If I were black I would be offended

race problems in america

I am not posting anything negative on the Fourth of July, so please do not misconstrue the title. I would like to make two points in my article today:

  1. We obviously live in the greatest country in the world and to those who recognize that fact I wish them a Happy Fourth of July.

  2. We do not live in a 100%, absolutely, positively, completely perfect society, although if politicians would stop fooling around with the formula we could be living in a near-perfect one; and to those who believe in the concept of America, I wish them a Happy Fourth of July.

For the purposes of this article it may be instructive to recall the following words:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

This does not mean we owe anyone, black or white or Hispanic, anything at all other than to respect their right to their life and their liberty and that we do not put encumbrances in the way of their pursuit of happiness. We do not owe anyone, nor does anyone have a right to happiness, that is something no nation or political system can guarantee, no matter what Hillery Clinton would like you to believe. We do not owe anyone a college education or a faster track to employment.

I was not present in the Antebellum Era in the United States nor did I sanction slavery or profit from it, so you will pardon me if I do not feel obligated to make reparations to the great-grandchildren of slaves. You, meaning a black person or anyone else, do not deserve to get in line in front of my children at school, at work, or at the supermarket. I kindly ask you to wait your turn just like everyone else.

I abhor racial preferences; affirmative action was wrong when it favored whites and it is equally wrong when it favors blacks.

Two months ago in my article Judge Roy L Pearson - Sometimes the Customer is dead wrong, I pointed out that this case was a racial one - that Blacks do not like Asians. Some of the comments took my post to be racist for making that observation. In response I wrote Blacks are more Racist than Whites where I listed links to FBI crime stats to prove my assertions.

Some of my black readers misunderstood the purpose of the articles. If you are an alcoholic and refuse to recognize that fact, there is no hope in getting you off your addiction. If you stick your head in the sand and say there is no blacks-against-whites racism, that this country's problem is all about whites-against-blacks, then we have no hope at solving the racial problems in this country. In fact, unless you admit that blacks are more racist than whites, you may be under the delusion that the reason blacks do not achieve success in parity with whites is because of whites hating blacks. That is not the problem. It was a factor 70 years ago, but not anymore.

Nisa, a black reader left this comment: "I didn't read your article, don't care to actually. I just happened upon your blog and found it extremely offensive."

Well, Nisa, I agree; if I were a black person living in America today, I too would be offended.

If I were black I would be offended that politicians made welfare laws that forced black fathers to abandon their families in order for them to collect benefits.

New Wave Pro-Family Advocates Leave Fathers Out of Family

A 1997 government study explained; "The disincentives are sufficiently compelling to have prompted the emergence of a phenomenon dubbed "underground fathers" -- men who are involved in the lives of their children, but refuse to participate as fathers in formal systems."

If I were black I would be offended that Affirmative action has made a joke of college education for blacks. When Affirmative Action was first proposed the intention was to forbid preference by race, not to give preferences to blacks. Over the years, Liberals have transmogrified the concept to the point now that Universities regularly give racist preferences to blacks. Here is the problem: Let's say a certain city has 1000 college age blacks but only 10 qualify to be lawyers. Now let's suppose you disregard entrance requirements and allow all 1000 blacks to apply and you randomly pick out 10 blacks to enter the law program. Statistically, you will be lucky if you get one black who can educationally pass muster. The other 9 will fail because of lack of skill and talent. Instead of graduating ten qualified blacks who deserved to be admitted, we end up graduating one whose degree will be suspect because there is no way to tell if he got in on merit or skin color. Affirmative Action keeps blacks from advancing as they should.

Some liberal professors understand that Affirmative Action is counter-productive. Here is University of Michigan philosophy professor Carl Cohen:

Virginia Law,
17 Nov 2003,
Liberal Case Against Affirmative Action Looks a Lot Like the Conservative Case

Preferences are bad, he contended, because they "do serious, long-lasting injury to the minorities concerned. Terrible damage,” said Cohen. "It raises questions about their competency for their whole lifetimes. It reinforces outrageous racial stereotypes.” If those admitted with lower academic qualifications turn out to do less well, "racists will say, ‘We told you so,'” he predicted.

"The link between inferiority and race is reinforced by preferences in the most disgusting way,” he lamented. Cohen said one could hardly devise "a more destructive strategy for belittling races than this.”

Preferences are "bad for society as a whole—very deleterious—because the tension between the races grows because of these policies. People can't speak their hostility, but it's there.”

Here from the National Leadership Network of Conservative African-Americans:

The National Center for Public Policy Research
The Mixed Blessing of Affirmative Action

Affirmative action robs many blacks of this honor. Black college students who have worked diligently are praised, but are also forced to live with the uncertainty that their admission had more to do with the color of their skin than their academic merits. And those "helped" by affirmative action are similarly harmed. Through no real fault of their own, they may find themselves lacking the same skills as their classmates and must play catch up for much of their collegiate careers.

