Decoration Day

Memorial Day was once called Decoration Day because of flowers decorating the graves of the honored dead, those who gave their lives in service to their country.

It was the Greeks who started the custom of honoring their dead heroes with laurels and flowers. The great epics of Greece were stories of individuals who achieved greatness, who became heroes and whose graves became places of worship for hero cults.

It is this admiration for the bravery and courage of ordinary men that we observe a day to honor their memory.

The very first Memorial day was observed in 1865 by liberated slaves in Charleston, at a former Confederate prison camp and mass grave for Union soldiers who died during their captivity. In the past it was the custom to decorate the graves of soldiers with flowers. It seems that every passing year, Memorial Day is less of a day of gratitude and poignant remembrance for our dead heroes and more of a three day holiday weekend kicking off the unofficial beginning of summer.

And I blame liberals for this. I blame teachers who extol peace at any price, who say violence never solved anything, who demean the military. Nothing personal against teachers but we've all received the email that explains that we speak English in America not thanks to teachers but thanks to soldiers; and this is certainly true.

As a Child I learned America was Great

When I was a child in 1950, I learned that George Washington was a great soldier, Jefferson was the author of the greatest document in history outside of the Bible, and that America was the greatest country in the world; I believed it then and I believe it still. But today, with multiculturalism and silly nonsense that African and other cultures are just as important and valuable as ours, we have bred millions of young Americans who have no clue what America is. The important things they learn about Jefferson is that he sired both white and black children as if this was his sole contribution to history.

And as for George Washington, why should young blacks learn anything about him when:

On Message from Wagner Communications ,
George Washington wasn't a bad guy

Parker complains that few young people today really know what George Washington did for his country, because the prevailing school of thought among educators and progressives is that students don't need to learn about rich white guys.

It is time to root out liberals from the educational system, to stop teaching that multiculturalism and diversity are good things - they are not. Diversity is what causes cars to be firebombed in Paris, for train stations to be blown up in London and Madrid. Western civilization cannot survive when a majority of its citizens do not believe in Western culture. Who doesn't feel rage about the mob of Seattle Central Community College students who chased military recruiters off campus last year? It's inevitable that we honor this day less and less when our young are taught to hate the military.

I have no problem with liberal teachers holding unpatriotic thoughts; this is a free country, they can say or write whatever they like outside of the classroom; but that doesn't mean they have a right to fill the heads of our young with hate for our country, for our military and for our institutions. As long as we allow them to continue to spread their filthy seditious lies, we allow them to dishonor our fallen heroes.


google chinese new year 2007

Stop the ACLU,
Google gives finger to Memorial Day yet again

Of course, the billion-dollar twits honored Chinese New Year as well, probably part of their cozy, turn-in info on the counter-revolutionaries relationship with the ChiComms. But honor those who've shed blood to allow these losers to do what they do? Never!

Update [05/30/2007]: Angel at Woman Honor Thyself, with less than a few billion dollars at her disposal has come up with a Memorial Day Logo Google could have used if they cared about this country and the men that died to protect it.:

memorial day logo google

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