TT 13 Ways to tell if you are a Surrender Monkey

Sweet Spirits of Ammonia has a list of American Quislings, those in the Senate who voted cutting off funds to support the war in Iraq.

There are those who say we made a mistake in going over to Iraq to fight the War on Terror. It was a mistake; we should have sent Boxer, Feinstein, Dodd, Biden, Inouye, Obama, Kennedy, Kerry, Reid, Lautenberg, Clinton, Schumer and the rest of the defeatist cowards in the Senate to Iraq to teach al Qaeda and the insurgents how to surrender.

But if you are not sure if you are a Surrender Monkey, here are 13 ways to tell if you are a sniveling, loser, enemy of this country.

  1. You hear a car backfire and you raise your arms in surrender.
  2. harry reid

    You say the War is Lost when even the enemy hasn't asked for surrender.

  3. Your car has been specially retrofitted to only have one gear: reverse.

  4. Your emergency stash is duct tape, water bottles, food rations and a white flag.

  5. democratic flag of surrender

    Your house flies the flag (above) of the New Democratic Party.

  6. Just hearing the word "War" gets rid of your constipation. (You may have to think about that for a while).

  7. You think diplomacy could have solved the problems leading to WWII.

  8. You think sending troops to Guam will win the War on Terror.

  9. War Never Solved Anything, except slavery, genocide, nazism, and fascism.

    Your favorite motto is "War never solved anything."

  10. You encourage schools to teach other than in English so your children can surrender in many languages.

  11. You get upset when you hear the following joke:
    Q: What is the difference between a Liberal and mustard?
    A: One is yellow and runs. The other is good on a hot dog.

  12. How many Liberals does it take to change a light bulb? None, They just give up and wait for someone else to do it.

  13. When someone asks you what is the most often used phrase by Liberals, you answer correctly, "I give up."

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