Relaxing Before Passover 2008

Chicks in a Jacuzzi Relaxing Before Passover

My friend Mendel stopped by Friday to drop off some hand-made matzohs and to wish me Happy Passover. The caption for this photo is Chicks in a Jacuzzi Relaxing Before Passover, so if you came here looking for hot, steamy Jewish babes, I'm afraid you will be disappointed. For hot, steamy Jewish babes you will have to visit my blog post Why Israelis will win against Hezbollah - Photos IDF Babes.

It is interesting to note that the very same procedures used for Making Your Kitchen Kosher for Passover are exactly those we need to implement in order to make the world Kosher for Infidels, that is to say, what we need to do to make the world safe from Islamic terror: we must thoroughly clean and scour Islam from every part of it.

I am not advocating hurting any Muslims living in the west. Rather we must simply deport them from every western society. Muslims who have truly assimilated and have become westernized must renounce the evil, political system known as Islam in order to stay.

We must also refuse to trade or buy products from any Islamic country. This means we must elect politicians willing to turn our energy policy toward independence from foreign oil.

We have to start building nuclear plants; stop sending aid (military, monetary, medicinal) to Muslim nations and allow them to collapse from their own iniquity; and start a massive program on the order of the Manhattan Project for energy alternatives.

Where is my country that put a man on the moon in less than a decade?

Oh, and for new readers to my blog, please do not try to compare Nazi attempts to rid the world of Jews with my suggestion that we get rid of Muslims from the west. Hitler lied when he said Jews were a threat to Germany; it is obvious to any sane person that Islam is a threat to the very existence of the modern world. And how is it obvious, you may ask? Because Muslims have told us so. If you don't believe it, see the film Fitna to hear and see the threat of world domination that Muslim leaders are blatantly promising us.

Jews never threatened world domination, the anti-Semites had to fabricate a book of a Zionist plan to take over the world, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which every intelligent person knows to be a hoax. I don't have to fabricate a book threatening world domination by Muslims, they already have one written and they take full credit for it: the Qur'an. Go read a copy and tell me if I am lying.

Of course there are still some idiots in the world that think Islam is compatible with the modern world:

Infidels are Cool,
Video: Obama: "Islam can be compatible with the modern world”

OBAMA: Well, I lived in Indonesia for four-and-a-half years when I was a child. And, actually, ironically, the first school I went to in Indonesia was a Catholic school. So, you know, myself and Senator Bob Casey, who’s sitting here, we had pretty similar experiences probably, in part, of at least our elementary school.

I then attended a public school, but the majority of the country was Muslim. And the brand of Islam that was being practiced in Indonesia at the time was a very tolerant Islam. The country itself was explicitly secular in its constitution.

Yes, Indonesia, a very secular and Christian-tolerant country with 86% Muslims and growing. Another secular Muslim country in Europe is Turkey with 98.6% Muslims and growing. The only problem with "tolerant" Muslim countries is that over time there are fewer and fewer infidels to be tolerant of.

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