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We've had a particularly stupid year, see this video where we come across this doozy: In a discussion of evolution, The View’s Sherri Shepherd says she doesn’t know if the Earth is flat or round. I suppose that's not so bad, when asked why Americans have trouble finding their country on a map, Miss Teen South Carolina answers:

"I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because some people out there in our nation don’t have maps. And I believe that our education in such as South Africa and the Iraq and everywhere such as. I believe that our education over here in the U.S. should help the U.S. or should help South Africa and help Iraq and the Asian countries so we will be able to help our future."


One can even forgive this idiot crane operator, but some emails add a most likely photoshopped second crane mishap here.

Riehl World View nominated as The Animal Rights Idiot of the Year this girl who was concerned with the Siberian tiger at the San Francisco zoo.

The SouthEast Texas Record has almost 2 dozen examples of wacky happenings in the legal world in their post Legally Speaking: Legal Year In Review.

But nothing says idiot better than Roy L Pearson who has been named 2007 Idiot of the Year by the Washington Post. Here are the reasons the Judge won:

Washington. This former administrative court judge exemplifies everything that the award stands for. Demonstrating worse judgment than a 15-year-old at Mardis Gras, he sued his neighborhood dry cleaner for $54 million over a pair of lost pants. His streak continued when he turned down settlement offers for as much as $12,000 (the pants were worth $395, according to Pearson's expert witness). Pearson spent two years and squandered his admittedly limited funds building up a case against two hard-working Korean immigrants. Stubbornly persisting against logic, reason and common decency, he pursued his lawsuit to the D.C. Superior Court, where he broke down in tears while describing how much those trousers had meant to him. Despite public ridicule and international disdain, Pearson never yielded, fighting for reasons no one quite understood and in the process losing everything. Congratulations, Mr. Pearson.

Read some of my half dozen articles on the Judge Roy L Pearson here.

Now it's all well and good to poke fun at fairly harmless idiots in the world, like this guy with a rocket between his butt cheeks, but it's hard to ignore the stupidity of the majority of Liberals in this country who do not even believe that Islam is a danger to anyone, that's it's just an innocuous religion like all others. If dangerous idiocy could ever be deserving of an award I nominate the Liberals in this country as Idiots of the Century.

And to the sane world, I wish Happy New Year.


Liberal England tells us this Daily Mail journalist wins Idiot of the Year for reporting that "Dickens's second novel, Oliver Twist, was published in monthly instalments between 1923 and 1939."


Tiger Girl:

Riehl World View, Absolutely The Animal Rights Idiot Of The Year

idiot animal rights activistPutting aside those who actually do violence on behalf of animal rights, she may not be the animal rights idiot of just the year. She may be the animal rights idiot of the decade, or longer.

Meet Leigh Lawson (pictured at right). However the unfortunate accident occurred, she's the gal standing in front of the San Francisco zoo after a Siberian Tiger killed one teenager and mauled two men ... with a, "Honk if you miss our Tiger" sign the very next day.

Legally Speaking:

Legal Year In Review

  • The "Let's Hope It's Not a Musical" award goes to actor Laurence Fishburne, who announced plans to star on Broadway next spring in a one-man show about the late Thurgood Marshall, first black justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. Preview performances begin on March 30. Be sure not to leave your seat during the big "Brown v. Board of Education" dance number.
  • The "Getting Something Off Your Chest" award for creative civil disobedience belongs to Bara Brost (literally, "Bare Breasts"). This group of about 40 Swedish women have been protesting what they consider to be gender-biased rules on swimwear by taking off their tops at public pools throughout the Scandinavian nation.
  • The "I've Heard of Mickey Mouse Cases, But This is Ridiculous" award goes to a court in Naples, Italy. In what lawyers attribute to a "clerical error," court clerks issued witness summons to Tweety Bird, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck to testify in a counterfeiting case. Sounds like someone at the Naples courthouse is a little "Goofy," if you ask me.

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