All Terror Plots Must Fail

The FBI is making a big mistake: they have to let terrorists succeed now and again, otherwise if they continue to thwart attacks, the leftists and defeatists among us will whine that none of these attacks could ever have succeeded and therefore, the threat to us is overblown.

Anthony Kaufman, the very definition of useful idiot, gave his view on the NYC Terror Plot:

Huffington Post,
Why Wasn't the Headline "Bombers Not Smart Enough to Bomb JFK"?

... the Associated Press story "Authorities Charge 4 in NYC Terror Plot" offered little explanation of the near-impossibility of the supposed plot. Needless to say, I went to sleep scared out of my wits, worried for the safety of my friends and family.

The next morning, of course, I found buried deep into the news coverage reporting about how would-be mass murderer Russell Defreitas was "not smart enough" to carry out such a plot, and the plot, itself, probably wouldn't have worked anyway...

Mr. Kaufman obviously isn't too bright: before 9/11 if the FBI had arrested Mohammed Atta and his camel-buddies, who would have believed that their plot to bring down the WTC would succeed? Certainly, Mr. Kaufman and the Huffington dhimwits would all be smugly writing that the "plot to bring down the WTC towers probably wouldn't have worked anyway, after all it was tried years earlier and the WTC barely burped and these guys don't look any brighter than the 3 Stooges-types from the previous attempt."

Sadly, Kaufman missed this analysis in the first link above: "pipeline and security experts agreed that such an attack would have crippled America's economy, particularly the airline industry."

Kaufman isn't the only appeaser/apologist for al-qaeda to poo poo the FBI's arrests of terror plotters. In almost every previous arrest, the terrorists are described by liberals as not too bright, their plans unworkable, their funding non-existent, and their arrest manufactured to coincide with up-coming elections or low poll numbers.

In my previous post, 40 years now 40 years in the desert then, I explained that the Israelites of the Exodus were denied entry into the promised land because of defeatist Jews, men who looked on the dark side of things, who could not accept the fact that the land that God promised them was filled with milk and honey, but when confronted with gigantic grapes, assumed the worst, that the land was filled with giants, instead of accepting blessings when they see them.

jfk plot
The grounds of John F. Kennedy International
Airport is seen in New York, Saturday, June 2,
2007. A suspected terrorist cell planned a
"chilling" attack to destroy John F. Kennedy
International Airport, kill thousands of people
and trigger an economic catastrophe by blowing
up a jet fuel artery that runs through populous
residential neighborhoods, authorities said Saturday.
Kaufman follows this tradition of the self-defeating, cowardly, self-loathing Jew. Instead of singing Hosannas to the efforts of the FBI and being thankful that we averted a disaster, they make small of it, they deny its significance, and belittle the threat of Islamic terror altogether. Of course if some thugs actually go undetected and complete a terror act, they will be the first ones to cry and whine to the administration: "Why weren't you paying attention, why did you let your guard down, why didn't you protect us, boo hoo."

These are the kind of Jews that ended up being shoved into ovens denying to see the evil that was in front of them all the time. If the liberals succeed in hobbling the war on terror, I have no doubt Mr Kaufman will be the first to convert to Islam to save his worthless skin.


I'm a Pundit Too,
Huffington Post Continues its Support for Terrorists

In this post, Anthony Kaufman spouts the propaganda that helped cause 9-11. He showed his support for the destruction of the United States by telling us that the people planning this plot would have never been able to actually carry it out. He also yapped on about how the attacks coincidentally come during low poll numbers for the Bush administration. He pretends that Bush needs high poll numbers for some reason.

A tip of the turban Hat Tipto Butch at 123beta for alerting me to this blogpost:

Right Truth,
JFK terror plot thickens

There are new developments today in the foiled JFK terror plot to blow up jet fuel lines going from New Jersey into JFK airport. It seems the four men already in custody may be the tip of the iceberg. They are being described as "just a piece of the plot." The alleged mastermind is Russell Defreitas, a U.S. citizen from Guyana, and former cargo employee at JFK. Now more suspects are being sought outside the United States for their suspected roles and connections to Defreitas and the JFK plot.

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