This might explain why the national college dropout rate is 20 points higher for blacks than whites. Blacks who would likely have succeeded somewhere else face uncertain futures at universities where they are unprepared, thanks to affirmative action.

Here is the real problem with race in America: Not segregation or anti-black discrimination, but that blacks are being treated preferentially in education. If there is one single thing that holds blacks back more than anything it is Affirmative action.

If I were black I would be offended that the U.S. Supreme Court assumes blacks are too stupid to get to college on their own, without preferential treatment.

If I were black I would be offended that Al Sharpton thinks we are too stupid to even get a job without preferential help: "If you do not keep affirmative action in place, you will not have a job at all....” [link]

If I were black I would be offended that my supposed black leaders view me the same way slave owners thought of us: as too ignorant to be anything but slaves.

Very few countries have a mechanism to admit they were wrong and to make amends. It was wrong to give racial preferences in years past and this country made that illegal. This is only one reason of many that we live in the greatest country in the world. It is time again to admit we made a mistake, that Affirmative Action is just as evil in continuing to give racial preferences to one group over another. The truth is, blacks are just as capable as whites in getting into college or getting a job or being brilliant and contributing greatly to our society as anyone else. But that requires we treat them equally as whites.

As long as black leaders bang the racist drums of hatred against whites, black youth will listen to that beat instead of focusing on their problems. As soon as blacks get a leader that can point out that whites are not the problem, we can get about the business of bringing this country closer to near-perfect.

And stop calling yourselves African-Americans. Africa sold you into slavery. And stop becoming Muslims. It was Muslims who continue to this day to engage in black slavery.

Yes, a near-perfect US requires that we get rid of Al Sharpton, that blacks get their heads out of their asses and stop blaming whites for all their problems. Embrace American culture instead of Ebonics. And please, unless your children were born in Zimbabwe, stop calling them Mfuqwa or Shaniqwa.

If you notice the names of Chinese born in America and who won Nobel Prizes (Samuel C.C. Ting, Steven Chu, and Roger Yonchien Tsien) you will notice that all three had parents with the good sense to give their children American names.

If you want your children to be successful in America do what everybody else does in this country, assimilate.

one of the most prodigious and famous American songwriters was born Israel Isidore Baline but you know him as Irving Berlin.

Here are some other Jewish boys with American names that have done well:
Steven Anthony Ballmer: The richest Jew in the World - Microsoft.
Michael Dell: Founder of Dell Computer
Larry Ellison: Founder and CEO of Oracle
Alan Greenspan: Federal Reserves Chairman under Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush
George Soros: millionaire philanthropist
And thousands of others who changed Yaacov to Jack, Moshe to Moe, and even my uncle Jacob Julius Garfinkle who changed it to John Garfield.

And stop taking black courses in college. I never took Jewish History or Jewish Poetry in college, instead I opted for mathematics, physics, philosophy, linguistics, psychology, and English Literature and the studying thereof has contributed to my success. It is studying white man's culture and history that will lead you to be successful enough that you'll have free time to read about your own race in your own spare time.

It is demeaning to all blacks that anyone spends two quarters on 50 Cent. There is nothing wrong with "being white". There is nothing wrong with being an American, in fact it is the highest aspiration of most of the world. If blacks born here would only become Americans, they too would enjoy the fruits of liberty and freedom and be proud to say, "Happy Fourth of July."


And last of all, please stop emulating ghetto-gangstas:

Washington Post,
30 May 2007,
Black culture beyond hip-hop

The historian Paul Fussell notes that for most Americans, it is difficult to "class sink." Try to imagine the Chinese-American son of oncologists -- living in, say, a New York suburb such as Westchester, attending private school -- who feels subconsciously compelled to model his life, even if only superficially, on that of a Chinese mafioso dealing heroin on the Lower East Side. The cultural pressure for a middle-class Chinese-American to walk, talk and act like a lower-class thug from Chinatown is nil. The same can be said of Jews, or of any other ethnic group.

But in black America the folly is so commonplace it fails to attract serious attention. Like neurotics obsessed with amputating their own healthy limbs, middle-class blacks concerned with "keeping it real" are engaging in gratuitously self-destructive and violently masochistic behavior.

Sociologists have a term for this pathological facet of black life.

It's called "cool-pose culture." Whatever the nomenclature, "cool pose" or keeping it real or something else entirely, this peculiar aspect of the contemporary black experience -- the inverted-pyramid hierarchy of values stemming from the glorification of lower-class reality in the hip-hop era -- has quietly taken the place of white racism as the most formidable obstacle to success and equality in the black middle classes.

### End of my article ###

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