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In the book of Genesis God commands Adam to name the animals, "every beast of the field and every bird of the air,... and whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name." Naming is so important it came even before the creation of Eve. American Indians gave names that meant something as we recall from the film Dances with Wolves.

One of the most distressing things to Muslims is the large percentage of Jews dominating science, entertainment, law, medicine, psychology, finance, and other endeavors throughout the world. Even in the naming of children Hebrew names dominate. Here in the United States, of the top 5 most popular boys names in 2007, all 5 are Hebrew names. Since Jews are only 2% of the US Population, it is obvious that many, many millions of non-Jews give their children Hebrew names. So what must be particularly galling to Muslims is that infidels in this country rarely if ever give their children Arabic names.

I exclude for the purpose of this discussion the names that black parents give to their children because it seems those are not given in remembrance of some revered relative or famous person in history but rather as a flaunting of some African culture that in truth blacks do not understand or even identify with. Of all the stupid things that blacks do to keep their children from succeeding in this country giving their children pseudo-African monikers like Taishawn or Gwandoya is the worst. Was there ever a famous Taishawn in history? What the hell does Taishawn mean anyway?

But I digress.

According to the Social Security Administration here are the top 13 Male names for the 2007 birth year in the United States:

  1. Jacob (Hebrew: "he who supplants")

  2. Michael (Hebrew: "who resembles God")

  3. Ethan (Hebrew: "firmness, steadfastness, constancy")

  4. Joshua (Hebrew: "Jehovah is salvation")

  5. Daniel (Hebrew: "God is my Judge")

  6. Christopher (Greek: "bearing Christ inside")

  7. Anthony (Latin: "priceless")

  8. William (Old German: "valiant protector")

  9. Matthew (Hebrew: "gift of the Lord")

  10. Andrew (Greek: "man, warrior")

  11. Alexander (Greek: "man's defender, warrior")

  12. David (Hebrew: "beloved")

  13. Joseph (Hebrew: "Jehovah increases")

Although Mohamed (2007 US rank 462) is one of the most popular names in the UK, here in the states it lost popularity immediately after 9/11 (2002 US Rank 503) but has recovered somewhat in the last 3 years. Here are other variations on the prophet's name (PBUH):

  • Mohammad (US Rank 627)

  • Mohammed (US Rank 685)

  • Muhammad (rank: 702)

  • Mahmood, Mohummad, and others spellings do not show up in the top 1000 rank

Here's a hint to my Muslim friends: want more Americans to give their children Arabic names? Then contribute something more valuable to civilization than improvised explosive devices (which in America we call children with bombs strapped to themselves).

Take the name David, for example. There were untold number of people named David through history that no doubt inspired parents to give that name to their male child. Sadly, Muslims enjoy naming their children after mass murderers like Osama Bin Laden:

BBC News, 3 Jan 2002, Osama baby craze hits Nigeria

In one hospital in Kano [Nigeria], where there were celebrations after the 11 September attacks, seven out of 10 babies are said to be being given the name Osama.

No German after WWII had the indecency to name their child Adolph.

For the edification of my readers I have also searched the entire Internet for Unusual and interesting Arabic names. Hillary Clinton might have been able to give Barack Hussein Obama a run for his money if only she had changed her nom de candidacy:

seldom bin layed

Here are Arabic fellows that you may not have heard about:

Grabdi Booubi

Hei Des Salami

U Bin Fartin

Ai Mustaka a Sheete

Awana Fouqyah

Usuqa M'diq

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