Michael Scheuer of the CIA Bin Laden Unit is an Idiot

On Friday Bill Maher interviewed Michael Scheuer via satellite. The former head of the CIA’s Bin Laden Unit has a new book coming out called Marching Toward Hell: America and Islam After Iraq. It is amazing that this man actually worked for the CIA and still has no clue about the threats facing America:

Michael Scheuer : What Bin Laden basically said is that America is fighting a war that doesn’t exist. We’re fighting because our leaders tell us that the Muslims hate freedom and hate liberty and hate women in the work place. And that’s got nothing to do with it. It has everything to do with what we do in the Islamic world, what our policies are and what our impact is there. And that’s what Bin Laden was referring to. That’s what my book says.

What a moron. Before there was an American policy in the Middle East, before we did anything in the Islamic world to insult them, before there was an Israel, Muslims were attacking American ships over two hundred years ago. The newly created country of the United States of America paid $30,000 in tribute (what the Mafia calls protection money) each year for protection against attack. Full details can be found here. That this idiot has no inkling of history is rather startling but understandable since Maher likes to have anyone on who has bad words to say about the Iraq War.

But to really understand how thick the tinfoil runs on this moonbat, we only have to see that he startled Maher during the following exchange:

MAHER:...But, would you grant me this? That as long as there is an Israel in the world – and I’m a big supporter of Israel – and as long as America backs it – the kind of Muslims that take their religion that seriously that they would strap on a suicide belt, are always going to be out for us and always going to be trying to kill us?

SCHEUER: I think we can reduce it very seriously, sir. I disagree with you on Israel, but—

MAHER: In what way? You’re not a supporter?

SCHEUER: I – I hope Israel flourishes. I just don’t think it’s worth an American life or an American dollar. [scattered applause followed by scattered boos]

MAHER: You don’t – you don’t think the existence of Israel in the world is worth an American life or an American dollar?

SCHEUER: Not only Israel, sir, but Saudi Arabia or Kuwait or Bolivia. I’m much more—

MAHER: [overlapping] You’re really – you’re really not telling me that Israel is on a par with Saudi Arabia.

SCHEUER: I’m telling you – what I’m telling you, sir, is I’m most interested in the survival of the United States. [applause]

MAHER: But Israel is a democracy in a part of the world that has none.

SCHEUER: What – so what, sir? It doesn’t matter to Americans if anyone ever votes again. [audience reacts]

Israel is not worth an American Dollar. Well, now we know what kind of person Mr. Scheuer really is. And it becomes clear now why we never caught Bin Laden during Scheuer's watch, because we had an idiot in charge of catching him. We recall that this moron once stated in an interview: "I don't consider Osama Bin Laden to be a terrorist. I consider him to be a resistance fighter."

Resistance fighters do not attack civilians, terrorists do. The great resistance movements of WWII against the Nazis involved non-cooperation, disinformation, propaganda and attacks against military targets. If Bin Laden engaged in only these kinds of operations he would earn the appellation of resistance fighter. Mr Scheuer needs to carry a dictionary.

All quoted material is from the Bill Maher Show Transcripts.

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