Muslim Exploding Panties

She was laughing with some friends as we approached. We noticed her yellow panties on the outside of her pants. She turned around to give us a better look. I asked permission to take a photo. She said yes. I then got down to ass level and snapped this pic. =)
Photo Credit: What Gets Me Hot.

I was thinking recently of all the things I cannot do because of evil or stupid people. If a Muslim owns a fast-food franchise I can't get pork with my breakfast and in a number of states it is still legal for pharmacists to refuse to dispense emergency contraceptive prescriptions (1).

I can't get on an airplane unless I remove my shoes. Suppose the shoe bomber had instead been a female wearing exploding panties? Would women boarding airplanes be required to wear their panties on the outside? But joking aside, what would the procedure be at airline check-in? "Excuse me mam, just lift your skirt for a moment?"

In my article Tort Reform - We need to stop these idiots from suing, I noted that because of idiots, Beni Hana no longer flings shrimp into customers' mouths.

I can't buy a really hot cup of coffee at any national franchise because of one moron who spilled coffee in her lap. Now when I add milk my coffee is lukewarm.

Instruction manuals for almost everything in this country are filled with so many disclaimers and warnings that I can't find the really serious warnings that can kill me from the frivolous ones that were put in just for morons. [Update: Chrysler announced that its owner manuals (500 pages long and weighing 4 pounds) would be phased out in favor of DVDs]

How about this from the Stella Awards:

Hazel Norton of Rolling Fork, Miss., read there was a class action suit against the drug Propulsid, which her doctor had prescribed to her for a digestive disorder. Despite admitting that "I didn't get hurt by Propulsid," Norton thought "I might get a couple of thousand dollars" by joining the lawsuit. When her doctor was named in the suit, he quit his Mississippi practice -- where he was serving the poor. He left with his wife, a pediatrician and internist. That left only two doctors practicing at the local hospital. So while Norton wasn't harmed by the drug, all her neighbors now get to suffer from drastically reduced access to medical care because of her greed.

As long as most of our juries are composed of those without any jobs or education (otherwise how come they didn't get out of jury duty) and we have tort laws that allow these insanities, life will only get worse for the rest of us who know not to clean our ears with a drill, or know not to try to dry our private parts with a vacuum cleaner.


1 Feb 2010: well it seems a Muslim terrorist tried hiding an explosive in his underwear, see my article Al Qaeda Reads My Blog.


Moral Judgments on Birth Control Endangering Women's Lives

Some pharmacists "just say no" to filling the prescriptions. Others don't offer these women alternative locations where they can get them filled. A few zealous pharmacists have actually gone off the deep end and refused to return the prescriptions to the women for whom they were written. That's obstruction -- someone who is licensed by the state to provide a medical service (to wit, the pharmacist) has instead barred a customer from obtaining that service.

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