Things you should not do - if you are a Muslim

After 9/11, if you are a Muslim, unless you have a very, very good reason, you should not buy devices that look like pipes from Wal-Mart and stuff them with fireworks or gunpowder and drive near a military facility. Here's the story in a nutshell:

USA Today,
2 charged with pipe bombs near Navy base

MONCKS CORNER, S.C. (AP) - Two men found with several pipe bombs in their car near a Navy base were charged Monday with possession of an explosive device, authorities said. ... Ahmed Abda Sherf Mohamed, 24, and Yousef Samir Megahed, 21, both students at the University of South Florida in Tampa, were driving through the area on Saturday to vacation at a North Carolina beach for Mohamed's birthday, their defense attorney said.

"They admitted to having what they said were fireworks. Based on the officer's judgment at hand, based on what he had seen, we judged it to be other than fireworks,'' Berkeley County Sheriff Wayne DeWitt said.

Mohamed, 24, said he made devices from items he bought at Wal-Mart, according to an affidavit with his arrest warrant.
The executive director of a civil rights organization for Muslims in Tampa criticized the arrest as racial profiling, an accusation South Carolina police denied. It's not clear if the item found in the vehicle is actually a bomb, said Ahmed Bedier of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.
The two men were stopped for speeding Saturday night on U.S. Highway 176 near Goose Creek, which is the site of the Naval Weapons Station and houses the U.S. Naval Consolidated Brig, a military prison where enemy combatants have been held.

They were heading west, away from Goose Creek, when they were pulled over about seven miles from the sprawling Navy facility, police said.

Officers became suspicious because the men quickly put away a laptop computer and couldn't immediately say what they were doing in the area or where they were going, DeWitt said.

A deputy then found what he thought were explosives in the 2000 Toyota Camry and called the bomb squad. Technicians confirmed the devices were pipe bombs and destroyed them, according to sworn statements in the arrest warrants.

After 9/11, unless you have a very, very good reason, you should not take flying lessons without learning how to take off or land. After 9/11, unless you have a very, very good reason, you should not go into shoe stores and ask to buy hollowed out shoe bottoms. After 9/11, unless you are a farmer, you should not buy two tons of fertilizer or ammonium nitrate. After 9/11, unless you have a very, very good reason, you should not buy devices that look like pipes from Wal-Mart and stuff them with fireworks or gunpowder and drive near a military facility. After 9/11, unless you have a very, very good reason, you should not board an airplane, act suspicious, go in and out of bathrooms, and yell out Allah Akbar while condemning the US.

And in all these things you should not do, especially do not do them if you are Muslim.

I know it sounds unfair, but if a Jew or Christian did these things it still would warrant investigation and possibly arrest, but if you are Muslim you have the added feature of motive. Yes, sadly it is true that as a Muslim you are more likely to be guilty of some ulterior purpose in the list above simply because you are a Muslim.

But that is how the real world operates.

dead wife
dead wife
Flickr User: win ston.
If a woman is found dead in a home, the first person suspected will be the husband. The world is filled with 6 billion possible suspects and the police will first train their sights on the husband. Why? Because the husband is usually the one with the motive to do his wife in. Insurance, jealousy, argument, the actual motive doesn't matter. This is called profiling. Actually 30% of women murdered in the United States in 1999 were murdered by a husband, former husband or boyfriend. (Bureau of Justice Statistics, Homicide Trends in the United States, Intimate Homicide, 2001). But is it fair to husbands or former husbands? Sorry, but fairness has nothing to do with it. Profiling is a necessary police tool.

I'm not saying all Muslims should be suspects in all crimes, but profiling has to be a part of the law enforcement arsenal. In a previous article Black Profiling is a necessary and good thing I wrote "that pulling over more blacks will result in catching more criminals." Indeed in my own home state, New Jersey, troopers were ordered not to pull over too many black drivers despite the fact that black drivers are more likely to speed than whites.

If we deny police officers the ability to profile we actually hurt the group being profiled. Since most black victims of crimes were attacked by blacks, the black community benefits the most by profiling. Almost half of all juveniles arrested for a violent crime in 2005 were black. Would this country or blacks be safer if Pelosi and other Democrats were able to pass their legislation to have fewer blacks arrested and more to their proportion in the population than their actual participation in crime? Does that at all make sense? Sure it sounds fair, but fair to the criminal, not the victim.

If a gang of Jewish bagel thieves were running rampant in my neighborhood I would not want the police to be investigating Albanian circus midgets. I would want them to come to my house and question Jews like myself, not because I enjoy being questioned by the police but because I enjoy living in a safe, peaceful neighborhood. And if thieves know that police are operating in my city with all the power at their disposal, including profiling, there will be fewer of them coming into my neighborhood and flock instead to places that encourage criminal behaviour.

I include the above discussion to assuage any fears that I only want Muslims profiled. I want every group profiled depending on the crime. So, Farooq, if you don't mind, do not buy gunpowder while you are in this country.

MSN Encarta,
Caesar, Gaius Julius

After Caesar's first wife, Cornelia, died in 68 bc, he married Pompeia, a granddaughter of Sulla. When the mysteries of the Bona Dea, over which she presided, were violated, she was maligned by gossips, and Caesar divorced her, telling the Senate that any wife of his must remain above suspicion.

It could very well be that Pompeia had nothing to do with the Bona Dea Scandal and her divorce unfair but Caesar's wife must remain above suspicion.

So my Muslim friends, if you wish to remain in this country, you too must remain above suspicion. Doesn't seem fair? Well, you could always go back to Kuwait or Egypt where Muslims always get a fair trial.

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