For the Love of Jihad

A tip of the turban Hat Tipto Kathy at Five Feet of Fury for pointing us to this ad rejected by Ms. Magazine because it was too too dhimmified to run it:

MS Magazine refuses to run this ad

I think I will submit the ad below and see if Ms. Magazine likes it any better; after all, the women of Palestine are so much more empowered than the women of Israel with opportunities like learning to operate Qassam rockets. And Ms. should love the fact that HAMAS women do not tote grocery bags or babies around but rather rifles and rocket-propelled grenades.

ugly Palestinian women

So while Ms Magazine worries about the feelings of its Muslim readers (all 4 of them, if that?) it isn't worried about its tens of thousands of Jewish readers. Interesting. This isn't the first time that Muslims' love of Jihad turned our media into cowards, read my previous posts Is there anything more irrelevant or worthless than the New York Times and Some news organizations are afraid to print the word Muslim.

I would love to read Ms Mag's response to Radarsite's letter:

Dear Ms. Kort --
Being a 70 year old male, I have not had occasion to read Ms. lately, although I have certainly heard of it. Today, however, I heard about Ms. in a somewhat different and quite disturbing context. I read several reports in well-known and respected conservative blogs about your refusal to run the Israeli ad in question. Your excuses for refusing to publish this pro-Israeli women's ad come off at best as disingenuous, at worst as downright deceptive.

Never before in recent history have women's rights been so blatantly and brutally suppressed and trampled on as they are being right this moment in the Arab/Muslim cultures of the Middle East. The only exception to this pervasive onslaught against women's equality is the tiny brave state of Israel. If ever women's advocates, such as Ms. and other such publications and organizations, who purport to be fighting for the rights of women, were needed in this great civilizational battle the time is now.

But where are you? Where are those powerful voices of protest that were so vocal and pervasive all during the sixties and seventies? Where are all those multitudinous angry demonstrations and those media-savvy bra-burnings now? Where are you now that we, the world, need you most?

The battle rages on and you are AWOL. And your silence is deafening. Now more than ever, when American women need to speak up on behalf of their downtrodden Muslim sisters around the world -- and even here in the United States -- not only do you choose to remain silent on the sidelines, you actually race to support the cause of our enemies. This kind of self-centered pettiness is totally incomprehensible to me -- and to many other rational and disgusted citizens across this country.

Is your political hatred of Bush and his foreign policies so great, so blinding, that it even causes you to turn against those very women for whom you claim to be speaking? How can you justify this cowardly betrayal of your constituents and your country?

If there is any hope at all of bringing about some sea change in that brutal male-dominant culture of the Middle East, it lies with Israel, and with your Muslim sisters and in their ability to stand up and fight against this wicked Islamic oppression. But they need your help. They need the help and support of women's orgs like yours. Yet, for the sake of making some misguided liberal political statements -- or perhaps expressing some not-so-subtle antisemitism -- you have dishonored your mission and given aid and comfort to our enemies.

Have you no shame?

I intend to publish this email in the form of an article which I will then disseminate to as many websites as possible. If you reply with something other than your previous meaningless obfuscations, I will be happy to publish your response as well.

Roger W. Gardner

### End of my article ###

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