Why no one other than the US has ever used nuclear weapons

Before I give you an example of the average DIGG user's ignorance, let me first give you the story he is commenting on:

1 Jul 2007,
Europeans see US as threat to peace

Europeans consistently regard the US as the biggest threat to world stability, a new poll reveals on Monday.

A survey carried out in June by Harris Research for the Financial Times shows that 32 per cent of respondents in five European countries regard the US as a bigger threat than any other state.

In the US itself, North Korea and Iran are seen as the biggest risks. However, the youngest US respondents share the Europeans’ view that theirs is the biggest threat, with 35 per cent of American 16- to 24-year-olds identifying it as the chief danger to stability.

Since the above article bashes the US, it obviously has made it to the front page of DIGG.

Well, now we know what percentage of leftist idiots there are in Europe and the US.

Here are some typical DIGGER's comments:

anti-us graffito
Flickr User: Aeturnum.

American government IS the terror threat. American politicians and policy makers are incapable of acting in the best interest of the people. The government IS the mafia, and it uses their power to terrorize the citizenry in order to extort/steal an ever increasing amount of our money. And what can we do about it, stop paying taxes?! Tell that to the guys with the guns and the tanks! Look at the Browns - they risk being killed in their own home for not paying income taxes.


And this number will rise much higher while we allow an accountable group of tyrants to build a corporate military empire without declaring war.

Then there is this idiot:

Well, the US does tend to just go around beating hornet's nests. I think this is actually quite a conservative estimate.
I mean, heck I know we were technically in a war, but there's only one nation on earth that's actually USED nuclear weapons....twice. That kinda sticks.

Yes, one could say the US was "technically" at war during the year 1941-1945. Perhaps the Japanese were minding their own business during those years when we suddenly got it into our heads to drop two atomic bombs on them.

As to why we are the only nation that has ever used nuclear weapons, usually one lists mutually assured destruction. But actually there are three reasons:
1) Because we used them when we had to. That has put the fear of god into many nations.
2) Others who have nuclear weapons are afraid of annihilation, see #1 above.
and finally
3) We have kept nations who are not afraid of annihilation from obtaining them, such as Iran, read August 22 - End of the World -12th Imam - Muhammad al-Mahdi.

If we ever allow Iran to have nuclear weapons then I fear we will descend into WWIII and reasons #1 and #2 will have no effect.

BTW, in DIGG if someone makes a pro-USA comment it gets dugg down, e.g.:

In related news, 32% of Europeans have been found to be clueless idiots.


A third of Europe is Muslim. No surprise there.

The Nuclear Club (In order of first test):
United States
United Kingdom
North Korea

Undeclared nuclear weapons state:

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