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sopranos episode 86 - made in America

I originally had these spoilers in Sopranos Final Episode 86 - Made In America Recap but moved them here to make room for the recap. As much as we might not want to know what is going to happen, will Tony die, go into witness protection, kill Phil and continue as NJ mob boss, or have his whole family wiped out as he sits alone in some far away place; as much as we would like a hint of what's to come, we really don't want to know, we want to be surprised and shocked as the final episode unfolds, we want to savor it as it is served.

However, some of us have to look at a car wreck, whether we like to or not, we cannot avert our eyes. Here, for your entertainment is a collection of possibilities. Perhaps one, perhaps none of them come to pass. Which ending would you want to see?


I have gathered some of the spoilers for the final episode from various sources. Obviously some of them may not make sense in light of Chris', Sil's, or Bobby's death in previous episodes. I did not get these from my cousin who washes David Chase's car and stole the script to the final episode or anything like that, so there is no guarantee that anything written here even remotely comes close to what will really air. But if something does happen to nail the episode do not read if you are the type of person who might be upset to read something that later turns out to be a perfect spoiler.

Ain't it cool news,
I have The Answers ***MAJOR SPOILERS*** by FrancisBegbie

I saw a promotional copy of the last episode and while it did not include the last minute I saw enough so here we go. No joke. - AJ's car catches on fire while he is hooking up with his new girl. Very symbolic if you remember how they got that car. - Tony gets AJ a job in the entertainment industry because AJ was going to join the army to fight terrorism. - Tony goes to Junior and Junior has no idea who Tony is.This is after Janice goes to him to try and get after his money. - Phil Leotardo gets hit. He is killed by Benny at a gas station and then gets his head run over by the car he was in. - They find Phil because the FBI agent that Tony has been helping tells him where Phil is. - While Phil is away Tony has a sit down with New York and they agree to lay off and also say they would not mind if Phil is gone. The last scene they are sitting in a diner with Dont Stop Believing by Journey playing. REALLY REALLY intense and right when the conclusion is about to play out my copy ended. Come back Sunday night and call me a liar but no one will need to....

sopranos episode 86 - made in America

Shawn Wasson,
Quick Hits: Sopranos Finale Spoiler

Tony will turn to the Feds and go into the Witness Protection program. He will have another dream and he will wake up knowing for sure this has to end now and he hopes AJ will have a better future etc. etc.

This is how it goes. He considers suicide with the automatic Bobby gave him just after having a terrifying dream and he becomes really depressed. He has a "Godly" moment where it all comes clear to him just before he pulled the trigger. In a flashback we see some moments of him and Paulie among others and he then realises that Paulie is working with Phil and he reckons he is as good as dead anyways. He pulls the trigger but it gets stuck. He turns the gun over and reads "Made in America" and he starts to laugh real real loud.

However, having his life spared by God thrice (shot, car, suicide attempt) the last few years he wants to do the "right thing" and he decides to phone the Feds, he decides to meet them at the other side of the lake (he reckons that it is safe) and he walks outside while he mentions to the other guys he's going out to get some drinks from the boat. Paulie protests but T gives him "the look" and he walks safely and sound outside.

He phones the Feds again in the boat in the middle of the lake and tell them to take action and they arrest the guys in the building.
He rats out on Phil and the other guys, but no one knows where Phil is.
He goes back to the city and is heavily guarded by Feds tailing him etc. He demands a sit down with Phil in a restaurant. It takes some time for the response but they will have the sit-down at a restaurant at some point.

After some conversation Tony is sweating like hell and Phil suddenly realises what is going on and pulls a gun on him and asks to show the wires. However, all the other people in the restaurant were Feds, so that's cleared.

Now we see some scenes of him testifying etc.

When he enters the program we see the last scene of him turning up for work with a beard and hair (implants?) shaking hands and saying "Hi, it's uhhhh, Kevin Finnerty, how ya doing?". Remember, when he dreamt he was Kevin Finnerty in that coma...well there you go.

As far as Sopranos final episode spoilers go this is about the best:

sopranos episode 86 - made in America

TWoP - JD Peck,

I was at the Holsten's set back in March when they were filming the final episode. After some persuasion, I got a PA to let me glance at the call sheet for that day. Here's what the scene entails:
-The scene in the ice cream parlor only contains Tony, Carmela, and AJ. Later, Meadow joins them.
-It says that the family eats onion rings, while AJ recalls some advice that his father once gave him.
-Meanwhile, Meadow attempts to parallel park her car several times (she's late).
-Nothing about Paulie. I didn't see Tony Sirico there, but if he was, he was probably just there to visit the set. Frank Vincent also stopped by.
-There's a scene that's described in the call sheet where Tony meets Agent Harris at the airport.

sopranos episode 86 - made in America-

Uncle Pat Blundetto reappears somewhere in the episode.

