Judge Roy L Pearson - Sometimes the Customer is dead wrong

The Blogosphere is ablaze with the most vile and vicious vituperations for the hanging Judge Roy Bean, sorry I mean Judge Roy L Pearson, Jr., another comical and merciless dispenser of justice.

Just visit the comment section of any blog covering this story and we have the makings of the most hated and reviled man in America, beating out even Osama Bin Laden, in their anger and desire to have him whipped and shot like a dirty polecat, which, of course, he deserves.

From a Patterico's Pontifications' commenter:

... The business offered him $150 for the pants right off the bat. As he escalated his whining, they offered him increasing amounts of money, up to $12,000.

I’ve seen customers like this psychopath. They will never, ever, be satisfied if the slightest thing goes wrong, no matter how much the business does to try to compensate him.

What a moron this administrative judge is.

The problem with the poor Chungs in this case is that they treated Judge Pearson as if he were a rational person, sometimes you have to treat your customers like psychopathic idiots.

Years ago when I worked in my own jewelry business, a woman came in complaining that her 14 kt gold chain she recently purchased smelled like a dog. I took a whiff of the chain but could smell nothing, and I have a most excellent nose for odors. Knowing that you can never convince a crazy person by denial, I humored her: "My god! You're right, this chain smells terribly like a dog. Let me clean it for you, I have a special machine just for problems like this." I then put the chain in a jewelry cleaning machine and steamed the chain. I sniffed it again and pronounced the smell entirely gone. The woman believed me because I joined her delusion. Had I initially denied that there was any smell, she would never have found the odor of dog gone, no matter how many cleanings. This relates to the commenter above that Judge Pearson will never be satisfied because his rage has reached a pathological level. Only someone possessed by complete insanity would have passed on the $12,000 offered to him by the Chungs for a cheap pair of pants. I do not believe he spent more than a few bucks on them from reading the story on his financial problems.

A Legal Defense Fund has been set up to help fight off this bastard.

money suit
Money Suit
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Hopefully there are normal people on the jury without an attitude problem who will decide to give him zip, nada, nothing. Perhaps he's hoping he'll get 12 black jurors [it is D.C. after all], and we know how blacks feel about Koreans. Although he might be sick enough to make a Federal case out of it, literally, if he loses.

Another example: A woman brought in her father's ring to be cleaned and polished. It was brown with tarnish from years of lying in her drawer years after her father died. After polishing the ring turned out to be a combination of silver and 10 kt gold, but when we presented her with the ring she went ballistic and refused to accept it saying that it was not the ring she brought in. There was nothing we could offer this woman to stop her maniacal rants. We eventually went to mediation where we won because the mediator quickly saw she was as looney as Judge Pearson. But despite losing in court she persisted to hound us for the return of the "real" ring.

I found out that she was a teacher and I drafted a letter to the Principal of her school threatening to notify every parent of the children in her 5th grade class that their children were being taught by a psychopath. The Principal must have laid down the law, and, threatened with losing her job, she stopped annoying me. After 12 years she still has not returned to pick up her father's ring, so I suppose I will wind up taking her ring to my grave.

In the same way, this maniac will never pick up his pants even if he loses in court.

One can read many comments from obvious lawyers lamenting the fact that this moron may in fact lower damage claims across the entire country from his ill-advised actions and is perhaps helping push forward the agenda of those who look to make changes to our tort system.

Of course, this may all be a scheme by Roy Imbecile Pearson to purposely become the most hated man in America so he can extort money from Coke by threatening to announce that he likes to drink Coke. Certainly he could get money from them by simply promising to endorse Pepsi Cola.

I'm certain that Roy will never have to pay at any restaurant ever again: "Waiter there's a fly in my soup, have the owner simply bend over so I can stick it up his ass, or just give me a check for $100,000.00 and save yourselves years of grief!"

In the end, cases like this do not help consumers. Indeed, if he loses this case, he will not be able to afford renting that ride to the nearest Dry Cleaners. This one was only 4 blocks away. He should just have picked up his pants when they found it. Now he really is inconvenienced, but it's all his own fault. Aside from not having a dry cleaners nearby, he's exposed himself to the entire country as a legal terrorist and a bafoon and hated idiot. The only way this abomination could be more despised is if we read a headline that announced: "Judge Roy L. Pearson found guilty of molesting a small child and sues the little girl for unsatisfying sex."


National Association of Manufacturers, 26 Apr 2007,
Suit and Lawsuit: A Judge's Pants

But more generally, this kind of litigation frenzy has serious implications for our America's competitiveness. It was just a month ago that the Pacific Research Institute released a study documenting how America's out-of-control legal system hits the economy with $865 billion annually in direct and indirect costs.

According to the study, the $865 billion spent on tort costs each year represents 2.2 percent of our GDP, compared to 0.9 percent from other advanced economies. In the private sector, this is over $367 billion per year in lost product sales for America companies because spending on litigation curtails investment in research and development.

"It’s time for Congress to wake up and realize that America can no longer be a nation of the lawyers, by the lawyers and for the lawyers," [NAM President John] Engler said.

My Previous Article: Roy Pearson is an Idiot.

Update: 14 Jun 2007: Judge Pearson lowers demand to $54 Million.

Update: 25 Jun 2007: the Chungs win

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