George Washington was a Terrorist

Mos Def is an Idiot
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So says Mos Def. And he should know because he learned that and the fact that Bin Laden had nothin' to do with 9/11 at the barbershop where all wisdom is contained. See my previous post Mos Def is an Idiot.

And contrary to the white man's propaganda that our Founding Fathers were fighting against the tyranny of King George III, it was actually the Queen, from the show's transcripts:

7 Sep 2007,
Episode #517,

MOS DEF: [overlapping] You know…you know, coercion apparatus – one is endorsed by the state and the other is not. You know, when the Revolutionary War was going on, George Washington and all them dudes was terrorists—


MOS DEF: [overlapping]—as far as the queen was concerned.

MAHER: Right, right.

Of course, Mos Def confuses treason with terrorism. As far as the King was concerned, George Washington and his fellow separatists were traitors, not terrorists since the Continental army never attacked civilians, as far as I know, to achieve their political ends. And since Mos Def gets his info from the local barbershop, it is unlikely he ever read the pamphlets of Thomas Paine or he would have read the arguments for separation from England were based on reason and the rights of man and not on violence against innocent women and children. Conflating Islamic terrorists with George Washington as if they operated in the same manner only shows Mos Def's ignorance of this country's history and lack of appreciation for the deadly threat posed by Islamic terrorists. Because he's from the ghetto, pronounced GET-TOE, he's more worried about the local police, pronounced POE-LEECE, than al Qaeda.

One of my readers berated me, "you taking every thing this man say seriouslly your the real dumb ass." Oops, my bad. Perhaps Mos Def was only kidding. Perhaps he didn't mean it when he repeated the Bin Laden lie in his rap: Bin Laden Feat:

YouTube, Immortal Technique - Bin Laden feat Mos Def (Lyrics)

[Mos Def - talking]
Man, you hear this bullshit they be talkin'
Every day, man
It's like these motherfuckers is just like professional liars
YouknowwhatI'msayin? It's wild
[Hook - Mos Def]
Bin Laden didn't blow up the projects
It was you, nigga
Tell the truth, nigga
(Bush knocked down the towers)--[Jadakiss]
Tell the truth, nigga
(Bush knocked down the towers)--[Jadakiss]
Tell the truth, nigga
Bin Laden didn't blow up the projects
It was you, nigga
Tell the truth, nigga
(Bush knocked down the towers)--[Jadakiss]
Tell the truth, nigga
(Bush knocked down the towers)--[Jadakiss]
[Verse 1 - Immortal Technique]
I pledge no allegiance, nigga fuck the president's speeches
I'm baptized by America and covered in leeches
The dirty water that bleaches your soul and your facial features
Drownin' you in propaganda that they spit through the speakers
And if you speak about the evil that the government does
The Patriot Act'll track you to the type of your blood
They try to frame you, and say you was tryna sell drugs
And throw a federal indictment on niggaz to show you love
This shit is run by fake Christians, fake politicians
Look at they mansions, then look at the conditions you live in
All they talk about is terrorism on television
They tell you to listen, but they don't really tell you they mission
They funded Al-Qaeda, and now they blame the Muslim religion
Even though Bin Laden, was a CIA tactician
They gave him billions of dollars, and they funded his purpose
Fahrenheit 9/11, that's just scratchin' the surface
[Verse 2 - Immortal Technique]
They say the rebels in Iraq still fight for Saddam
But that's bullshit, I'll show you why it's totally wrong
Cuz if another country invaded the hood tonight
It'd be warfare through Harlem, and Washington Heights
I wouldn't be fightin' for Bush or White America's dream
I'd be fightin' for my people's survival and self-esteem
I wouldn't fight for racist churches from the south, my nigga
I'd be fightin' to keep the occupation out, my nigga
You ever clock someone who talk shit, or look at you wrong?
Imagine if they shot at you, and was rapin' your moms
And of course Saddam Hussein had chemical weapons
We sold him that shit, after Ronald Reagan's election
Mercenary contractors fightin' a new era
Corporate military bankin' off the war on terror
They controllin' the ghetto, with the failed attack
Tryna distract the fact that they engineerin' the crack
So I'm strapped like Lee Malvo holdin' a sniper rifle
These bullets'll touch your kids, and I don't mean like Michael
Your body be sent to the morgue, stripped down and recycled
I fire on house niggaz that support you and like you
Cuz innocent people get murdered in the struggle daily
And poor people never get shit and struggle daily
This ain't no alien conspiracy theory, this shit is real
Written on the dollar underneath the Masonic seal

Doesn't sound like he was kidding to me.

Another reader of mine left this comment: "You sir are a bigot and as uninformed as it gets, Mos Def has never once rapped about misogyny nor the glorification of violence, how stupid do you sound?"

Well, I have three things to say in response to that:

  1. As for misogyny, if Mos Def had any respect for women he certainly would never have become Muslim,

  2. as for violence, If you listen to the video above, it implies we need to kill George Bush, and do away with white Christians and Masons who are out to destroy poor, black folk.

  3. And if you are going to defend Mos Def, try using arguments that can be defended with links and sources. Calling me a bigot when you probably mean racist does not help your argument, especially since I did not say anything against black people. But if you really meant bigot because you think I am intolerant of opinions differing from my own, then you have not read my blog because I am only intolerant of opinions that are idiotic. I can handle differing points of view. And besides, I wasn't giving you my opinion, I was stating fact. What did I say that wasn't true? Anyone who thinks the Revolutionary War was fought against a Queen is an idiot. Anyone who thinks George Washington burned and tortured innocent civilians is an idiot. Anyone who thinks we did not land on the moon is an idiot. Anyone who thinks O.J. Simpson didn't murder his wife is an idiot. Even OJ thinks he murdered his wife and was ready to write a book about it.

Give me a break.

### End of my article ###

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