The Bad Towelheads and the Good Towelheads

Fortunately some of my readers are genuinely concerned for my well-being as well as the safety of this planet. I received this email to help us with a very important problem facing everyone in the Western world. In these troubled times, it has become very difficult to distinguish the good towel-heads from the bad towel heads. Just where are the moderate Muslims, anyway? Do they actually exist?

The following is provided, to help you distinguish between a BAD "towel-head" and a GOOD "towel-head." You must study the pictures carefully so that you will not confuse the two in a moment of indecision... it could save your life!

Now then...

BAD Towel Head...

osama bin laden - bad towel head


GOOD Towel Head...

good towelhead

Warning: clicking on the image above will reveal a NSFW image.

Update 2 May 2011

The bad towel head died today at the age of 52 from ballistic trauma, may he rest in piss.

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