It`s Great to Be Appreciated

einstein on Planck's Constant

Every once in a while a fellow blogger leaves a comment complimenting my blog. These are genuinely appreciated and I thought it would be appropriate to link back to these kind souls, so here is a series of unsolicited testimonials. The list is in no way complete; I will be adding to it from time to time. You will see a new addition to the sidebar of my homepage called Testimonials.

If you want your blog mentioned here, all you have to do is add a comment saying how wonderful, exciting, and erudite I am or that my arguments against Islam are devastatingly cogent and surprisingly coruscating - that kind of stuff. And to show that I am fair I will include any hisses and boos as long as they are well written and contain more than two words. That means leaving a comment like, "You suck!" won't cut it.

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