Jewish Honor Killings

Whenever I post about some Muslim atrocity in the world there will inevitably be a comment or email asking me not to condemn an entire religion because of the actions of a few. I happen to agree with this absolutely. It is the height of bigotry to heap scorn on Islam simply because a few misguided extremists misinterpret the love and tolerance that is in the Qur'an.

It is the height of hypocrisy to criticize the Qur'an for barbarities such as stoning for adultery when the Old Testament has strangulation as punishment for that offense.

It is the height of ignorance to complain that Muslims wish to be ruled under Shariah, Islamic religious law, rather than under the laws of the country in which they live when even here in America religious Jews in fact live in communities which are governed by Halakha, Jewish religious law.

Let me discuss them in reverse order.

Religious Laws

It is true that certain communities of Jews in the western world live under Halakha. However, Halakha does not really mean law but rather "the path" or the "suggested way" - not "How a Jew absolutely must live his life" but rather "better ways for a Jew to live." Jews are bound to Halakha only by voluntary consent. And how Halakha should be interpreted is discussed, analyzed, debated by various groups within Judaism. There is no one single authority demanding strict compliance with original Biblical proscriptions. Shariah, on the other hand, where it is imposed, does not allow for voluntary compliance, even for non-Muslims. There is no discussion, analyses, debate. Compliance with Shariah is absolute.

Certainly gentile police anywhere in the world have no problem entering a Jewish religious community. But infidel cops everywhere in the western world are afraid to enter Shariah-compliant Muslim communities.

So, yes I ignore Jewish communities who live under Jewish law because they pose no threat to either Jews or non-Jews. I condemn Muslim efforts to install Shariah law anywhere in the world precisely because those laws include me without my consent and pose a threat to the rest of the world, Muslim as well as infidel.

Barbarities in the Qur'an

One can easily cite uncivilized punishments in the Old Testament. Take for example the punishment for breaking any of the Ten Commandments:

Free Online Library, Nov 2000,
10 Commandments and public schools: Shall we post the penalties too?

  • I Am The Lord Thy God
  • This Commandment recognized the sovereignty of the Almighty. Rejection of it was seen as a refusal to acknowledge God's authority. Punishment was death by stoning

  • Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods But Me. Punishment was death by stoning
  • Thou Shalt Not Take The Name Of The Lord Thy God In Vain. Punishment was death by stoning
  • Remember The Sabbath Day To Keep It Holy. Punishment was death by stoning
  • Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother. Punishment was death by strangulation
  • Thou Shalt Not Commit Murder. Punishment was death by decapitation
  • Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery. Punishment was death by strangulation
  • Thou Shalt Not Steal. Punishment was death by strangulation
  • Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor. Punishment was death by stoning
  • Thou Shalt Not Covet. Punishment was death by strangulation

  • Fortunately for Jews, these barbaric and primitive punishments were made impossible to impose over 2,000 years ago by Talmudic authorities.

    Planck's Constant,
    A Muslim Reaction to Fitna - Threats

    Muslims have had 1400 years to reform and renounce the barbaric portions of the Qur'an. For example, Judaism, 2000 years ago, had already discarded the vengeful notion of "an eye for an eye...." In fact, Rabbinical Authorities at that time had already called the Death Penalty a barbaric practice not worthy of civilized peoples [The Worst Parts Of Judaism/Christianity]. How did Mohammed miss that sentiment?

    The problem with the Qur'an is that it copied the barbaric portions of the Old Testament, primitive sentiments from 3,000 B.C. but ignored the moderating influence of Jewish analyses and debate from 1 A.D. Christians did not ignore those influences and indeed, the Sermon on the Mount is consistent with Jewish re-evaluation at that time of the Ten Commandments and of harsh Mosaic laws. When compared with Islam, Judaism and Christianity might as well be the same religion.

    While no Jew living today actually believes it is proper to strangle a daughter for dishonoring her parents there is no shortage of Muslims living today believing the exact opposite. If you do a google search of "Muslim honor killing" you will get thousands of hits. Search google for "jewish honor killing" and you will get perhaps 14 listings but almost all of them with "I never heard of a Jewish honor killing," that is to say, they are not reports of an actual crime but merely a recitation of the Universal Truth that it is a rare event indeed.

    So, yes I ignore the barbarities in the Old Testament precisely because the whole of Judaism ignores those barbarities. I condemn the Qur'an precisely because Muslims living today not only refuse to ignore the barbarities in the Qur'an but ask that they be followed by the non-Muslim world as well.

    The Actions of a Few

    Since 9/11 there have been over 10,000 attacks by a "few" misguided extremists, so pardon me if I blame Islam for the actions of tens of thousands.

    Islamists kill more people in one year than in all 356 years of the Spanish Inquisition combined.

