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Hundreds gathered at Queens Park (Toronto) April 30th to demand more action to end the genocide in Darfur. The protestors screamed for 20 seconds in response to the humanitarian crisis.
Scream for Darfur
Flickr-User: Spirited_Away.

There is no shortage of evils and calamities in the world that gets blamed on the Jews. Now we're getting blamed for the genocide in Darfur. So what else is nu?

Here are just a measly 13 things that we can all just blame on those filthy Jews who control the world's media, banks, etc but somehow cannot control the bad press about them.

  1. Jews are to blame for Darfur:

    Ynet News,
    29 Jul 2007,
    Sudan: Jews behind Darfur conflict

    Sudan's defense minister, Abdel Rahim Mohamed Hussein, has accused "24 Jewish organizations" of "fueling the conflict in Darfur" last week in an interview with a Saudi newspaper.


    "Are these Jewish groups supporting (the rebels) financially?," the interviewer from Okaz asked Hussein.

    "Yes, they provide political and material support through their control over the media and across American and British circles," Hussein said, adding that Jewish groups were using "all means to fuel these conflicts."

    He added that Western reports of 200,000 people dying in Sudan were false, and said: "We talk about 9,000 dead as a result of either government or rebel actions."

    The TRUTH of course is that Israel, as usual, is actually helping the poor Sudanese (from the same article above):

    Several days ago, Sudan's Interior Minister, Zubair Bashir Taha, lashed out at Sudanese refugees who had sought asylum in Israel, and accused "Israeli authorities of encouraging the Sudanese refugees to come to their country."

    He added that his ministry was "very confused" by Sudanese citizens who came to Israel."

    The Sudan Tribune quoted a Sudanese refugee as telling al-Jazeera television: "We were surprised when we came here. We met good people, who welcomed us and gave us food. We feel that we are extremely happy. We hope that the Israeli government would find a solution for us and our children. We came here to look for a better place."

  2. Are English Jews Responsible for 9/11?Jews are Responsible for 9/11:

    Amazon Books,
    Are English Jews Responsible for 9/11?

    AN EXAMINATION OF THE HISTORY, PROBLEMS, AND CAUSES is a timely book for understanding Global Terrorism. In a daring foray into examining causes for the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States of America, Devdas Pradesh dives into a difficult question that has not yet been asked in a serious way. Were English Jews somehow a contributing cause for the 9/11 attacks on New York City and Washington, DC? In the process of addressing the question, Pradesh tackles interesting aspects of English Jewish history and experience.

    Here's more of the same: North Carolina Muslim leader: "Jews" responsible for 9/11

    This is so blatantly idiotic that I won't indulge in a retort.

  3. Jews are responsible for pushing US to war with Iraq:

    Washington Post,
    11 Mar 2003,
    Moran Said Jews Are Pushing War

    "If it were not for the strong support of the Jewish community for this war with Iraq, we would not be doing this," Moran said in comments first reported by the Reston Connection and not disputed by Moran. "The leaders of the Jewish community are influential enough that they could change the direction of where this is going, and I think they should."

    Silly man. Doesn't he realize that the great, great majority of Jews are opposed to the Iraq war? If it were up to American Jews (present company excepted) we would be in cowardly retreat in Iraq. Read this:

    Gallup Poll,
    Among Religious Groups, Jewish Americans Most Strongly Oppose War

    PRINCETON, NJ -- An analysis of Gallup Poll data collected since the beginning of 2005 finds that among the major religious groups in the United States, Jewish Americans are the most strongly opposed to the Iraq war. Catholics and Protestants are more or less divided in their views on the war, while Mormons are the most likely to favor it. Those with no religious affiliation also oppose the war, but not to the same extent that Jewish people do. The greater opposition to the war is not simply a result of high Democratic identification among U.S. Jews, as Jews of all political persuasions are more likely to oppose the war than non-Jews who share the same political leanings.

    So the truth again is the opposite of what anti-Semites would like to believe.

  4. The Jews are to blame for Black Slavery:

    Jews and the Black Holocaust

    "There is no denying," said Brackman of the story of Noah, "that the Babylonian Talmud was the first source to read a Negrophobic content into the episode..." Brackman pointed out further that two third century Jewish "Sages" provided homosexual embellishments for the Biblical story as well.

    This "curse" was the absolute basis for the Europeans' choice of dark-skinned Africans for chattel slavery. Many denominations of Christianity, Islam and Judaism believe it and teach it to this very moment! Southern plantation owners attacked the Abolitionists with it; its teaching was the foundation of the slaves' permitted religion; Black inferiority is based on it; the Ku Klux Klan relies on it; even the Mormons officially taught it until 1978. When the Jews invented it and promoted it to the world they sentenced the Black Race to a holocaust the likes of which no people have ever suffered. "Hate teaching" will forever be defined by this wicked belief system brought to us in the Jewish Holy Talmud via Harold Brackman.