-Another scene (either from this episode or the previous one - I also looked at the call sheet for "Blue Comet") includes Dante Greco (Tony's driver) at Rosalie Aprile's house.

-AJ gets a new girlfriend named Rhiannon.

Also, I showed up for the Phil Leotardo hit at the Raceway gas station. It was definitely Frank Vincent there (I know some people think it was Phil's goomar's father who looks like him, but the actress who plays Leotardo's wife was also present). Phil gets out of the car, stops by the passenger window, and Benny comes from behind and shoots him. The scene also included four black kids who see the murder, and one of them vomits.

I also showed up at the Baccalieri house when they were filming, the day before the Raceway. The scene was Tony coming up from the deck, with a present in hand, to talk to Janice, who's sitting on a lawn chair.

Deadwood Sopranos Spoilers have run pretty close for the last few years, hopefully this Sopranos last episode spoiler means Tony doesn't die:

sopranos episode 86 - made in America

Spoiler Ep 621

a poster at TWoP, JDPeck, watched the scene being filmed and says Frank Vincent and the actress who plays his wife were both there, and that Benny shoots Phil.) The Sopranos filmed on April 9 at the Raceway gas station on Route 10 and Route 202 in Morris Plains. (A man with white hair is slumped on the ground near the gas pumps in some of the photos, so I'm wondering if this could be an attempted hit on Phil, and perhaps the man on the ground is Yaryna's father? If it's not Yaryna's father, then it's likely Phil himself. <--UPDATED 5/23/2007: It's looking more likely that Phil is shot in this scene, rather than Yaryna's father. <--UPDATED 6/4/2007: Yep, it's Phil who gets shot at the Raceway (Yaryna's father was killed in a botched hit attempt on Phil in "The Blue Comet.")

sopranos episode 86 - made in America

Bada Bing! Tony's a 'hit' in Long Branch

The wrap-up to the final season of HBO's wildly popular mob chronicle was filmed, fittingly, in the embattled MTOTSA beachfront neighborhood, where the city plans to take the homes through eminent domain for a redevelopment project.

A small crowd of fans braved the unseasonably cold Good Friday weather to gather on Ocean Terrace last week to watch the filming of a scene for the final episode at a vacant house in the modest three-street neighborhood.

They watched Tony Soprano, series star James Gandolfini, exit a van and run into the boarded-up house.

Another scene, reportedly of a drive-by shooting, was also shot that day along the boardwalk.

Cast and crew members gathered in the Marine Terrace, Ocean Terrace and Seaview Avenue neighborhood as early as 8 a.m. Friday.

According to a crew member, the former beach house will act as a refuge for Tony Soprano and his family in the final episode.

This spoiler was written before Chris died so it was right on the money only off on the time:

sopranos episode 86 - made in America,
#86 GOING HOME - June 10, 2007

The final episode will run 90-120 minutes. The former beachhouse will act as a refuge for Tony and his family. Tony thinks back to his first meeting with Dr. Melfi. Christopher and Meadow get offers from the west coast. Artie ponders a problem from his past. Benny Fazio shoots and kills Phil outside a gas station. Chris is driving Tony in Tony's Cadillac Escalade when Chris loses control of the car and goes into a guardrail. Chris is gurgling blood and Tony has to put him out of his misery by choking him to death. Tony breaks down and cries uncontrollably. Some unexpected visitors arrive at the Soprano household. The final scene takes place in an old fashioned ice cream soda shop.

Washington Post,
8 Jun 2007,
Hey, Don't Whack the Messenger

Our personal favorite is much more ambitious. It has Tony's wife, Carmela, being blown up via car bomb, annoying Soprano daughter Meadow being shipped off to safety with Tony's recently widowed sister Janice, whiny deadbeat Soprano son A.J. joining Dad in hiding, the ever-popular Phil-gets-whacked-at-gas-station scenario, Agent Harris walking in on loser A.J. pointing a gun at Dad/Tony and plugging A.J. in the chest (hooray!), A.J. dying in Tony's arms, Tony left all alone in the world -- which, according to many of the people who participated in that Fairleigh Dickinson U. poll is punishment enough (geesh!), and Tony's former shrink Dr. Jennifer Melfi (she dumped Tony last week, having just figured out he's a sociopath who uses therapy to validate his killings) reading all about it in a newspaper at an ice-cream parlor.

