Why The MSM doesn`t Report Black on White Murders

Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom
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Back in 1970 I published a quarter-million circulation College Monthly called The Metropolitan Review. One of the main tenets of Journalism I followed was: "never publish the usual or the commonplace." In the words of New York Sun editor John B. Bogart: "When a dog bites a man, that is not news, because it happens so often. But if a man bites a dog, that is news." Then I read this:

8 May 2007,
Scant Coverage of Brutal Crime Called 'Journalistic Malpractice'

The national news media demonstrates a double standard in covering "hate crimes," as evidenced by the lack of attention given to the murder of a white couple in Tennessee last January, a conservative columnist charged on Monday.
Channon Christian, 21, and Christopher Newsom, 23, were out on a dinner date in Knoxville, Tenn. on Jan. 6, when they were carjacked, kidnapped, tortured, raped and murdered.

According to published news reports, the two were tortured at length in each other's presence, strangled and shot. Newsom's mutilated and burned remains were found along a railroad track the following day. Two days later, Christian's battered and burned body was found in a trash bin.

Five men and a woman, all African-American, have been arrested and face up to 46 charges, including carjacking, kidnapping, rape, premeditated murder, theft and robbery.

The case sparked considerable debate on Internet blogs, but mainstream media coverage has been modest.

AP wire reports of the killings were carried by Knoxville news outlets, CBS News and Fox News, but other major media outlets including CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post apparently have yet to mention the story. This so angered Mark Alexander, executive editor and publisher of the online Patriot Post, that in a column entitled "Murder in Black and White," he said the attack was "more than a case study in sociopathic evil. It is also a case study in journalistic malpractice.

As much as this is obviously a race murder, no one tortures complete strangers without some extreme hate component, I knew this wasn't just a case of journalistic double-standards, although liberal papers are loath to print anything derogatory about non-whites, this is really a case of Dog bites Man. There were 16,692 murders in the United States in 2005 [FBI] most of them in the South [FBI] where the largest percentage of blacks live. Indeed, Blacks commit the majority of murders in the US (In 2005, offending rates for blacks were 6 times higher than the rates for whites) and Black murder of Whites is twice that of White murders of Blacks, despite Blacks being only 12% of the population [Bureau of Justice - 2005].

In 2004, offending rates for blacks were 7 times higher than the rates for whitesLet me state it plainly: Blacks are majority offender [59.3%] in felony murders, while whites are the majority victim [54.8%] of felony murders. Of the 16,692 murders in 2005, more than half were committed by blacks, so if the New York Times were to devote say an 1/8th of a page every time a black man murdered someone, it would have to devote 3 full pages every single day of the year, and pages without ads, I should mention. The public would not be able to take this much commonplace news every day for years.

Of course if a pretty white girl gets murdered in Aruba, that's news because pretty white girls rarely go missing in Aruba.

Blacks attacking whites happens so much, perhaps it's better for the public not to know how often it does happen. My wife watches about 3 hours everyday of court-tv, fox and other cable news. When I asked her if she heard about a pack of black youths, animals really, that brutally attacked three young white girls in California a few months back, she said she did not hear a word of it. Here is a sanitized version of the story:

LA Times,
Eight guilty of hate crime in Long Beach beating

Ten black youths, ages 12 to 18, were accused of assault with intent to cause great bodily harm in the attack on the three white women.

Eight of those face a hate crime sentencing enhancement after Lee agreed with the prosecution's claim that the youths, none with a criminal record, besieged the young women out of racial hatred.

The assault left Loren Hyman, 21, with multiple fractures in her nose and around her eye. She will require surgery to re-position her eye.

Her friend, Laura Schneider, 19, was knocked unconscious and likely suffered a concussion. There was no testimony that the third woman, Michelle Smith, 19, suffered significant injuries.

The incident outraged the community after it was reported in a front page Long Beach Press Telegram interview with the victims who described the youths as "a pack of hyenas." The newspaper called the attack "a horrific hate crime."

Of course, in the rare instance that a white person murders a black person, the MSM cannot ignore the story even if it wanted to because of Al Sharpton. After all, the Rev shows up if a white man sneezes on a black or even if a black girl cries over some silly remark by a white man.

In case you are wondering, I am opposed to "Hate Crime" laws being passed. There is nothing wrong with the FBI keeping track of crimes based on offenders' and victims' race, religion, color, etc. But a crime is a crime and any enhancement should be based on the specific details of the case. Let's not make a Federal case out of every crime.


racial murderers

Click on image above for more details.

Here is the Bill of Presentment against the defendents: PDF.

The Gill Report,
12 May 2007,

I guarantee that if the victims were a black college couple, and the murderers were a bunch of white guys you would have seen this story on television so much your eyes would be bleeding. As it is, the media has ignored it. Where is Jesse Jackson? Al Sharpton? Don't they think racially motivated crimes deserve attention? Or is only white on black crime worthy of our contempt and outrage?

For more details than I have the stomach to read:

Wake Up America,
A Call for Justice

What they don't tell on the news reports listed above, from what I've found so far, are the horrible details of what happened to this young couple. Both of them were raped, sodomized, he was castrated, and her breasts where cut off, before they were killed. Words can not express my feelings about this. There are no words. The full count indictments against these animals...

Here is a case of wilding, or a pack of black youths on a racial rampage:

Long Beach teens plead guilty in Halloween beating case

Two 15-year-old boys pleaded guilty Thursday to assault for taking part in a Halloween beating of three white women.

In return, prosecutors dropped hate crime allegations and agreed the black youths will be sentenced to three months each in a juvenile camp rather than facing potential three-year sentences.
Authorities say the group taunted a 21-year-old woman and two 19-year-olds with racial slurs while pelting them with fruit, pumpkins and newspapers, then beat them to the ground using their fists, feet and a skateboard.

One woman had more than a dozen facial fractures and is recovering from reconstruction surgery. Another was knocked unconscious.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Blacks are more Racist than Whites: "Al Sharpton is right in one regard: there is a race of people in America who are overly exploited, intimidated, physically attacked and victims of racism and hate crimes; but they ain't black folk."

So spare me the whine that blacks have it tough in America. As much as it was plain evil how whites treated blacks in the 50's and earlier, it is just as evil what these black wilding animals are doing to whites now. And don't bother calling me racist, that would be shooting the messenger. Your beef is with these statistics.

FYI: In case you are wondering why I have not commented in detail on the brutality and viciousness of the murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, it is because I cannot even think about it. Their attackers cannot be called human beings. I am almost compelled to say that I doubt that they are the same species as the rest of humanity.

There are many YouTube videos regarding this case but they seem to be put together by racist, Aryan-nation type groups and so I will not link to them here.

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