    Louis Farrakhan likes to bruit this about. When not blaming everything on the Jews, the website above also has filmed proof that Muslims had nothing to do with 9/11, it was Bush and the U.S. Government! Bush was also responsible for blowing up the levees in Louisiana!!!

    I can see how if you believe that nonsense you can also believe that the Jews are to blame for Black Slavery.

  5. Jews are responsible for all the war in the world.

    The Blue State,
    30 Jul 2006,
    The Jews are responsible for all the war in the world

    While being arrested for driving under the influence, Mel Gibson, the director of the movie Passion of the Christ, blew up and went on an anti-Semitic tirade.

    I had compassion for Mel in my post I forgive Mel Gibson - Passion of the Cristal.

    Mel most likely made the assertion because he read the next Blame:

  6. YMCA WWI Poster
    YMCA WWI Poster
    Photo Credit: Georgetown Library
    Jews are to blame for bringing United States into World War One:

    Silly Old Bear’s Grins and Grumps,
    Benjamin Freedman - Anti-Semitic Speech from 1961

    [The Jews] made this deal: "We will get the United States into this war as your ally. The price you must pay is Palestine after you have won the war and defeated Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey.” Now England had as much right to promise Palestine to anybody, as the United States would have to promise Japan to Ireland for any reason whatsoever. It’s absolutely absurd that Great Britain, that never had any connection or any interest or any right in what is known as Palestine should offer it as coin of the realm to pay the Zionists for bringing the United States into the war. However, they did make that promise, in October of 1916. And shortly after that — I don’t know how many here remember it - - the United States, which was almost totally pro-German, entered the war as Britain’s ally.

    I say that the United States was almost totally pro-German because the newspapers here were controlled by Jews, the bankers were Jews, all the media of mass communications in this country were controlled by Jews; and they, the Jews, were pro-German.


    Now those same Jews, when they saw the possibility of getting Palestine, went to England and they made this deal. At that time, everything changed, like a traffic light that changes from red to green. Where the newspapers had been all pro-German, where they’d been telling the people of the difficulties that Germany was having fighting Great Britain commercially and in other respects, all of a sudden the Germans were no good. They were villains. They were Huns. They were shooting Red Cross nurses. They were cutting off babies’ hands. They were no good. Shortly after that, Mr. Wilson declared war on Germany.

    It seems so simple, so easy, so cut and dry I almost believe it myself. Here we see a WWI Poster by that Jew-Controlled Organization, the YMCA.

  7. Jews are to blame for Communism:

    Zionism versus Bolshevism

    There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution, by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews, it is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others. With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures are Jews. Moreover, the principal inspiration and driving power comes from the Jewish leaders. Thus Tchitcherin, a pure Russian, is eclipsed by his nominal subordinate Litvinoff, and the influence of Russians like Bukharin or Lunacharski cannot be compared with the power of Trotsky, or of Zinovieff, the Dictator of the Red Citadel (Petrograd) or of Krassin or Radek -- all Jews. In the Soviet institutions the predominance of Jews is even more astonishing. And the prominent, if not indeed the principal, part in the system of terrorism applied by the Extraordinary Commissions for Combating Counter-Revolution has been taken by Jews, and in some notable cases by Jewesses.

    The source above is from Focal Point Publications, an anti-Semitic, Holocaust denier site run by David Irving.

  8. Scarlett Johansson
    The Jews are Behind the Da Vinci Code:

    Planck's Constant,

    David Duke:

    Almost everyone realizes the Da Vinci Code is an unprecedented attack on Christianity and Jesus Christ. But most people don’t know that the media giants orchestrating this attack are Jewish.

    Sony Corporation, the force behind the Da Vinci Code movie, is the eye of this Jewish promotional octopus. In the late 1980s, Sony of Japan bought out Metro Goldwyn Meyer, Columbia Pictures, and United Artists. Former president of Jewish-owned CBS, Howard Stringer (a Jew), became second in command of Sony International. He is chair and CEO of Sony of America.

    Sony of America is dominated by Jewish names. Emily Susskind is president. Robert Wiesenthal is executive VP and chief financial officer; Nicole Seligman is executive VP and general counsel. Phil Weiser is CTO and senior VP. Michael Fidler Jr. is senior VP. Jay Samit is general manager of Connect. Gretchen Griswold is director of corporate communications.

