Obama and his dangerous religion

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I would prefer that Obama were a Muslim rather than a member of the overly racist Trinity United Church of Christ. At least then the general population would have some misgivings about his loyalty to the United States. But as a seemingly normal Christian, he will be viewed as quite safe by the vast majority of clueless Americans.

Fortunately we are alerted to the dangers of this specific Christian denomination:

Faultline USA,
Obama’s Afro-Centric Church: A Non-Negotiable Commitment to Africa

Here are the words posted on Obama’s church web page: We are a congregation which is Unashamedly Black... We are an African people, and remain "true to our native land," the mother continent, the cradle of civilization...

I don’t know about you, but I want to elect a president who has a non-negotiable commitment to the United States – not to Africa.

Here's my problem with a church that proclaims that their congregation is unashamedly black and that they are an African people: the God of your church should be colorblind and geography neutral. One of the lessons of your faith should be that God loves ALL his children. And don't be so proud of Africa, the cradle of civilization was in the fertile crescent of present-day Iraq. One may even nod in the direction of Egypt, but the ancient Egyptians were all different skin colors but not black, so this worship of the "cradle of civilization" as something distinctly black is a delusion.

If you are a black born and bred in America, you should be proud of being an American, not an African. What does Africa have to be proud of? After thousands of years of civilization, Africa is still a cauldron of racial, ethnic and tribal hatreds with a barbarity only matched by the growing Muslim populations.

what race egyptiansThere is nothing, absolutely nothing to be proud of. There are hundreds of millions of Africans going to bed every night praying to God to allow them to wake up one day free and safe in America, yet this church has the stupidity to want to be an "African people, and remain true to our native land." You fools, you are already in the promised land.


Egyptian mythology FAQ

The ancient Egyptians saw themselves as being ethnically distinctive from both the Asiatics to the north and the Negros to the south. The tiles from a palace shown here depict a negro and an Asiatic captive. They look distinctly different from the Egyptian priest shown above. Both in art and in literature, it was clear that they saw themselves as being different from their neighbors. The Egyptians believed that they were of the "Egyptian" race.

what race egyptianswhat race egyptians

There are always those who feel insulted if you tell them that Egyptians were not black:

Black and White of Ancient Egyptian Race

I heard a stunning report from my local radio station, as well as a broadcast on FNC (Special Report with Brit Hume). Apparently, a group of NAACP members protested the King Tutankhamen exhibit it the LA County Museum of Art because the recent bust generated using CAT scan data depicted the young pharaoh as "white” instead of "black”.

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