Chungs Close Shop after Roy Pearson Suit

 Soo Chung was one of the owners of Custom Cleaners.

The continuing saga of the Roy Pearson multimillion dollar pantsuit Case: They have finally had enough, Soo Chung and her husband, Jin Nam Chung, owners of a dry cleaner who were sued for $54 million over a missing pair of pants, have sold the shop involved in the dispute.

The South Korean immigrants lost customers and revenue while trying to defend themselves against the lawsuit. They will now focus their energy on another dry-cleaning shop they still own, according to their attorney, Chris Manning.

Business Week,
19 Sep 2007,
Dry cleaner in pants suit closes

"This is a truly tragic example of how devastating frivolous litigation can be to the American people and to small businesses," Manning said in a statement.


The Chungs incurred more than $100,000 in legal expenses, which were eventually paid with help from fundraisers and donations.

Even after the trial ended favorably, Manning said, the Chungs lost customers and revenue. They have now closed two of their three businesses since the lawsuit began, he said.

Washington Post,
Pants Update: The Dry Cleaners Shuts Down

Bowing to the emotional and financial strains of two years of litigation, Soo and Jin Chung today announced the closing of the dry cleaners that may or may not have lost a pair of Pearson's pants that he put in for a $10 alteration in 2005.

"They were just tired of the whole ordeal," the Chungs' daughter-in-law, Soo Choi, told me today. "A lot of people view this comically because the case is so outrageous, but my mother-in-law has gone down four dress sizes from this whole ordeal. They just want to put this in their past."


The Chungs will now work exclusively at their original shop, Happy Cleaners, on Seventh Street NW, across from the D.C. Convention Center. Soo Chung was there this afternoon, mopping the floor, waiting for customers. For the first time in a very long time, she was able to smile about her work. "This is our first store, first job," she told me. "When we came to America, we worked here. Good job. Good store."

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