Muslims are not Nazis

Dr. Seus WWII cartoon

In my previous article The Guilty Conscience of Barack Obama, George Bush compared the current crop of Muslim appeasers to those that groveled before the Nazis. Liberals went ballistic, but instead of disputing the notion that Barack was indeed an appeaser they instead attacked the messenger.

Instead of offering logic, argument, and convincing statements, they instead objected to the analogy, saying that Muslims are not like the Nazis.

Perhaps they are correct; let's do a comparison:

  • While Nazis wanted to put the whole world under their domination for a thousand years, Muslims want to put the whole world under their domination for eternity.

  • Nazis only killed tens of millions while hundreds of millions died under Muslim subjugation.

  • Mein Kampf made Hitler a millionaire; it has been a best seller among Muslims for decades.

  • The Nazis printed lies about a secret Jewish conspiracy that controls the world; ditto the Muslims [MEMRITV].

  • The Nazis used force to persuade people to their way of thinking; ditto the Muslims.

  • Nazis used intimidation and violence to...

Wait a second, exactly how are Muslims not like the Nazis? Seems Liberals live their lives in the half-light; they will not see the writing on the wall until they are lined up against it.

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