Amazon Ants and the Nature of Islam

white slavery in Islam
White Slave Offered for Sale
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At one time I had thousands of mice in my home. No, it wasn't some type of undesirable Muslim-type infestation, rather I was breeding them. One of the first things you notice when you observe any large number of animals is how similar their behaviour is to humans. For example, one often hears the argument that homosexuality is unnatural when in fact it occurs quite frequently in nature.

The first time I noted this is when I saw two mice having sex in a tank from which I thought I had removed all the males. Thinking I made a mistake I picked up the "male" partner and quickly discovered that it was not a male at all but genetically a female although socially she was what we would call a "butch dyke". As for male mice, they will screw anything that's not nailed down and I was not surprised to see males doing it to each other all the time. It's not just mice; birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it.

Since there are so many different species of life, one has no problem finding hundreds of analogs to other human behaviours.

Applying the principle that if all you have is a hammer then everything looks like a nail (and in that regard I see Muslim evil lurking everywhere), I recently noticed the similarity of Muslim behaviour to that of Amazon ants. Here is the Wiki:

Polyergus is a small genus of 6 described species of "slave-raiding" ants, sometimes called Amazon ants. Its workers are incapable of caring for brood, in part due to their dagger-like, piercing mandibles, but more importantly, because in the evolution of their parasitism, they have lost the "behavioral wiring" to carry out even rudimentary brood care, or even to feed themselves. Polyergus species subsist as social parasites, maintaining a worker force by capturing ants of the closely related genus Formica in massive colony-to-colony raids. Until recently, the Formica workers that live with Polyergus have been referred to, unquestioningly, as "slaves"...

Polyergus obtains its Formica work force by stealing pupae from nearby Formica colonies and carrying them back to their own nest, by means of spectacular raids, conducted on hot, summer afternoons. Back in the Polyergus nest, Formica workers are eventually helped to emerge from the cocoons by Formica workers already living there. The new workers quickly assimilate the characteristic odor of the mixed-species population of the Polyergus colony -- completely without violence or coercion. The newly hatched "slaves" go on to nurse, forage, and perform other colony upkeep duties.

In this manner, the slaves are converted to Islam and help the Amazon Ant colony to thrive and takeover more non-Amazon colonies. There is one notable exception of Amazon Ant behaviour to modern Islam. Amazon Ants have learned how to make others their slaves without bloodshed:

The raids of Amazon ants have been sensationalized as "blood baths" in popular writing. However, scientific study has demonstrated repeatedly and for all species that their brood stealing raids are highly efficient and virtually non-violent. It is rare for even a single member of the raided host colony to be injured or killed. Instead, the host colony is overwhelmed, apparently by its own formic acid and alarm pheromones produced in the panic, when the marauders enter their nest en masse. Commonly, the queen and workers of the raided Formica colony evacuate up nearby vegetation and simply "wait for the problem to go away" while the Polyergus workers find and run off with their brood.

I believe Muslims are only now learning that it is not necessary to take over the Western world by bloodshed but instead use the Amazon Ant technique of intimidation by sheer numbers and threat of physical violence. Indeed, we have seen how many in America and Europe have simply accepted defeat and acquiesced to Muslim demands for footbaths, removed art insulting to Muslims, replaced history books that mention the holocaust, etc. without a single beheading. Who needs a sword when there are enough cowards in Congress and European Parliaments to placate even the most demanding of Muslims?

Muslims, you gotta love 'em - or else.

Abraham Cooper, XIXth Century: Arab sheikh examining captives (note the half-naked women on the ground trying to comfort each other)
Photo Credit: The Crypt

Abraham Cooper, XIXth Century: "Arab sheikh examining captives" (note the half-naked women on the ground trying to comfort each other).

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