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In a previous post I mentioned that I was not a nice person when I was younger. It was the Spring of 1970 (I was 25 years old) and I was editor of the Wagnerian, the school Newspaper, at Wagner College in Staten Island. I enjoyed my status as Big Man on Campus and had sex with 88 girls (mostly freshman) that semester.

One of those girls was R. a Rubenesque young woman with the most melodious voice I ever heard. We became friends and a few weeks later at my home in Bayonne she rode the wild pony, although I don't suppose anyone uses that term anymore. But I do have to give myself some credit, even though I took advantage of them, at least I was ecumenical in squiring the thin and the fat, the tall and the short. R. should have pursued a career in music, but her self-esteem was shattered by her view that she was too fat.

Sadly the world focuses on the hollow-cheeked, shallow-brained, callow-anticked types like Paris Hilton who add nothing to the world's store of knowledge and have no talent or skill to at least give us some intellectual entertainment. Many talented young women who do have something to offer the world exclude themselves from activities merely because our society has preconceived notions of what they can or cannot accomplish.

If you saw the camp comedy Dodgeball you may recall this scene where Justin Long collapsed under the weight of an "overly plump" cheerleader. I suppose the impression we are supposed to get was that this "fat thing" should not have tried out for cheer-leading. I disagree. What I see is a struggling young man too weak to do his job properly. It takes a lot of guts and chutzpah to take on the world and say you're as good as anyone else. To all young women out there, fat or short or tall or thin, forget stereotypes and you go girl!

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