Fitna is a Horrible Piece of Garbage

fitna protests
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I haven't seen it of course, but 1.5 billion Muslims can't be wrong, can they? I'm not alone, there are many other reviewers who also have not seen the film that agree with me; Pakistan, YouTube , Dutch Leftists, 200 lawmakers in Afghanistan, Network Solutions, and countless other Muslim apologists in the non-Muslim world.

For readers who are visiting this site for the first time, no, I am not being serious. I would never judge a movie, book, blog or whatnot without actually having read or seen the material in question. In the photo here we see Dutch idiots apologizing to Muslims for a film no one has yet seen. I should mention that despite the actions of these morons who support Islam, the majority of Dutch citizens think that letting Muslims into the country was The biggest mistake in Dutch history.

I know what you are thinking, that Geert Wilders compares the Koran to Hitler's "Mein Kampf," [I wrote something similar] says almost all terrorists are Muslims [perhaps not all but they're still dangerous], and advocates deporting Islamic clerics [I advocate deporting all Muslims], so perhaps I should run for a seat in the Tweede Kamer (lower house) of the Dutch Parliament?

Speaking of Hitler, there was a time in our past when criticizing an ideology was also verboten and the consequences of which it seems have been forgotten:

Brussels Journal,
Appeasing the Islamists: Geert Wilders’s Ordeal and the Lessons of the Past

Adolf Hitler realized the importance of having a good press. In Nazi Germany with its press censorship, it was easy for Hitler to have a good press. However, during the 1930s the Nazis also tried to control the media in the neighboring European countries that Hitler was planning to invade. The Nazis bullied the democratically elected governments in these countries to censor everything that resembled what today might be called "Naziphobia" – criticism of Nazism.

Interestingly, the bullied governments gave in to the Nazi intimidation rather than back the few courageous individuals who spoke out against totalitarianism. In the late 1930s, SS Gen. Karl Gebhardt (a medical doctor who was hanged after the war for conducting "experiments" on humans) frequently paid visits to his friend, King Leopold III of Belgium, to complain about "German unfriendly remarks" in the Belgian press. King Leopold asked Paul-Henri Spaak, Belgium's leading politician at the time, to forbid "anti-German" references in the Belgian media and ban non-Belgian papers that were critical of Hitler and his regime.

Spaak, who after the war became one of the founding fathers of the European Union, urged his colleagues in the government "to consider the possible consequences of the press campaigns against Germany." The ministers were also under pressure from Viscount Davignon, the Belgian ambassador to Berlin, who looked upon them as "cowards" because they did not "dare to impose censorship." Belgium gave in to the Nazi demands and banned "anti-German and unpatriotic publications," including foreign papers such as the British Daily Express.

Belgium's submission to the Nazi demands, however, did not prevent Hitler from invading the country in May 1940.

It seems we are destined to repeat a most brutal and barbaric history.

UPDATE: Finally - Fitna the Movie released In English

Brad Thor discusses Fitna with Glenn Beck:

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