Mendle pays a Visit to Dr Kissinger

I have two friends, both of them Chabad youth, named Mendle.

I mentioned Mendle #1 in my previous post Mendle and the Lebanese in Australia; Mendle #2 just recently became a Rabbi and is now in Litchfield, Connecticut visiting Jews, offering to put up mezuzahs and handing out challah for Shabbos.

Now western Connecticut is not heavily populated and Mendle #2 and his group heard that Dr Henry Kissinger lived nearby in Kent and so decided to pay him a visit. They knew that Kissinger was a secular Jew but thought it was worth a longshot to bring him some challah. Mendle called me this morning and told me the road leading to his home is quite a winding one. They were told that he rarely used the road and normally left his home by helicopter instead of by car.

Before they could reach the home proper, they were greeted by a black security vehicle and were asked how they got here and how did they know which road to take to his home and what were they doing here. Well, Mendle explained, fellow local Jews gave them the directions and the purpose of the visit was to present Dr Kissinger with some challah for Shabbos. The guard was a gentile and had no clue what either a challah was or the meaning of the word Shabbos - but took the present.

I wonder if the guard ever gave the challah to Dr Kissinger at all. It probably went into a bomb disposal container. But I told Mendle what was important was the effort. Who knows, perhaps the good Doctor actually got the challah, and enjoyed it on the Sabbath. But even if not, as long as a good deed was attempted - that's all that matters. There are people like Mendle who hope to reach out to fellow Jews, religious or not, and add a small blessing to their lives, and then there are Muslims who cannot get enough of killing, maiming, and bombing their fellow Muslims and to what end?

Mezuzahs for all!
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Trivia: Why Mezuzahs are put on door entrances: Because God commanded so in Deuteronomy 11:20. And you shall write them upon the door posts of your house, and upon your gates.

Number of Jews in Connecticut: 111,000 Jews or about 3% of its 3.4 million population. [Jewish Virtual Library]

Henry Kissinger was born Heinz Alfred Kissinger in 1923 and came to the United States from Germany in 1938. He had the good sense to follow Planck's Rule for Names:

Planck's Constant,
If I were black I would be offended

Embrace American culture instead of Ebonics. And please, unless your children were born in Zimbabwe, stop calling them Mfuqwa or Shaniqwa.

If you notice the names of Chinese born in America and who won Nobel Prizes (Samuel C.C. Ting, Steven Chu, and Roger Yonchien Tsien) you will notice that all three had parents with the good sense to give their children American names.

If you want your children to be successful in America do what everybody else does in this country, assimilate.

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