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The Six terrorists who planned to attack our soldiers at Fort Dix are not to blame for their hatred of this country.

We've all read stories about a family dog brought up in a loving environment, hugged and kissed by the children which one day gets rabies and attacks its owners. The fury and rage so incomprehensible to the little ones, the parents have to explain how such madness can overtake a family pet. We know that it is a viral disease that causes an inflammation of the brain and so it is not the fault of the dog. And it probably is not the fault of the pet owner unless he allows his dog to play in caves that have bats, or to frolic with strange raccoons and such. Then it is in fact the fault of the pet owner.

Now we read that three of them came to this country when mere children and so grew up just like any other American kids, enjoying the fruits of liberty and the chance to attain the American dream. Indeed one was married, and true to his Muslim calling, had 5 children.

Now why would anyone growing up in the best country in the world, the country where 99% of the world's people want to come and live, the country that saved their compatriots from Yugoslavia, the country that did them no harm, why would they want to destroy this country? Simple. They became infected with Islam. Islam, like rabies, attacked their brain. The only consequence of coming under the influence of Islam is a hatred and furious rage against this country and all infidel nations.

Unless you dear reader, have a better explanation?

But to return to the statement I made at the top of the post: The Six terrorists who planned to attack our soldiers at Fort Dix are not to blame for their hatred of this country. We are. Yes, you and I and anyone else who allows Mosques in our neighborhoods that preach hatred of Americans, Christians and Jews. Anyone who allows schools to teach Islam. Anyone who allows Muslim Hospitals to be built in our cities. We are to blame.

Not all dogs that play with bats become rabid, but when they do, and we allowed them, who would you blame?

CAIR, of course, does not want us to link these terrorists to Islam:

The Flying Imams,
CAIR mostly condems would-be terrorists

"Based on the information gathered in this case, it seems clear that a potentially deadly attack has been averted. We applaud the FBI for its efforts and repeat the American Muslim community's condemnation and repudiation of all those who would plan or carry out acts of terror while falsely claiming their actions have religious justification.
CAIR also requested that media outlets and public officials refrain from linking this case to the faith of Islam. The council asked mosques and Islamic institutions in New Jersey and nationwide to report any incidents of anti-Muslim backlash.

Interestingly, while CAIR keeps worrying about Anti-Muslim backlash, the fact is that Jews are attacked 10 times as often as Muslims, and we have yet to uncover a Jewish plot to blow up anything.

We also learned that there were multiple suspensions of drivers' licences without any complaint filed with Homeland Security:

Right Truth, [Now defunct]
Sanctuary For Terrorists

Sanctuary has taken on a new meaning today. In the past sanctuary was something a church might offer an individual in dire circumstances, but today we have not only churches offering sanctuary to large numbers of illegals, we have entire cities and communities that are protected sanctuaries. Sanctuary protected the 6 New Jersey terrorists from law enforcement. Law enforcement doesn't question folks in sanctuary cities. (see

the Qur'an
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I know there are many, many fine Muslim families that ignore the teachings of the Qur'an and are Muslims in name only and as such are no threat to this country. But I wish I knew how to tell the safe ones from those who take Islam seriously like the Fort Dix Six. After all, they worked just like anyone else; they had families, three of them grew up in this country and went to our schools. Even now their families maintain that they had not one suspicion that they were terrorists. If even the family members of Muslims can't tell friend from foe, how can anyone else?

The only solution is to deport all Muslims back to their country of origin. Harsh as it may seem, harsher still will be when St. Louis is no longer a viable city, when Perth Amboy is smoldering in ruins, when Chicago is a footnote of a once-populated metropolis.

And when it happens, we will have only ourselves to blame.


Under the sanctuary plan, six to eight congregations in Los Angeles, New York, Seattle and San Diego will initially harbor one family each of immigrant families who have at least one member facing, or at risk of, deportation. Organizers expect to expand quickly to some 28 U.S. cities. Families being offered sanctuary have worked in the United States for some years, paid U.S. taxes and have no criminal records.

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