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I am not one to bash the police just for the hell of it. 99% of police officers are normal, sane human beings. But sometimes they do stupid things, as for instance when police in Texas arrested and handcuffed a 97 year-old woman on a traffic warrant (1).

Sometimes they really screw up as in the following case:


A football fan says police ordered him to remove an England flag from his car – because it could be deemed racist.

Ben Smith, 18, was pulled over for a routine spot check by an officer who inspected his tyres and road tax.

But the labourer was stunned to be told that a St George flag covering his Vauxhall Corsa’s parcel shelf was offensive to immigrants.

He initially thought the officer was joking until he was threatened with a £30 fine if he refused to remove it from view.

But the right, the correct, the safe thing to do is always to obey the officer. Then when you are far away from him, go to court and sue him for being an idiot. It won't do you any good to argue with a police officer on scene. Just note his badge number and make notes.

In the flag incident, the motorist was given a choice, to remove the flag or pay a fine. He should have paid the fine. There are British soldiers who have died to protect his right to display the flag of his country; the least he should have done was pay the fine and contest it in court. This type of behavior by police needs to be broadcast and denounced throughout the land.

What is not mentioned is exactly which group of immigrants could possibly be insulted by a cross on a white field - Jews? Buddhists? Or could they be a particular group of immigrants (2) that are offended by everything in the Western World?

What's really sad about all this is that this police office, so worried about an insult to Muslims is too frightened to enter a Muslim area anyway (3) even in his own country.

For those of you who are new readers to my blog, please be aware that I am not anti-immigrant, in fact I could not care less if all 100 million Mexicans come here, provided they are properly documented. I am an immigrant myself. But immigrants must become American, learn our language, accept our culture, and respect our institutions and flag. If they cannot, they should return with all haste to that wonderful paradise they came from, where everything is so much better.



Carpundit, 28 Apr 2004, Stupid police, part II

According to an AP article, police in Texas arrested and handcuffed a 97 year-old woman on a traffic warrant.


I'm sure their department policy, at least as understood by the officers, mandates the use of handcuffs whenever someone is arrested. If there is no room for discretion in their use, such a policy is likely unconstitutional at least as applied here. And no reasonable officer would handcuff a 97 year-old absent some strange compelling circumstance (such as when the 97 year-old is deranged, violent, spry and a judo master).


Is this another case of cops run amok? No. Cops don't usually overreach. I blame overreliance on poorly-crafted or poorly-understood rules which were probably themselves written to protect the police from litigation accusing them of abusing their discretion in the use of handcuffs in the first place.

Or maybe the cops were just stupid.


The Amboy Times Blog, 12 Feb 2007, The List of Things That Offend Muslims

This list is a work in progress. I welcome suggestions. Anyone who has more items to add to the list, post them in the comments.

The intent of the list is to illustrate the futility of the multicultural approach to Islam. Sharia law demands submission not only from Muslims, but from non-Muslims as well. This makes respectful coexistence nearly impossible with Muslims in Infidel lands. The examples below serve as reminder that submitting to one complaint or another only emboldens Muslims to seek to further their ultimate goal of establishing sharia.

The West needs to come to grips with this fact and start standing up for our God-given rights of free speech, free expression and freedom of religion, lest we surrender those rights to a theocratic movement bent on removing our Constitutional freedoms that we hold dear. In this case, our tolerance will lead to intolerance.


The English Flag being flown in England, as well as St. George Pins, worn by Englishmen in England, Austrian flag, Soccer Ball with Saudi Flag, Stepping on Makeshift Hamas and Hezbollah Flags, Ref's whistle with the Swiss Cross, The Israeli Flag, and of course...the American Flag.


The World Trade Center, The Pentagon, The Giant Buddha's, The new Apple store in Manhattan. The Beslan Memorial, Pool halls and coffee shops, Movie Theaters, the Graves of Biblical Joshua and Caleb, The Eiffel Tower, Coffee Shops, Saracen's Head Cafe, "Mecca" Bar in Kiev, Breslin Bar and Grill in NY, A Disco called Mecca.


The Trinity, Pope Benedict XVI., Coptic Pope Shenouda III, Robert Spencer, The name "Crusaders" , The Cross, Christmas presents, Santa ClausBibles, selling Bibles, Lip synching videos, Craig Winn, Prayer, Valentine's Day, Christians who accidently touch the Koran, Street Evangelists, The Letter X, Muslim converts to Christianity, the Knights of Malta, The Bishop of Rochester, Use of the word Allah by Catholics, Christians proselytizing to Muslims, Church Bells, a picture of Jesus hung on a staffroom wall, Father Zakariah, Jerry Falwell, a coin with John 3:16 printed on it, Eli Soriano, dating a Polish Catholic Girl, UK Radio Minister Rev MasihZion Baptist Church in Rochdale, UK, Rotary and Lions Clubs, Hector Aleem, the color red near Valentine's Day, Christians who use the word "Allah" to describe God, Fr Daniil Sysoyev.


Jihad Watch, UK Muslim MP: police too scared of Asian gangs

THE Macpherson report into the murder of Stephen Lawrence has led to a politically correct backlash with police afraid to investigate black and Asian crime for fear of being accused of racism, according to one of Britain’s most prominent Muslim MPs.

Mohammad Sarwar, the Labour MP for Glasgow Central, said some communities are being terrorised by black and Asian gangs, but, in many cases, police have failed to act.

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