The Brits are not negotiating with bombers

A vehicle burned on Saturday after it hit a section of Glasgow Airport
Car burns on Saturday after it hit
a section of Glasgow Airport.
Photo: Alistair Robertson/(AP)

In my previous post I wrote that New UK PM Brown is an Idiot for vowing that under him the UK's foreign policy will recognize that defeating terrorism "involves more than military force." Here is a useful idiot who announced to the world that Blair's policy in Iraq was wrong and that he would take a more conciliatory approach.

How did the local terrorists greet Brown's new policy? I believe they blasted the idea.

NY Times, 4 Held in Scottish Attack as British See Broader Plot

British officials raised the country’s terrorism threat alert to its highest level on Saturday after two men slammed an S.U.V. into entrance doors at Glasgow Airport and turned the vehicle into a potentially lethal fireball.


Passengers and employees left Glasgow Airport Saturday after a vehicle crashed into a terminal building, turning the car into a fireball.


A witness to the attack said on BBC television that one of the car’s occupants had been ablaze from head to foot, and as he struggled with the police, “was throwing punches and shouting ‘Allah, Allah.’ ”

So much for appeasement. When will stupid Brits ever learn?

One or two more explosions and it won't be long before we hear Brown recant and announce that from now on "The Brits are not negotiating with bombers."

One may wonder what these Islamic thugs expect to achieve with these tactics. After all, almost 4,000 Brits die in road accidents every year and it hasn't changed their driving habits, so what do they expect will happen if a few die from explosions? My take on it is that they are not trying to make the Britains accept Islam, rather they are hoping that Britain instead takes a hard line approach to its Muslims. In this manner they hope that UK's Muslims become radicalized. They want to make sure Muslims do not become assimilated into British culture.

This is similar in approach that Al Sharpton and the other idiot black leaders have taken in America, although without the explosives: keep racial tensions high so that they can continue to have a venue in which to work their hateful demagoguery.

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