    More civilians were killed by Muslim extremists in two hours on September 11th than in the 26 years of sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland.

    So yes, Ahmed, throw in my face the piddling death count of hundreds of years of the Spanish Inquisition or the thousands killed in decades of Irish Christian fighting, however the Spanish inquisition ended as did "The Troubles" in Northern Ireland, but unfortunately Islam will be with us forever unless the West bans the practice of that faux religion or Muslims reform their religion.

    I will stop blaming Islam for the savage and barbaric attacks by Muslims when dictionaries redefine 'few' to mean 'more than ten thousand'.

    Here is a tiny List of Islamic Terror Attacks For the Past 2 Months committed by just a "few" Muslims

    8/13/2008AfghanistanLogar40Three female humanitarian workers and their driver are brutally shot to death at point blank range by Holy Warriors.
    8/13/2008ThailandYala12A 57-year-old man is killed, and his family injured, when Mujahideen toss a grenade into his home.
    8/13/2008ThailandPattani119Islamists gun down a 26-year-old man, then plant a bomb to catch first responders.
    8/13/2008AfghanistanHelmand54Taliban bombers murder five local police.
    8/13/2008LebanonTripoli1845Eighteen people at a bus stop are blown to bits by Islamic bombers.
    8/12/2008PhilippinesBasilan40At least four Catholic civilians are killed when Moro Islamists strafe their homes with gunfire.
    8/12/2008PakistanPeshawar1311A child is among thirteen people killed when Sunni bombers target a minibus.
    8/12/2008ThailandNarathiwat31Two small children and their father are brutally gunned down by radical Muslims while out on a family trip.
    8/12/2008ChinaXinjiang30Three security guards are stabbed to death by Muslim militants.
    8/12/2008IraqBaqubah210A female suicide bomber takes out two Iraqis.
    8/12/2008IraqRamadi60A woman and three children are among six family members shot to death by the Religion of Peace.
    8/11/2008PakistanBajaur20Islamists capture and then cut the heads off of two civilians.
    8/11/2008PhilippinesBasilan212Two civilians are killed when Moro Islamists storm a village.
    8/11/2008AfghanistanKabul312Three Afghan civilians are blown apart by a suicide car bomber.
    8/11/2008SomaliaMogadishu80Holy Warriors kill eight soldiers in a brutal ambush.
    8/11/2008IraqWajihiya53Five women field laborers are slain by Jihad bombers while walking to work.
    8/11/2008IraqBaqubah416A female suicide bomber takes out four Iraqis.
    8/11/2008AfghanistanUruzgan63A child is among a half dozen civilians killed while being used as human shields by Holy Warriors.
    8/11/2008IranSaravan20A Sunni group called 'soldiers of Allah' kidnaps and executes two security guards.
    8/10/2008PhilippinesMidsayap30Moro Islamist snipers take out three local soldiers.
    8/10/2008AfghanistanKandahar53A group of migrant laborers is blown up by Taliban bombers. Five are killed.
    8/10/2008IraqBaghdad946Jihad bombers murder nine Iraqis in three attacks.
    8/10/2008IraqTarmiyah421Four locals are taken out in a suicide bombing.
    8/10/2008IraqKhanaqin325Fedayeen bombers blow themselves up in a minibus along a city street, killing three innocent bystanders.
    8/10/2008PakistanKurram1024A second day of Sunni-Shia sectarian violence leaves ten people dead.
    8/10/2008PakistanHangu10Taliban hardliners are suspected in the shooting death of a local cop.
    8/10/2008AlgeriaZemmouri819Eight Algerians are killed by a suicide bomber.
    8/10/2008ChinaXinjiang84Eight people are killed in a series of suicide bomb attacks by Muslim militants.
    8/10/2008Saudi ArabiaRiyadh10A 26-year-old woman has her tongue cut out, then is set on fire by her father (a moral policeman) for converting to Christianity.
    8/10/2008PakistanSouth Waziristan10An elderly man is shot to death by Islamic terrorists.
    8/10/2008AlgeriaTigzirt30Islamic fundamentalists blow up a police station, killing three officers.
    8/9/2008PakistanKurram1625Sunnis and Shia settle their sectarian differences with gunfire, leaving sixteen dead.
    8/9/2008PakistanSwat815Eight local cops are shot to death inside their station by Islamic radicals.
    8/9/2008IraqBaqubah160An al-Qaeda mass grave is discovered. Five women are among the sixteen victims tortured and murdered.
    8/9/2008IraqBaghdad12Fundamentalists shoot at a swimming pool manager, injuring him but killing one of his sons.
