13 Annoying Things On the Web

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I use the World Wide Web to get my news, listen to music, balance my checkbook, pay my bills, get directions, play games, and write my blog. In all these good things I sometimes have to trek through dreck because websites, their designers, and end-users are either sluggards, idiots, or scoundrels.

Here are 13 things that annoy me when I surf the Internet:

  1. Websites that have audio files start playing their favorite tunes or mp3 when you land on their home page. Let me decide if I want to hear Frank Sinatra belting out Come Fly with Me.
  2. Online Newspapers that change the URL of their story a few weeks later and archive it so that it's only available by subscription. I have no problem with their attempt to monetize their content, but what they should do is keep the same URL, display an abstract of the original story instead of a "404 - Not Found error", and offer a subscription to get to the full story. That's the way to monetize content.
  3. Splogs - you've seen these. I hate even linking to them from my blog but if you go to http://www.imported#drugs.com/index.php?cPath=10156&osCsid=42a123b39da8eaace926f47266738a63 (just copy and paste into the address bar after you remove the # symbol between imported and drugs) and select Fexofenadine from their category list you will note that they give you the message, "There are no products to list in this category." What they did was list an item strictly to show up in search engines just so that you end up on their site even though they do not really have this particular product to sell you.
  4. Home pages that are flash animations even though they all offer a "skip intro" button. Is there anything more tedious than having to watch the same animation every time we visit a site? Instead of a "skip intro" button there should be a "watch flash" button for those who have no lives and don't mind watching the same piece of crap loading on their screen.

    Now some sites like Starbucks do have the sense to load very, very fast flash intros, that a "skip intro" button is unnecessary and they offer you the ability to navigate their site anyway.

  5. Websites that disable the BACK button. Why do they do that?
  6. Idiots like Snopes.com that disable the copy function. I go to View/Source and copy the text I need anyway, so what do they achieve?
  7. Emails that say "Fwd - Fwd - Fwd - Fwd:" in the subject line. Please, if you're going to forward me something at least have the decency to type in what the real subject is.
  8. Businesses that use a free website like Blogger or Geocities. For god's sake spring for a few bucks and get a decent blogging host. In fact, Blogger and the others should be charging at least a buck a month so that sploggers will be discouraged from forming 10,000 splog sites that clog the Internet and make half the searches on Google worthless.
  9. Websites that use fonts so difficult to read and backgrounds so dark that you need to highlight the text to be able to read it. Here's an example:

    Jezebel em, mud skinned moonshine pot wuz country jest poor darn fuss, gonna thar. Has showed fetched wrestlin' cooked, had, liniment dogs shack heapin' farm, good. Cow, fixin' simple shack confounded, backwoods.

    A degree in hieroglyphics would be handy as well.

  10. Websites that complain that Google and others are searching their sites and listing the results of those searches. Don't these morons know they can instruct the search bots to ignore the restricted content via a robots.txt file in their root directory?
  11. Why can't every blog software use the same symbol for quote marks? MovableType uses one quote while Wordpress uses left and right quote marks. When I copy and paste short excerpts for my blog from Wordpress blogs I get garbage symbols on my blog.
  12. People who write comments or blog articles with ALL CAPS AS IF THAT MAKES IT MORE IMPORTANT. Take the time buddy to use the shift key once in a while - otherwise keep it all in lowercase YOU MORON.
  13. The fascists at Flickr and Google who when they decide to blacklist you, don't notify you, don't tell you what you did wrong, how to rectify the situation, or respond to you at all. One day they will pay for their Hubris. Read Ebay's fault that Paypal is bombed.

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