Smiling Bob, The Enzyte Scam, and Liberal Promises

smiling bob

Smiling Bob shouldn't be smiling anymore, but unfortunately the Enzyte ads are still running on late night TV despite being debunked online everywhere: Wiki and "Natural Male Enhancement" Company Owner Indicted on Fraud [Fox News].

The maker of Enzyte, Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals, relies on the gullibility of people to make their ill-gotten gains. Natural male enhancement is no different than when Hillary promises "Universal Healthcare" that won't bankrupt the country or Obama promises "Quick Withdrawal from Iraq" without increasing the danger to America from Muslim terror.

I would like to remind my readers that when the Iran Hostages were originally taken in 1979, the intention was only to hold them for a few days, but when Jimmy Carter, the wielder of the biggest stick in the history of the world, begged for the release of the hostages on humanitarian grounds, Khomeini saw that America would do nothing, that it was a paper tiger and decided to hold the hostages indefinitely and released them only on the day Reagan took office knowing that the cowboy was no sniveling, yellow, cowardly Carter.

Obama, being an idiot who hasn't read the Wiki article on the Hostage Crisis, has no clue that looking for negotiations to settle conflicts with Muslims is like asking lions to lie down with the lambs. Good for the lions - bad for the lambs.

And while we're discussing penis enlargement, with his recent endorsement of Barack Obama, I believe that Ted Kennedy is indeed an Enzyte user and one of the very few who has achieved success with the product since he's a bigger prick now than he has ever been.

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