. Last week, she filed a report with the Ontario Human Rights Commission.
Moore, 30, has three young children, and said the issue has taken a toll on her family.

"Something more has to be done. We don't just need a personal apology, but someone needs to own up to where these labels were made, and someone needs to apologize to all people of color," Moore said. "I had friends over from St. Lucia yesterday and they wouldn't sit on the couch."

The Ontario Human Rights Commission estimates it could take almost two years to resolve the matter. What is there to resolve? It was a mistake.

whitemen toothpasteGet over it lady, it was a mistake and the Chinese are fixing the translation program, there was no intent to defame or injure, no harm done. If none of your sensitive-ass friends wants to sit on your couch, let them stand. Don't like the label? Tear it off and throw it away. Next time don't buy furniture in a color that might offend you, get something in "Honky White" or "Cracker Tan" or "Kike money Green".

As a commenter on DIGG has pointed out, "Where is Al Sharpton?"

Citynews has the VIDEO interview.

What is amazing though is that her daughter never heard the word before.

China Economic Review,

[link dead]
Looking for racial trouble

Apparently, Moore’s daughter found the label and questioned her on the word which she didn’t know. She probably hasn’t been watching television or listening to music or going to the movies or reading Huckleberry Finn or going to school. Moore said she didn’t want her daughter learning the word in this random fashion. I guess one alternative would be that she learn the word spoken by a character in a movie who is holding a gun and shooting people, or that she learn it from some white guy in a period piece who has absolutely no tolerance and represents everything that is base about humanity.

This isn't the first time "nigger brown" has made the headlines:

The Age, April 24 2003,
'Offensive' stand name to stay

nigger brownThe management of a Toowoomba oval will not drop the word "Nigger" from the name of its sports stand despite a finding by a United Nations committee that the term is racially offensive.

The International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination recommended that the Federal Government take measures to remove the term from the name of the E. S. Nigger Brown Stand.

Australia is a signatory to the convention, but Attorney-General Daryl Williams effectively ruled out forcing a name change for the stand at the Toowoomba Athletic Oval.

Toowoomba Aboriginal leader Stephen Hagan sought UN intervention last year after the full bench of the Federal Court upheld a decision that the term did not breach the Racial Discrimination Act. The court found the term had "long been devoid of racial connotation".

The stand was named in the 1960s after Edward Stanley Brown, an international rugby league player of Anglo-Saxon descent. It is believed he was nicknamed "Nigger" Brown because of his fair complexion or after a brand of shoe polish.

cock soupIt's bad enough that idiots get over-sensitive in our own language, now we have to get our ho panties in a snit over innocent mistakes in another language. Here is a site that explains why Japanese companies use English in their product names but do not get it right. The same can be said of Chinese and other foreign companies as well.

You have to be ignorant of foreign cultures to think some company purposely wants to offend its customers. Next thing we'll hear that Monica Lewinsky got offended because the waiter brought her Cock Flavored Soup.

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