Xenophobia Bad - Islamophobia Good

protests in Ireland against immigration policies
Demonstrations against Racism and
Xenophobia. Photo: Indymedia.

I have previously posted about the magnificent contributions of immigrants to American culture: Hungarians, Austrians, Russians and others. I am even in favor of opening our borders to all 100 million Mexicans as long as we first secure those borders [read my posts on immigration] and provided immigrants obtain proper documentation and then enter legally. This country can only benefit from unrestricted, legal immigration.

Let them all come in, Sikhs [but ixnay on their irpankays], Buddhists, Animists, Hindus, I don't care. Arabs, Berbers, Chinese, Hispanics, Tajiks, Mongols, Indians, again - I don't care. Speakers of Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Spanish, I don't care - let them all come into America. I myself am an immigrant whose parents barely spoke English. My father before WWII even dressed funny and had a long, black beard, and my first encounter with an American was when he called me a foreigner, so I know about xenophobia. I believe xenophobia is a form of mental illness. One exception: I have a deep fear of Islam and those who are commanded to follow that faith.

Lately it has been fashionable among the left and other Muslim apologists to hurl terms like xenophobe, racist, or bigot at any blogger who believes Islam is a danger to Western Civilization. Here, the epithets are used rather loosely and without precision. To illustrate the proper insult they should be flinging, I ask you to consider the following:

Let's take, for example, a typical black Muslim born in Germany:

  • If you are unduly fearful or contemptuous of him simply because he's German, you're Xenophobic.

  • If you are unduly fearful or contemptuous of him simply because he's black, you're a racist.

  • If you are unduly fearful or contemptuous of him simply because he's Muslim, you're a bigot.

LA raged  from April 29,1992 until May 1st. This was a business on Hollywood Blvd. All that was left were the security doors.
Hollywood after the Rodney King riots, 1992
Flickr-User: tejana.
Now let's complicate the situation. Let's suppose that sincerely in your heart you are neither a racist, nor xenophobe, nor bigot. Now let's suppose it's 1992 and you live in Los Angeles and the jury for the Rodney King case just came back with a not guilty verdict for the police officers involved in the brutal beating. You see some black youths approaching. Your heart races, you legs begin to tremble and you discover your feet running away from them while you scream in terror. Are you a racist? Obviously not. Anyone who remained calm and collected in the streets while blacks rioted and attacked those who were not black, was either on drugs, a complete idiot, or looking for suicide by black mob.

The phrase "unduly fearful or contemptuous" is the necessary ingredient for the definition to apply. If you have a bona fide fear, racism does not apply. As well, there is nothing wrong with applying racial profiles in order to insure public safety or security. If statistics show that blacks account for 68.5 percent of all violent crimes, where is the logic in only stopping 13% of blacks to match their percentage of the general population?

I do not fear Muslims simply because they are Muslims. I do not have an unduly fear or unduly contempt of them either. My fear is completely rational. Perhaps if I lived 2,000 years ago I would have had a duly fear of Romans; if I lived a thousand years ago, I would have had a duly fear of Christians; if I lived 70 years ago, I would have had a duly fear of Germans. But not today.

Today it is Islam's turn.

christian girls forced to wear scarves
Christian girls forced to wear scarves
Photo Credit: TimesOnline
I'll tell you why I am duly afraid of Muslims: I merely look at Muslims who have lived under a secular yoke, like that of Saddam Hussein, and see what happens when a Muslim majority takes over the reigns of power. They turn their tiny little Islamic enclaves into barbaric hellholes reminiscent of the 7th century A.D.

Gates of Vienna,
12 Dec 2007, Scurrying for Cover

In the past five months more than 40 women have been murdered and their bodies dumped in the street by militiamen, according to the Basra police chief. Major-General Abdul-Jalil Khalaf said that some of them had been killed alone, others gunned down with their children. One unveiled mother was murdered together with her children aged 6 and 11.


Messages are scrawled in graffiti warning women not to venture out without observing Islamic dress codes. "Whoever disobeys will be punished. God is our witness that we have conveyed this message," says one scrawled in red paint on a wall.

The girls in the photo are Christians forced to comply with Muslim dress restrictions.

When the Shah of Iran was chased out for being an American puppet, the country regressed 1300 years. It is sad to see these poor deluded Muslim masses misunderstand their own religion. They wonder why Muslims in the West can dress and act they way they want, even to convert away from Islam without fear of death and do not understand that Islam is restrained in civilized countries. Except for that barbaric honor killing last week in Canada most Muslims at least try to obey Western laws. But once Muslims are given an opportunity to run their own political system, the extremists take over and they own the religion.

It happened in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and is happening now in Iraq. Turkey is a semi-decent place only because Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was smart enough to know that Islam and modern civilization do not mix and instituted strict secular rule.

If Muslims live in any other than a secular society, the extremists will control the Islamic polity. That is why Islam is a danger; not because all Muslims are dangerous, rioting, barbaric loons, but because the loons, once given the opportunity, run the insane asylum.

Hopefully Muslims will one day realize that the fault is not that Western culture cannot accommodate Islam but that Islam cannot accommodate anything un-Islamic. Until then, it is a mistake to allow them to grow to critical mass in any country. As that wise Arabic saying goes, "If the camel once gets his nose in the tent..."

Regarding the photo at the top of this article. Pro-immigration groups in Ireland protest against what they view as racism and Xenophobia. It is groups like "No One is Illegal" that will remove all legal obstacles to Muslim immigration into the civilized world. I wish I could say forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do, but unrestricted, indiscriminate immigration will destroy the infidel world, and that is unforgivable.

Similar idiots in Montreal yesterday protested immigration policy in Quebec:

The Dominion, 17 Dec 2007, Refusing to Accommodate Racism

Coming together under the banner "rejecting intolerance in Quebec", over twenty Montreal groups united to oppose racism, sexism, and xenophobia. At a press conference held on November 20, they explained that the premise on which the commission is based is racist. "Using the term 'accommodation', where the Quebecois identity is monolithically defined as that of the white settler, and the action of allowing the expression of religious or faith-based identity of the 'newcomer' is an 'accommodation', implies a hierarchy of identities. Further, calling this accommodation 'reasonable' implies a hierarchy of reason where the reason used by the white settler sets the limits of the so-called debate," explained Nazila Bettache from No One Is Illegal-Montreal (far right). "This is representative of the systemic racism that prevails."

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