Time to Deport all Muslims from Jerusalem

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After the Arab bulldozer psychopath went on a murderous rampage in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said, "There is no way to fence-off the Arabs of east Jerusalem and every home of a potential terrorist." (1)

Actually he's wrong. What would happen if Israel did precisely that? Would Iran threaten to wipe Israel off the map? Would the Arab press start printing uncomplimentary articles about Jews? Would Hezbollah fire rockets into Israel? Would Muslims boycott Israeli products? Would Hamas send in suicide bombers? Would Palestinian TV start airing programs that teach children that Jews are apes and pigs and should be killed?

Would leftists in America call Israel an aggressor nation? Would the UN call for sanctions against Israel? Would Israel be denounced any differently than it is now? What's the downside? Since Israel is already being judged unfairly in Europe, in the UN, and the Muslim world, what would change?

As for Europe, it would do exactly what it did when the US went into Iraq over their objections: nothing. We have seen how Muslim minorities bully their host countries; Europe would piss in its pants if Israel merely huffed and puffed.

Between 1830 and 1918 the Ottoman Empire was on the losing side of a few wars and was divided up among the victors except for what is today modern Turkey; Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, the Trans-Jordan and many other territories that are now nations were created out of nothing. For example, In Lebanon there are no Lebanese only Arabs, Phoenicians and Armenians. In Syria there are no Syrians only Arabs, Kurds, and Armenians. In Iraq there are no Iraqis only Arabs, Kurds, and Assyrians. After WWI all these Arabs, Kurds, Armenians, etc. got to live in a made-up country except for one group. The Jews. The only ones who have actually lived continuously in the region for thousand of years more than anyone else. Israel is the only country that is not a fugazy, made up nation.

The British Broke Their Promise

The British promised to divide half of Palestine for Jews and the other half for Arabs. They broke that promise. More than 75% was handed over to the Arabs into what is today called the Jordan. Technically, Israel should take half of the Jordan away just to be made whole, but let's let that slide for the moment. Certainly everything west of the Jordan should belong to Israel. And certainly after 1967 Jordan lost any claim to that land. If land lost from war should be given back to the vanquished then every country from North Africa to Persia should be given back to the Turks.

If Arabs cannot live in Jerusalem peacefully then they should not live there at all. Perhaps it is time to admit that there is indeed an elephant in the room: Muslims cannot live with Israelis. The West Bank does not belong to Arabs (laughingly called "Palestinians") - Jordan lost the war and the West Bank is small spoils to pay for that mistake. Israel should take one-fifth of the Jordan and build homes there for all the "Palestinians" of the West Bank and Gaza. Call it Palestine and poof! the thugs and lunatics will now have a land they can call their own.

Perhaps a few years ago it might have been possible for Arabs to have their own country in the West Bank and live peacefully with Israel. It can no longer happen. If you see what three and four year old "Palestinian" children are being taught about Jews, it doesn't take a mathematical genius to compute that there will be only savage barbarians with whom to negotiate with in the coming decades and generations. It is better that we deport them into their own "country" now before a more dreadful option becomes the only one possible later.

The Muslim bomb is ticking.



ynetnews, Olmert: We can't fence-off east Jerusalem Arabs

"There is no way to fence-off the Arabs of east Jerusalem and every home of a potential terrorist," Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said on Wednesday evening in a series of consultation meetings following the deadly attack in central Jerusalem.

"We need to stop the terror attacks carried out by east Jerusalem Arabs, and if that must be done through means of deterrence or the demolition of a home – then so be it," he said.

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