US court overturns 156 million dollar award in terror case

We found this in one of the Palestinian's cars. Someone threw it out of there car, so i took it home to show you all what Hamas's true intentions are. I know that they are going to start lying and pretending to be 'moderate'. Don't listen to what terrorists say to the world; listen to what they say to their own people!

Let me get this right: If an organization sends money to fund a terror organization like HAMAS, and HAMAS then uses that money to buy weapons and arms, and then, using those weapons, kills an American, is the Court saying that there is no direct link back to the funding organization? What do we have to do, trace the purchase of the specific bullet that killed David Boim back to a specific check issued by the Islamic charities?

Here is the story:

U.S. court overturns $156 million award in terror case

On Friday, the 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals reversed a December 2004 ruling that found three U.S.-based Islamic charities and an individual, whom the plaintiffs charged had ties to Hamas, had played a role in the boy's death because they had raised money for Hamas.
In Friday's ruling, the court found lawyers representing the Boim family had failed to produce clear evidence the activities of the defendants directly contributed to the fatal attack on David Boim and as a result, caused his death.

Am I missing something? These Muslim charities sent money to HAMAS, a self-described terrorist organization that proudly proclaims as its sole aim the entire annihilation of the people of Israel, every man, woman and child. HAMAS bought weapons and arms with that money and killed one specific person in Israel. That isn't a direct link?

Shouldn't it be on the defendants to prove that their money was used to buy goat food or whips to beat Muslim wives instead of weapons? Have our courts gone nuts? Is there no end of Muslim appeasement?

Who are these idiots in the 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals?

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