I Started Shaving when I hit 23

me at 23

I suppose you are wondering how long a beard I had when I started shaving at 23? Well there was hardly any beard at all. For some reason I have been blessed with very slow growing hair. Here's a photo of me at 23 just before I shaved off my peach fuzz. At 62, I shave every two days sometimes every three days. But this blessing comes at a price: my skin is very, very sensitive to a razor.

I have used all kinds of lubricants to help the razor to shave smoother and found one of the best to be castor oil. I bring this up because of an interesting thing that happened five months ago.

A friend sent me a few photos of nearly naked Polish girls giving haircuts at a Polish Barbershop. I published this article on January 3, 2007.

A few months later, Modern Gent emailed me letting me know that the photos I used were originally from their site and kindly giving me permission to use them if I linked back to their site.

polish barber shopA few days later they sent me a sample of Ultra Shave which I used and found to be as good as my castor oil and much more convenient to use. Now I do not do product reviews and I will not say more about it other than to say that they did not ask me to review their product but they were so nice I just had to mention it.

I am not getting paid by anyone for this article nor will I be receiving any commission on anything you may buy from them. Just thought I would pass it along to my dear readers.


Modern Gent,
Ultra Shave - The story so far...

During 1996 the formulas used for Ladies' skincreams became a concern to me. I found it most odd that many "Top of the Line" products were based on Petroleum, as an engineer I had always been taught to avoid contact with petroleum-based products, or risk developing dermatitis, or worse damage to the skin.

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