10 Palestinians Killed for Every Israeli is intolerable

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There are more than 90 to 125 times as many Muslims as there are Jews [1.61 Billion Muslims to approximately 12.8 to 18.2 million Jews depending on one's definition of a Jew] so if every time Muslims picked a fight with Jews only 10 Muslims got killed for every 1 Jew that would be very unfair and intolerable to say the least.

No, if Jews want to survive there has to be at least a 100 dead Muslims for every 1 Jew killed in order for the fight to be fair.

I mention this because one of my readers left this comment: "Since Sept 29, 2000 the number of Israeli children killed by Palestinians is 199. The number of Palestinian children killed by Israelis is 971."

What I don't understand is how numbers alone have any meaning. If Palestinians killed 199 Jewish children then, to be fair, Israel should have killed at least 18,000 Palestinian children, to do less is a losing battle given the huge numbers of Muslims in the world and their reproduction rate, the highest in the world. Israel could kill a million Muslims a month without putting a dent in total Muslim population growth. But why mention at all that 971 Palestinian children were killed over 7 years, as if the death of children, their own or others, means anything to Palestinians.

But truly, let's look at that those numbers again. Do you know how those 199 Israeli children were killed? They were purposely targeted by suicide bombers.

Do you know how those 971 Palestinian children got killed? By being human shields and purposely put in the line of fire by Palestinian adults to force Israel not to attack missile launchers and the like or simply as cannon fodder for publicity purposes. And while Israel always tries to avoid the needless death of innocent children, any who do die, do so as unintended victims.

So please spare me the Palestinian crocodile tears over the death of their children. Ask any Palestinian mother who is proud and happy that her son or daughter is now in Paradise because they are martyrs in the war against the Jews.

My reader mentioned that "Israelis have killed four times as many children, CHILDREN, as Palestinians in the same time period!" As if the mere difference in numbers implicate Israel in some sort of atrocity. Here's my explanation: Israel is more successful in protecting their children so fewer die, whereas Palestinians purposely put their children at risk for propaganda and missile defense purposes and are therefore more successful at getting their children killed. If Israel wanted more of their own children to die then more would die - it is merely a matter of will and desire. It seems the Palestinians have the will and desire.


Planck's Constant,
31 Jul 2006,
Hezbollah held children until they could be blown up

The use of dead children for propaganda is nothing new for Islamofascists. Pallywood immortalized one such hoax, known around the world as poor, pathetic Muhommed al-Dura; and the Islamist propaganda machine churns overtime to push the emotional buttons of the Western psyche. By staging dramatic video footage of dead women and children, or better yet, a young pregnant women (a two-fer), they know that with the Western media’s help, they can drum up weeks’ worth of manufactured outrage and condemnation on behalf of their terrorist cause.

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