Your Dog can save America from Disaster

The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes

Tsunamis, floods, and Earthquakes interest me only if they involve beautiful women, see my post How Last Tsunami Survivor made it - a mystery or funny circumstances, read Certain Panic in Ireland as impending flood dooms all.

I recently came across the book The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes: Jim Berkland, Maverick Geologist--How His Quake Warnings Can Save Lives and noted that one of the predictors for earthquakes was the number of ads in newspapers for lost or runaway dogs.

It is probably this dog angle that intrigued author Cal Orey into writing the book: Ms. Orey has written articles for Dog World and Dog Fancy, and is the California editor for PetFolio Magazine.

Here is the Wiki entry for Jim Berkland:

Berkland was suspended for 2 months from his Santa Clara County geology position in late October, 1989 after an article appeared in the Gilroy Dispatch (Gilroy, California) on October 13, one day before the start of Baseball's 1989 World Series. In an interview with the reporter, he made a prediction that a major earthquake would occur in the San Francisco Bay Area during the series. The Loma Prieta earthquake occurred on October 17, just before the start of the third game of the Series. Berkland claims that the government told him not to make any more predictions fearing mass panic.

Which brought to mind an email I received a while ago (thanks gmail for never having to delete):

Have you ever heard that a dog "knows" when an earthquake is about to hit?

Have you ever heard that a dog can "sense" when a tornado is stirring up, even twenty miles away?

Do you remember hearing that, before the December tsunami struck Southeast Asia, dogs started running frantically away from the seashore, at breakneck speed?

I'm a firm believer that animals, and especially dogs, have keen insights into the Truth.

And you can't tell me that dogs can't sense a potentially terrible disaster well in advance.

Simply said, a good ol' hound dog just KNOWS when something isn't right... when impending doom is upon us.

dog senses hillary doom to USA

Atta boy!

SyzygyJob - Jim Berkland's web site

Skeptical Inquirer,
1 Sep 2006,
Can Jim Berkland predict earthquakes?

While the current work is sufficient to establish that Berkland is not actually predicting quakes, I have attempted to find windows similar to his that work better. I have examined windows of different length and different placement with regard to syzygy. Some are better than his, some are worse, but none show significant results compared to chance.

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