13 Top Books for Muslim Children

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The literacy rate for Muslim countries is not very high. Click on the map for a larger view - the dark blue indicates a high literacy rate and the dark brown a pathetic literacy rate. If you are geographically savvy you will note that most Muslim countries have low literacy rates.

Of course, many Muslims who do know how to read, sadly read only the Qur'an and no other book. After all, if it's not in the Qur'an it's not from Allah and so cannot be important. Sadly in these cases literacy means nothing since knowing only one book is practically equivalent to being illiterate.

So I was thrilled to come across this list of 13 new book titles for Muslim children. Hopefully if they read something other than the Qur'an there is the slightest possibility that they won't blow up grow up to be ignorant Jihadists.

  1. "We Are People of God and Jews are Not."
  2. "My Four Mommies and Me."
  3. "A Camel too Far"
  4. Filipino Muslim children show hand signs for peace as they march in suburban Bicutan, south of Manila, Sunday, Jan. 20, 2008.
    Photo Credit: daylife

    "And Ahmed makes it 45"

  5. "Better by the Dozens"
  6. "Abu Lights a Fuse."
  7. "Learn To Pray" (Ages 1 and up; 57,234 pages)
  8. "The Complete History of the World (623 A.D. - 1400 A.D)" - 17 pages
  9. "The Apes & The Pigs" (Subtitle: The Filthy Jews)
  10. Tazkirah-e-Mukhtar, famous and authentic work of Syedah Bint-ul-Huda
    Photo Credit: jafariyanews

    "Kindness In Islam" (2 pages; discontinued - now out of print)

  11. "Great Modern Discoveries in Islam" (4 Pages - Publish date to be announced)
  12. "Tent Sweet Tent"
  13. "Take me out to The Kaabah"

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