Courier Times,
Slice of mob life

Paolo Colandrea, owner of Paul's Penndel Pizza, last month filmed a potentially pivotal scene for the final episode of "The Sopranos,” the groundbreaking HBO mob drama that says goodbye at 9 Sunday night.

Colandrea, 47, describes his role as simply "mystery man,” a guy who walks into a diner and locks eyes ominously with Tony, who's sitting at a table with wife, Carmela, and son, A.J. Colandrea sits down at the counter, stares at Tony again, gets up to go the bathroom, and...

He can't say what happens next. But even if he could, it might not mean a thing.

A spoiler is up at Wikipedia:

sopranos episode 86 - made in America

The episode was written and directed by the show's creator David Chase, marking the first time Chase has directed an episode since the series premiere. It is due to air on Sunday June 10, 2007. David Chase is said to have shot three different endings in case spoilers found their way on the internet.

The episode opens at a gas station in upstate New york a couple pull up to a pump in a red Cadillac. It is revealed to be Phil and Patty Leotardo. Phil gets out and begins to fill his tank when Benny Fazio approaches him from behind and shoots him twice in the head. Benny runs and gets into a sedan driven by Patsy Parisi and the two speed off as an african american youth onlooker throws up.

We see see Tony Soprano, Paulie Walnuts, Carlo Gervasi, and Dante Greco playing cards in the safehouse from the prior episode. Tony gets a call from Benny on a payphone. He says "The Shaw's gone," and hangs up. Tony get up and motions for Paulie to follow. The two get into his Escalade after putting his AR-10 inot the backseat. The two drive to Satriales and sit outside all the while discussing days past in Johnny Boy Sopranos heyday. Paulie is working on his tan and Tony is smoking a cigar when a black Cadillac sedan approaches. Little Carmine Luperatazzi exits the backseat while the car drives around the corner. They seat themselves across from Tony and Paulie and begin to discuss recent affairs. After many malaprosims from Carmine and some moronic rambling from Paulie Tony laughs and interjects saying he is proud to be present at the first sit down between the new bosses of New Jersey and Brooklyn. Paulie and Carmine both appear shocked and Tony tells them its long over due and Paulie has been passed up too many times. Tony leaves the two and goes inside to speak with Agent Harris. Who is seen sitting in the back corner. Harris acknowledges Carmines presence and asks if hes to take that Carmine's the new boss of Brooklynn Tony tells him to, "Take whatever the *beep* you want and take one last Veal Parm Hero on the house."

We now see AJ, Carmella, and Meadow in a motel room. A knock on the door prompts Carmella to remove a.45 automatic from her purse and walk to the door and ask whos there? Meadow reading the paper and AJ watching t.v. are both scared. After a long silence a familiar voice say's "A loving father and husband." Carmella opens the door and Tony and Paulie enter they all leave and go back to Casa De Soprano. After arriving home Janice Pulls up, leaves her kids there and her and Tony leave. Leaving Paulie to guard their respective families. The two arrive at a state hospital where they enter one at a time to talk to their Uncle Junior.

The two make small talk until the shooting comes up. Junior apologizes and said he was out of his head and that he always loved Tony even when he didnt show it. Tony and Janice return home around night fall and Tony and Paulie leave again. Carmela is worried and Tony tells her not to worry because this is the last time he will be leaving like this.

Paulie and Tony are sitting in his car at night in an empty parking lot as the snow is falling discussing Paulies promotion. Tony says he will be happy to be Consigliere to Paulie. When headlights shine upon them, the two get out and walk toward a parked SUV. Butch DeConcini and Albie Cianflone exit it and walk toward them. They discuss peace and Tony tells them that if ran under Carmine, Brooklyn could expect no problems from them. They shake hands and Tony suggests a drink to celebrate. Tony walks back to his car and opens the backseat. Tony pulls out a large object covered in a black plastic garbage bag. Paulie runs off to the side and throws himself down and Albie and Butch pull out pistols but are too late when the garbage bag erupts with machine gun fire. Tony helps Paulie out of the snow and the two admire the AR-10 and two dead bodies. Tony looks the gun over and admires a phrase written on the stock. "Made In America." The two then drive away.

sopranos episode 86 - made in AmericaWe see the Soprano home at daylight the next day. Carmela is in the bathtub, Meadow is asleep, and AJ is unlocking the hidden gun closet in an indoor column. He removes something and then goes outside. We see the pool once again uncovered, yet empty with AJ sitting in the botton holding a hand grenade. He pulls the pin out and holds the handle. He hesitates and throws it to the other end of the pool and it blows up dirtying him. Carmela comes outside with her.45 and nearly shoots her son. Tony arrives to see him sitting on the couch being questioned. AJ says it was so cool. Tony laughs and writes it off and tells everyone to get in the car. Carmela asks where there going and Tony replies, "Out for ice cream."

