An Infidel Asks Muslims a Question

I try to keep my political beliefs (like my distaste of Bush) and my photography separate; but no words can describe the insanity of the current Kangaroo Court taking place in Sudan.
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Since I usually have the answer to every question in the Universe, I often get emails asking for advice. Here is a question that was sent to me because of my previous post Both Gillian Gibbons and Teddy Bear Should be hanged, unfortunately I am stumped - here is the question:

I purchased a Teddy Bear this morning for the princely sum of $10.

I named him Mohammed.

This afternoon I sold him on E-Bay for $30.

My question is, "Have I made a prophet?"

And so I ask my Muslim readers if they have an answer. Please respond in the comments section.

There is also one other question I would like to ask my Muslim readers: If naming a Teddy Bear is an insult to Mohammed, then why would you name any child Mohammed when it is very likely that very many of your children will disgrace the blessed name of the prophet by acts of barbarity, rape, goat abuse, pedophilia or whatever? Why is it that children named Mohammed who are a disgrace to your religion do not get extra punishment for staining the name of your most holy of names? If Mohammed is so sacred, why allow parents to use the name at all?

Or is it more likely that children have been naming their toys Mohammed for centuries but you Muslims now look for any excuse to be insulted when a Westerner is involved. Isn't that the truth?

Just curious.

I should mention that Sudanese Muslims do not speak for the rest of the Muslim world.

Hot Air,
Teddy bear teacher pardoned

Bashir pardoned Gibbons, 54, of Liverpool, after meeting with two Muslim members of Britain’s House of Lords, Nazir Ahmed and Sayeeda Warsi, who had traveled to the predominantly Muslim African nation to lobby for her release…

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