Why Palestinian Children Die

In my last post 10 Palestinians Killed for Every Israeli is intolerable I stated that Palestinian children were killed "by being human shields and purposely put in the line of fire by Palestinian adults".

This is a so well known fact that I thought I did not need to offer proof. But there are people who still believe the world is flat and one can wonder if there is any proof that will satisfy them of the opposite.

So one reader left this comment: Most of these children were killed while they were playing on the street.

Although she offered no proof, no links, no photos of children being killed while simply playing, I was able to find those damning images of children just minding their own business playing around innocently before they were likely murdered by Israel military assassins:

why palestinian children get killed

Here in Gaza in 2004, the little tykes are playing Will the Israelis fire back when fired upon by Palestinian Hero Warriors who would never shoot from positions surrounded by human shields. What a long title to a game, our children's names for games are much shorter like tag, or dodge ball, or hide and seek.

But, Bernie, you protest, some kids get killed even when there aren't any adult terrorists around, no?
why palestinian children get killed

Israel News Agency,
Israel, Palestinians Must Outlaw Children Toy Guns

For 12-year-old Mujahed Al Samadi, life ended quickly with a bullet to his chest from an Israel Defense Forces sniper who mistook his toy gun for the real thing. ... According to Human Rights Watch children have become direct participants in war. Some 300,000 children are serving as soldiers in current armed conflicts. They wield AK-47s and M-16s on the front lines of combat, serve as human mine detectors, participate in suicide missions, carry supplies, and act as spies, messengers or lookouts. Palestinians have openly called for their children to carry arms and to die as terror suicide bombers.

Here are more kids playing Watch Hamas Soldier laying out IED:
why palestinian children get killed

Or simply just hanging around:
why palestinian children get killed

Even when Israel warns residents to get out of areas that will be attacked, militants keep their family around them:
why palestinian children get killed

China Daily,
Palestinian shields foil Israeli strikes

BEIT LAHIYA, Gaza Strip - Hundreds of Palestinians serving as human shields guarded the homes of two top militants Sunday, a new tactic that forced Israel to call off missile strikes on the buildings and re-evaluate a mainstay of its aerial campaign in Gaza.

In recent months, the Israeli air force has repeatedly struck the homes of militants after warning residents by phone to clear out. Israeli security officials said they did not know how to respond to the human shield tactic, but pressed ahead with other airstrikes Sunday.
The standoff over the homes of the militants began late Saturday when Mohammed Baroud, local leader of the Popular Resistance Committees, was informed by the army that his house would be hit. The three-story building is home to 17 people from Baroud's family. Another militant from Hamas also received a warning.

Instead of fleeing, though, the two decided to stay in their homes.

Imagine that! Israel calls residents by phone warning them that they will be attacking militants. And idiots have the nerve to say Israel purposely targets civilians.

Palestinians kids just love playing in the streets:
why palestinian children get killed

Fred Fry International ,
26 Jul 2006,
Hamas: Child Abuse - Staged?

A Palestinian militant fires toward Israeli troops during an arrest raid in the West Bank village of Qabatiyeh near Jenin, Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2006. Four Palestinians were wounded when the army arrested an Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades militant, Palestinians sources said. The army said two Islamic Jihad militants were arrested during the operation. (AP Photo/Mohammed Ballas)

In case you think that children are not in the line of fire, click on image for the full view.

Four-year-old girl vows to be suicide terrorist in Hamas TV dramatization - March 21, 2007:

children as terrorists video

Click on Image to play video.

Hamas TV broadcast a video dramatization of the four-year-old daughter of female suicide bomber Reem Riyashi singing to her dead mother and vowing to follow in her footsteps. The video clip ends as the little girl picks up sticks of explosives from her mother's drawer.

[Daughter sees mother preparing explosives sticks]
"Mommy, what are you carrying in your arms instead of me?

[Mother turns to hide bomb]
A toy or a present for me?... Mommy Reem! Why did you put on your veil? Are you going out, Mommy?... Come back quickly, Mommy I can't sleep without you, unless you tell me and Ubaydah [her brother] a bedtime story.

[Daughter sees mother's picture and news story about bombing on PA TV]
My mother, my mother, Me and Ubaydah are awake and waiting for you to come to put us to sleep. Me and Ubaydah, oh Mommy, still need you to wipe our tears... Instead of me you carried a bomb in your hands. Only now, I know what was more precious than us... May your steps be blessed, and may you be flawless for Jerusalem. Me and Ubaydah wish we were there with you.

[Images of her mother's grave and the graves of other terrorists, including Aayat Al-Akhras, 17-year-old female suicide terrorist]
Send greetings to our Messenger [Muhammad] and tell him: 'Duha loves you.' My love will not be [merely] words. I am following Mommy in her steps.

[Finds explosives that mother left in her drawer, picks up stick of explosives]
Oh Mommy, oh Mommy."

[Al-Aqsa, March 21, 2007]

I said that Palestinians do not love their children; would any non-Muslim parent allow a cartoon character to teach their children to massacre and kill?

On a children's program discussing the importance of trees, "Tarabisho - the Talking Chick" - was the center of the discussion. The child moderator asked Tarabisho what he would do if someone, specifically a "little boy," were to chop down his tree. In his squeaky little voice, Tarabisho answered: "I'll fight him and make a big riot, I'll call the whole world and make a riot. I'll bring AK-47s [assault rifles] and the whole world, I'll commit a massacre in front of the house".

children as terrorists video

Click on Image to play video.

Rather than use this opportunity to teach children the value of peaceful communication and negotiation - peace education in other words - the Palestinian Authority instead aired a message that promoted violence as a way to solve problems.

[PA TV, October 22, 2004]

why palestinian children get killed

Women, some clutching children, gathered on the roof of the house to act as human shields. From photo gallery of the BBC: In pictures: Palestinian 'human shields'

Yeah right, innocent kids just playing in the streets.

But to be fair and balanced, not all Palestinian parents are barbarians who hate Israel more than they love their children:Why Palestinian Children Die

Palestinians are lies [defunct blog]
Palestinians Use Children as Cannon Fodder

Tulkarm, West Bank - In a rare letter of protest sent in early December to Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, a Palestinian women's group demanded that the Palestinian Authority stop using children as cannon fodder.

"Our children are being sent into the streets to face heavily armed Israeli soldiers," said the letter from the Tulkarm Women's Union - a local branch of the Palestinian Women's Union, a trade-union group that promotes the status of women in the Palestinian Authority.

"The Palestinian Authority must put an end to this phenomenon. We urge you to issue instructions to your police force to stop sending innocent children to their death."

The letter adds weight to complaints from parents who are beginning to speak out despite what they say has been months of intimidation by armed gunmen loyal to Arafat.

'We don't want to send our sons to the front line, but they are being taken by the Palestinian Authority," says Aisheh, 43, a mother of six in the West Bank city of Tulkarm. She says she decided to speak out after her 17-year-old son was hit in the head by a rubber bullet. He suffered a concussion.

Like other protesting parents, Aisheh declines to allow her full name to be published for fear of reprisals. A nurse from Gaza who spoke out on Palestinian TV against sending children to the flash points was condemned in the Palestinian media as a traitor. Other individuals who refuse to allow their names to be published say they have been threatened by armed Fatah officials for discouraging their children from participating in the clashes.

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