Derailing Immigration

phobia snake derails train

So the Senate rejected the White House's immigration bill. I am not surprised. We need to do only one thing in an immigration bill: secure the border. As long as we continue to fool around with worthless debate about a path to citizenship or the process for a guest-worker program or workplace enforcement we will never get anywhere. This is one subject in which the details are killing us. It seems that if a single Senator doesn't like one feature from among the thousands of details in the bill then the whole shmegege deal gets derailed.

Among other things, I own a jewelry store. Before I call my insurance company and ask for coverage, before I hire employees, before I open the door for business, before I do anything at all, I secure my jewelry. I use T-30 Safes that take more than 30 hours to open with a thermal lance, I have motion detectors installed underneath them, I have radio alarms (so no wires to cut) that call the police, I have the alarm company called whenever the safes are opened and they have two passwords - one that calls the police and one that tells them everything is OK, I have panic buttons, night vision cameras, motion detectors, Internet access, and a few security measures that if I told them to you, I'd have to kill you. So before I even start business - I secure my jewelry.

Once that is done, we can discuss the type and amount of insurance I need, the kind of employees I need to hire, the type of advertising to get customers and so on. Any discussion of how to operate my jewelry business before securing the jewelry is a waste of time.

Please, everyone, stop with you favorite pet peeves about amnesty or worker programs or what should we do with those already here - it is a waste of time.

Concentrate on one thing and do it. Or never get anything done at all.

virtual fence
Photo Credit: How Stuff Works
And I don't mean put up a physical fence. They can climb over, under, cut through them or hell, they'll simply shoot themselves over it. Even though there presently are some glitches and problems, I like the idea of virtual fences:

How the Virtual Border Fence Works

To build its fence, Boeing has used fencing, vehicle barriers, radar, satellite phones, computer-equipped border control vehicles, underground sensors, 98-foot tall towers with high-powered cameras (including infrared cameras) and unmanned aerial vehicles. The tower-mounted cameras are extremely powerful; they have a range of more than 10 miles and the ability to determine if someone is armed from miles away.

Unfortunately the Government chose Boeing to do the job. If they really wanted to have a secure border they should have chosen an Israeli company.

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