We see a number of things in the final scene: Paulie the surviving Jersey crew with Carmine and his crew having dinner together and toasting the two's promotions, Silvio's heartbeat monitor going flat, and Janice in a small home with her three kids appearing miserable, Agent Harris arresting the two muslims from the Bada Bing apparently making bombs, Pat Blundetto breaking Junior out of the state hospital,and Dr. Jennifer Melfi smiling alone in her office while reading about the recent gangland slayings and Anthony Sopranos apparent stepping down as boss. Finally we see Tony and his immediate family together at an ice cream parlor.Tony then tells his family that he is no longer depressed and that being with his family and them being safe was better than all the therapists and Prozac in the world. It just took all this *beep* to make him see it. AJ says he's happy just to be alive and that he has snapped out of it as well. Tony proposes a toast to his family mirroring the season one finale "I Dream Of Jeannie Cusamano".

Update: Looks like Wiki removed the article, the above is all that's left.

And is this how it finally ends, Tony and his family in Witness Protection first at this New Jersey Ice Cream Store and then later at another one in Idaho? [the actual ice cream parlor depicted here is in Bloomfield, N.J.]

sopranos episode 86 - made in America

If these are not enough for you and you need to discuss these and other spoilers here are a few forum sections just for spoilers: (you will need to join to enter the discussion)

Chase Lounge: Season 6, Parts 1 and 2, Spoilers/Spoiler-Based Speculation

Television without pity: » Spoil *This*!: Speculation With Spoilers

Rudolph Giuliani
Flickr User: mwwisdom.
Here is a Spoiler no one expected:

Rudy Giuliani Dies in Sopranos Final Episode

NEW YORK - Republican presidential candidate Rudolph "Rudy the Skull” Giuliani meets an untimely fate in the final episode of The Sopranos. The former New York mayor is gunned down while dining at Umberto’s, a restaurant popular with mobsters, in the city’s Little Italy section.

According to Ralph "Jimmy the Fish” Pescatore, who portrays Mr. Giuliani in the episode, the former mayor "is set up” by Phil Leotardo, boss of the Lupertazzi family, one of New York's five ruling clans.

"Phil harbors a grudge against Rudy the Skull for a long time because Rudy cuts him out of the 9/11 security scams that Rudy sets up to cash in on his image as America’s mayor," said Mr. Pescatore.

"So Phil sends word to Rudy to meet him at Umberto’s at 9:00 on a Sunday night to talk this thing out. Rudy, that mortadell, thinks the offer is legit now that Tony Soprano and his fag son have been whacked by Phil’s guys and dumped in a toll booth on exit 23 of the turnpike with their dicks in their mouths.

If you are coming late to the party and have no idea of who is who, click here for a gallery of the major players.

If you don't have TiVo and need to see the Sopranos Made in America preview:

The high quality preview for Episode 86 - Made In America Right Click - download to your hard drive and play with Divx player. If you don't have the codec to view that, here is a lower quality preview - just click here.

Planck's Constant Season 6a/b Episode Guide - Episodes 66-85

And to help you with your Sopranos actors jones, you can get a fix from:

TV Squad,
Sopranos stars focus of Law and Order marathon on TNT

One day after the series finale of The Sopranos, TNT will dedicate twelve hours to a Law and Order marathon focusing on episodes featuring actors from The Sopranos.

The marathon begins Monday, June 11 at 2:00 p.m. and features episodes with appearances from Edie Falco, Michael Imperioli, Jerry Adler,John Ventimiglia, Vincent Curatola, Dan Grimaldi, Joseph R. Gannascoli, Ray Abruzzo, Robert Funaro, Dominic Chianese, Vincent Pastore, Sharon Angela and Frank Vincent.

You can see a full schedule here.

And if Tony is going to bite the bullet here are Joel Murphy's Handicaps on the possible trigger.

On NPR Fresh Air, Darren Star, creator and producer of another long-running HBO hit, Sex and the City, shares his take on how to write a satisfying ending to an iconic show. On NPR Fresh Air, Darren Star, creator and producer of another long-running HBO hit, Sex and the City, shares his take on how to write a satisfying ending to an iconic show.

Here's a humorous collection of Sopranos' photos.

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