UN Bends to the Will of Allah

Bardot at her bold, bare and brazen best!
Bardot at her bold, bare and brazen best!
Photo: Le Mépris (1963)

John Gotti's neighbors were often upset that the government was always picking on him. He was a decent neighbor, kept to himself, gave out turkeys for Thanksgiving, was generous to friends, and seemed like a very nice guy. Truth be told, if he didn't belong to a certain group, and if that certain group didn't have political power, John Gotti would have been just like you or me.

Queens Tribune, Notorious Landmarks

To thousands of Queens residents, John Gotti was a neighborhood hero who lit up the streets outside the Bergin Hunt and Fish Club each July 4 with a massive – and very illegal – fireworks display.

But because he did belong to a certain group, a group with immense political power, he was corrupted by the rules of the group and intoxicated by its power. If a fellow were unfortunate enough to accidentally run over Gotti's child, that fellow would disappear from the face of the Earth (1), while we mere mortals would have sought solace and justice in the Courts of Law.

Italians, per se, present no threat to society. But make those same Italians live under an ideology and allow them to intimidate ordinary citizens and to gain political power and the result is criminal violence and intimidation of a most terrible kind. Precisely the same result as Muslims living under Islam. Even Muslims who desire nothing more than an ordinary life and a peaceful existence will in the end enable intimidation and subjugation upon non-Muslims and even their own kind.

You and I would never think of personally confronting a Mafia member directly. Sure, we complain about mob infiltration of Unions and mob corrupt influences upon our politicians, but in the end we do nothing, intimidated by their power and the fear of retaliation. No protestation by a Mafia member that he is not violent or that he would never hurt you is meaningful since his good intentions are not what will decide your fate - the Mafia has a life of its own regardless of the pleasant nature or good will of any particular member.

A Muslim who interprets the Qur'an kindly and who is a good sort of fellow has zero control over what his fellow Muslims will do once there are enough Muslims to institute Sharia Law; it means nothing to hear a Muslim say, "Islam does not force Hijab" or "Islam does not forbid friendship with Jews" or whatever other nonsense he believes. In the end, countries with substantial Muslim populations, turn into Pakistans and Irans: brutal, vicious, barbaric, primitive pieces of shit nations that are an embarrassment to modern civilization.

And now, even the UN shivers in its wet panties:

Reject the UN, Criticism of Islam now banned by UN Human Rights Council

Under Islam, slavery flourishes. The rights of the individual are denied to include the right of medical treatment, work, an education, or even the simple act of walking outside one's home.

Yet under the UN and its Human Rights Council, these topics are not to ever be brought up. They are now forbidden to criticize or discuss.

The UN Human Rights Council is not allowed to judge religions, according to president Doru Romulus Costea of Romania. Criticism of Sharia law or fatwas is now forbidden. This ruling follows attempts by the Egyptian and Pakistani delegates at the Council to silence criticism of Human Rights abuse in the Islamic world. The representative of the Association for World Education, in a joint statement with the International Humanist and Ethical Union, had denounced the stoning to death of women accused of adultery and of girls being married at the age of nine years old in countries where Sharia law applies.

This has already happened in Europe with its prohibitions against "hate speech." Brigitte Bardot cannot speak the truth against Islam without getting convicted for "inciting racial hatred." (I needed that for the uh, gratuitous photo.)

Even our own government has banned its agencies and employees from using words that might offend Muslims even if truthful. And all this despite the fact that Muslims in this country are but a pitiful low percentage of the population; less than 1.5%. Can you imagine what concessions they could extort from us if there were 20% or even 30% Muslims? Perhaps it is time I went into the Burqa business, buy myself a goat, and kiss my Jewish ass goodbye.



TruTV Crime Library, The Tragedy of Frank Gotti

Frank Gotti was the fourth child of John and Victoria Gotti,... On March 18, 1980, he borrowed a friend's motorized mini-bike and took a ride around his Howard Beach neighborhood. At the same time, John Favara, a service department manager for a furniture manufacturer, was on his way home from work. Favara was a neighbor of the Gottis. His house on 86th Street was directly behind the Gotti home on 85th Street. Favara's adopted son, Scott, was a friend of Gotti's son, John, and had enjoyed sleepovers in the Gotti home....

"On 157th Avenue, near 87th, a house was under renovation. A dumpster had been placed in the street to collect the debris. It was on Favara's right. Favara did not notice the boy on the mini-bike dash into the street from the other side of the dumpster, and his car struck and killed Frank Gotti."
Two days after the accident... Favara received a death threat in the mail.... Favara told the detective, "That kind of stuff only happens in the movies." Naïve to the danger he was in, Favara could not understand why the Gotti family didn't realize the child's death was a tragic accident....

[Favara was told] to move out of the neighborhood and get rid of his automobile, because Victoria became enraged every time she saw it.

While contemplating his decision, he was helped along by Victoria, who attacked him on May 28th with an aluminum baseball bat. Favara was treated at a local hospital, but refused to file charges. Favara took Zappi's advice and put his home up for sale. On July 28, three days before he was to close on the sale of his house, Favara was abducted while leaving work. Several people watched as Favara was clubbed over the head and thrown into a van. He and his car were never seen again. A diner owner who witnessed the attack and described it to police soon received a visit from three hulking hoods who sat silently for fifteen minutes staring at him. The diner owner avoided the police, sold his business and moved away.

John and Victoria had conveniently been in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, when the abduction took place....

No one was ever arrested for the abduction and murder. In 1983, Favara's wife had him officially declared dead.

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