    8/9/2008SomaliaAlamada42Three civilians and a local cop are murdered in a grenade attack by Islamic militia.
    8/9/2008AlgeriaZemmouri88A suicide bomber takes out eight Algerians along a city street.
    8/9/2008NigeriaKano10A 50-year-old man is beaten to death by a Muslim mob for alleged blasphemy.
    8/8/2008PakistanBajaur30Three civilians are murdered by the Taliban - two by beheading.
    8/8/2008AfghanistanKunar12A child is killed in a Taliban ambush.
    8/8/2008IraqTal Afar2574Jihadis bomb a marketplace, slaughtering over twenty Iraqis.
    8/8/2008ThailandPattani10A 60-year-old Buddhist is beheaded by Islam's Holy Warriors.
    8/8/2008PakistanSadeeqabad220Twenty-two soldiers, some wounded, are riddled with bullets after being captured by Mujahideen.
    8/8/2008AfghanistanPaktika50Five local cops are murdered by Islamic bombers.
    8/8/2008ThailandYala20A fruit trader having dinner with his wife is among two people shot to death by Muslim terrorists in separate attacks.
    8/7/2008PhillipinesZamboanga21A 16-year-old and his father are shot to death by suspected Abu Sayyaf militants.
    8/7/2008PakistanSwat40Fundamentalists burn down a girls school then shoot three people to death and behead another.
    8/7/2008IraqMosul46Terrorists plant a bomb on a corpse, luring four investigators to their deaths.
    8/6/2008AfghanistanLashkar Gah72Religious extremists attack a police post, killing seven local officers.
    8/6/2008PakistanSwat215Islamic militants burn down several girls schools and kill two people, including a child, in separate attacks.
    8/6/2008ThailandYala01A school principal is shot multiple times by Shahid while on his way home.
    8/6/2008IraqBaquba160Sixteen men kidnapped by Sunni extremists are found bound and executed.
    8/6/2008IraqMosul111A suicide bomber kills a civilian and injures eleven more.
    8/6/2008PakistanTirah412Fighting breaks out between Islamic fundamentalist groups, leaving four dead.
    8/6/2008SomaliaLafoole10Islamic radicals gun down the head of an orphanage.
    8/5/2008IngushetiaNazran24Muslim hardliners take down two local cops in separate Kalashnikov attacks.
    8/5/2008IraqBasra10Fundamentalists shoot a barber to death for shaving beards.
    8/5/2008IraqKirkuk30al-Qaeda militants slit the throats of three Iraqis.
    8/5/2008PhilippinesAleosan10One person is killed when Moro Islamic terrorists storm a sugar plantation.
    8/4/2008ChinaXinjiang1616Islamists stage a brutal grenade attack on a group of police, killing sixteen.
    8/4/2008IraqBaghdad215Jihadis manage to kill two civilians with a roadside bomb.
    8/3/2008AfghanistanHelmand10Islamic extremists gun down a local judge.
    8/3/2008SomaliaMogadishu2047Twenty civilians, mostly women streetsweepers, are blown to bits by a massive bomb planted by Islamists.
    8/3/2008PakistanBajaur10A civilian is shot to death by Sunni extremists.
    8/3/2008AlgeriaKabylie025Twenty-five people are injured in a suicide blast.
    8/3/2008IraqLatifiyah613Six civilians are killed by a Jihad roadside blast.
    8/3/2008IraqBaghdad1222Islamic terrorists manage to kill a dozen Iraqis with a truck bomb.
    8/3/2008AfghanistanGhazni40Religious extremists storm a police post, killing four officers.
    8/3/2008AfghanistanGardiz30Three civilians are murdered by Taliban militants.
    8/3/2008AfghanistanPaktika00Two clerics are killed while trying to assemble a suicide vest in their mosque.
    8/3/2008PakistanTemargara22Two government tax collectors are shot to death by Sharia-minded militants.
    8/3/2008SudanNyala628Janjaweed militia ambush a civilian convoy, killing six people.
    8/2/2008IngushetiaNazran11Suspected Islamists open up on two policemen with automatic weapons.
    8/2/2008PakistanKabal85Islamic hard-liners bomb a police van killing eight people.
    8/2/2008IndiaRamban10A youth is shot to death by Islamic militants.
    8/2/2008IraqBaqubah53Sunni radicals murder five Iraqis with a roadside bomb.
    8/2/2008AfghanistanKandahar136The bride and groom are among thirteen people blown to bits when Islamists target a wedding party with a bomb.
    8/2/2008ThailandYala10A 29-year-old civilian is shot to death while riding a motorcycle.
    8/2/2008Pal. Auth.Gaza116A young boy is killed in fighting between the Muslim terror groups, Hamas and Fatah.
    8/1/2008AfghanistanKunar10Radical Sunnis take out a civilian in a roadside blast.
