British government cracking down on Fake Religion

Your first reaction upon reading that headline should be, "Wow, Great! Finally the Brits are wising up and getting rid of Muslims in their country." Sadly, it is only about psychics and mediums. Muslims will still be able to pretend that the militant political ideology known as Islam is a religion. By the end of this month the Brits are set to pass a series of regulations consistent with those of the EU intended to protect consumers from commercial scams that we in the states are all too familiar with.

Here's the gist of it:

Digital Journal, British Government Set To Crack Down On Psychic Community

As reported in the Guardian: "If the Consumer Protection Regulations are approved by Parliament, as is likely...the regulations will come into force on 26 May. They will ban 31 types of unfair sales practice outright, including bogus closing-down sales, prize-draw scams and aggressive doorstep selling, and will for the first time establish a catch-all duty not to trade unfairly, closing loopholes that rogue traders have been able to exploit".

By lumping spiritualism in as a consumer service, mediums assert they are prone to a spike in lawsuits if customers are somehow dissatisfied with the information they receive. The solution, according to legal experts is to provide a disclaimer up front, making it clear that any communication with the other side is undertaken strictly for 'entertainment purposes' or as a 'scientific experiment'.

Spiritualists claim that such measures discriminate against their practices which they believe are religious in nature.

By the way, I have resisted the urge to ask, "Why didn't the psychics protest this a week or so before it was announced?" But actually even I saw it coming and I'm not a medium. Actually, I'm more like a large.

There are over 300 Spiritualist churches in the UK; it will be interesting to see how the new regulations will apply to them.

The carnage of the Great War of the last century left so many dead it dramatically increased the calls for 'services' of mediums who could help them make contact with the dearly departed. Taking that into consideration, I suggest that the psychics in the UK convert to Islam so that in the course of practicing their new religion they can slaughter infidels and make money at the same time by fleecing the surviving relatives.

So just like auto-glass companies that send out workers to crack windshields when business is a little slow, Muslim psychics can always engage in a mini-jihad whenever they need a little boost in revenues.

To be fair, I don't see why British mediums, snake oil dealers, psychics, storm-door salesmen, healers and Tarot card readers will have to prove in court any of their claims that they can heal people, see into the future, save on heating bills, or talk to the dead, after all, Muslims are never required to prove that Islam is the Religion of Peace. And how many times have you heard that claim?

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