Bad News for OJ Las Vegas is mostly white

booking photo O.J. Simpson
Booking photo of O.J. Simpson
Photo: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept/AP

Police arrested O.J. Simpson on Sunday, September 16, 2007, saying he was part of an armed group which burst into a Las Vegas hotel room and grabbed memorabilia from his own sports career.

The last time OJ got away with murder he had a jury filled with morons (1). This time he's done a crime in a city with a white population of about 70% (2). And he won't get much help from the 18% or so of Mexicans, it's unlikely any of them will get called to jury duty.

I know what you are going to say, "This shouldn't be about race and what makes you think white jurors will purposely convict OJ anyway?"

That's not what I am implying. What I mean is that this time, with a mostly white jury, he'll get a fair trial and be judged on the facts, not on his black celebrity status. Hopefully what happened in Vegas will stay in a Vegas - for 30 years or more.

And race had everything to do with OJ being found innocent in the original murder trial. Poll data at the time showed that most whites believed Simpson to be guilty and most blacks believed him to be not guilty, so according to Vincent Bugliosi, the celebrated prosecutor in the Charles Manson case, letting the case be tried in downtown Los Angeles rather than in the judicial district where the crime occurred, Santa Monica, may have been the biggest mistake the prosecution made.

At least this time this old, has-been sports clown admits he was actually at the crime scene. Will someone kindly do the right thing and put this buffoon away for long enough so that we can be spared the indignity of having to see his face again?

I am not the only one who thinks black jurors treat other blacks more leniently in criminal trials:

7 Sep 2007,
Lawmaker seeks more black jurors in bribery case

A black U.S. lawmaker fighting corruption charges after investigators found $90,000 in his freezer argued on Friday that his case should be moved to Washington, where he is less likely to face discrimination from the city's majority-black population.

For those who wonder why over half the prison population is black and think it might be the White Justice System discriminating against blacks, please read The Myth of a Racist Criminal Justice System by sociologist William Wilbanks who took dozens of studies that showed statistical inequalities between whites and blacks in arrest rates, imprisonment, and other areas of criminal justice and found that the inequalities came from factors other than racial discrimination.

Visit a few dozen Bronx criminal trials involving blacks and you will quickly see that black jurors tend to let black criminals go free even when the evidence is hugely against them. If black jurors were not so paranoid about police [which paranoia is fostered by black demagogues like Al Sharpton], the number of blacks in prison would even be higher than 50%. If anything, black criminals are given more benefit of the doubt than whites.

American Renaissance,
Dec 1996,
Blacks Less Likely to be Convicted

The Center for Equal Opportunity, of which Linda Chavez is president, has released a study showing that blacks are less likely than whites to be convicted when they are arrested for crimes. In an investigation of all 56,000 felony cases filed in state courts in the nation’s 75 largest cities in May, 1992, researchers found that blacks were less likely to be convicted in 12 out of 14 federally designated felony categories. Generally, the disparities were not large, in the range of three to five percent. However, on drug trafficking charges, 24 percent of blacks escaped conviction while only 14 percent of whites did. Whites got off more often than blacks in only the least serious cases — felony traffic offenses and a miscellaneous category of crimes that are against neither property nor people.



University of Missouri-Kansas City, The O. J. Simpson Trial: The Jury - Final Jury Composition

By Race: 9 Blacks, 2 Whites, 1 Hispanic

By Education: 9 High School Graduates, 2 College Graduates, 1 HS graduate Without Diploma

None regularly read a newspaper, but 8 regularly watch tabloid TV shows

5 thought it was sometimes appropriate to use force on a family member

All were Democrats

5 reported that they or another family member had had a negative experience with the police

9 thought that Simpson was less likely to be a murderer because he was a professional athlete

(2):, Las Vegas Nevada Population and Demographics Resources

Las Vegas Nevada Population and Demographics

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