    Well, one can blame the Jews for almost all Hollywood Movies, even very pro-Christian ones like It's a Wonderful Life, Going My Way, The Bells of St. Mary's, etc. Besides, Hollywood makes anti-Jewish films as well: recall how many of Woody Allen's films portray Jews, not to mention rabbis, as loathsome liars, desperate psychotics, pathetic perverts, and ridiculously lecherous losers. So let's be fair here, when you make almost all the movies there are, you end up being blamed for every point of view.

    But can Hollywood Jews be so evil when they bring us the Most Beautiful Bosoms in Hollywood?

  9. Jews Are Responsible For their own Holocaust:

    BS Alert,
    Powerful Christian Leader Claims Jews Responsible For Holocaust

    Pastor John Hagee writes in his book, "Jerusalem Countdown: A Prelude To war" that Jews brought the Holocaust upon themselves by rebelling against God and that the Holocaust was God's way of forcing Jews to move to Israel where, Hagee predicts according to his interpretation of Biblical scripture, they will be mostly killed in the apocalyptic Mideast conflict Hagee's new lobbying group seems to be working to provoke and which John Hagee believes to be a necessary precondition for the "Rapture" that will lift Christians, but not Jews, bodily into Heaven to enjoy physical immortality in paradise.

    There are variations on this theme; the President of Iran likes to say that Jews fabricated the Holocaust. Read my post the Iranian Holocaust Cartoon Contest.

  10. Borat
    Jews responsible for Hurricane Katrina (as punishment to US for forcing Jews out of Gaza):

    World Net Daily,
    Did God send Katrina
    as judgment for Gaza?

    "Is this some sort of bizarre coincidence? Not for those who believe in the God of the Bible and the immutability of His Word. What America is about to experience is the lifting of God's hand of protection, the implementation of His judgment on the nation most responsible for endangering the land and people of Israel.

    Even Borat Sagdiyev agrees:

    Barely a Blog,
    Updated for the Third Time: Borat’s Cultural Learnings

    Here’s a very funny Vanity-Fair interview with Borat Sagdiyev. In response to the question, "Who is your favorite American celebrity and why,” Borat writes:

    "My favorites celebritys is dancing Negro Michael Jacksons, singing transvestite Madonna, and, of course, fearless anti-Jew warrior Mel Gibsons. We in Kazakhstan agrees with his statement that Jews started all wars and also have proof that they were responsible for Hurricane Katrina and also killed off the dinosaurs.”

  11. Jews were responsible for the Danish Cartoon Affair:

    Guardian Unlimited,
    Cartoons 'part of Zionist plot'

    The furious international row over the publication of cartoons satirising the prophet Muhammad intensified today when Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, claimed it was an Israeli conspiracy motivated by anger over Hamas's win in the Palestinian elections.

    For more info read my post Cartoon Protest Movement - How it all started from Appeasement of Muslims

  12. Jews are to blame for their own Persecution:

    ynet News,
    Jews 'partly responsible' for their troubles: Churchill

    "For it may be that, unwittingly, they are inviting persecution -- that they have been partly responsible for the antagonism from which they suffer."

    The article adds: "The central fact which dominates the relations of Jew and non-Jew is that the Jew is 'different'.

  13. And the Most insidious accusation:
  14. Jews were Responsible for Christ's Death

    Pew Research Center,
    Belief that Jews were Responsible for Christ's Death Increases

    A growing minority of Americans believe that Jews were responsible for Christ's death. Roughly a quarter of the public (26%) now expresses that view.
    Currently, 34% of those below age 30 and 42% of blacks say they feel Jews were responsible for Christ's death.

    Blacks are also the largest anti-Semitic group in America, so that last figure makes sense. See my post Blacks are more Racist than Whites. I mention this statistic only in sadness not in rancor.

    Take a read of this article: Did Jews Kill Jesus? for a good rebuttal against those charges.

    Interestingly, although Muslims do not believe Jesus was crucified they still blame the Jews for his death (try and figure that one out):

Of course I could list thousands of horrible deeds blamed on the Jews but this is just a Thursday Thirteen. For balance, please read my previous posts:

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Not sure who to blame? Just blame the Jews!

Racists Blame Jews, Seek to Help Whites Only in Hurricane's Aftermath

White supremacists continue to use the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to spread anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and to promote their racist agenda and hateful worldview. Within days of the destruction, white supremacists communicating to each other on the Internet had incorporated Hurricane Katrina into their standard racist and anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that Jews are controlling and manipulating the government to use African-Americans to destroy the white race.

anti-Semitic katrina propaganda

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