    8/1/2008SomaliaMogadishu10Islamic militia blast a Ugandan peacekeeper to death with a bomb planted at an airport.
    8/1/2008IraqRashad31Jihadis kill three Iraqis with a roadside bomb.
    8/1/2008AfghanistanNimroz35Two children and a woman are murdered by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
    8/1/2008IndiaReasi10A boy is abducted by Mujahid, who then slit his throat.
    7/31/2008SomaliaHodan20A civilian and a police officer are gunned down in an ambush by Mujahid.
    7/31/2008JordanNqeira10A man shoots his 23-year-old sister to death on suspicion that she had unmarried sex.
    7/31/2008PakistanDeolai70Five children and their parents are killed when a shell hits their house following an ambush by Muslim militants.
    7/31/2008IraqMosul20Fundamentalists kill two women over suspected immorality. One is beheaded.
    7/31/2008IraqShaheed34A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out three Iraqi police.
    7/31/2008IraqMosul30A judge and two bodyguards are taken out by Islamic terrorists.
    7/31/2008ThailandPattani10A 57-year-old schoolteacher is shot to death by Muslim militants at close-range.
    7/30/2008IngushetiaNazran55Islamic hardliners are suspected in a car bomb attack that leaves five people dead.
    7/30/2008PakistanDera Ismail Khan13Islamic extremists ambush a vehicle, shooting one occupant to death.
    7/29/2008PakistanAkhun Killay20Two people are shot to death by Mujahideen.
    7/29/2008PakistanDegan10A young woman is abducted and shot three times in the chest by Sunni extremists, who then dump the body in a sewer.
    7/29/2008PhilippinesMindanao41Four Christian passengers are pulled from a bus and murdered by Islamic terrorists.
    7/28/2008IraqKirkuk38178A fedayeen suicide bomber attacks a political rally, slaughtering nearly forty people.
    7/28/2008IraqMussayab10A woman is abducted, tied up and then murdered by suspected fundamentalists.
    7/28/2008PakistanMatta32Three Pakistanis in a truck are shot to death by Tehrik-e-Taliban terrorists.
    7/28/2008AfghanistanNuristan30A Taliban rocket attack on a residential area leaves three dead.
    7/28/2008PakistanMohmand10A 60-year-old man is abducted and murdered by the Mujahideen.
    7/28/2008PakistanKohat212A teenager is among two people blown apart when Islamic militants detonate a bomb attached to a bicycle.
    7/28/2008IraqBaghdad32102Three female suicide bombers run into crowds of Shia pilgrims before detonating. Some thirty-two innocents are killed.
    7/27/2008IraqBuhriz20Two oil workers are murdered by Jihadi bombers.
    7/27/2008PakistanCharbagh15A child is killed when fundamentalists bomb a shopping center.
    7/27/2008IraqBaghdad70Seven young Shia pilgrims on foot are shot at point-blank range by Sunni gunmen.
    7/27/2008IraqFallujah22Radical Sunnis bomb a house, killing two occupants.
    7/26/2008LebanonTripoli950A 10-year-old boy and a woman are among nine people killed in a sectarian conflict between Sunni and Alawite.
    7/26/2008IndiaAhmedabad57161Islamic bombers rock India for a second day, setting seventeen bombs and killing over fifty innocent people.
    7/26/2008IraqHilla10Islamic gunmen take down a 4-year-old girl.
    7/26/2008SomaliaGedo30Islamic militia shoot three people to death at a roadblock.
    7/26/2008IndonesiaJakarata0265Over two-hundred people are injured when a Muslim mob storms a Christian school.
    7/26/2008PakistanDera Bugti30Three local cops are murdered by Islamists in separate attacks.
    7/25/2008Pal. Auth.Gaza13A bomb set outside a Christian cafe kills one person.
    7/25/2008IndiaBangalore210Islamists set off a series of bombs, leaving two innocents dead, including a woman.
    7/25/2008BangladeshSadar10Suspected Jama'atul Mujahideen strangle a woman, then hang her from a tree.
    7/25/2008Pal. Auth.Gaza115A bomb kills a young girl.
    7/24/2008AfghanistanPaktia34Talibanis murder three local police with a bomb.
    7/24/2008IraqBaqubah825A female suicide bomber kills eight Sunni Iraqis.
    7/24/2008PhilippinesDigos210A group tied to the Moro Islamic Front is suspected in the bombing of a bus in which two people died.
    7/24/2008IndiaSrinagar528Four children, ages 4 to 12, are killed along with a woman from the same family of migrant workers when Islamic terrorists throw a grenade into a bus stop.
    7/24/2008YemenSayoun412al-Qaeda is suspected in the car bombing of a ministry building that leaves four dead.
    7/24/2008IndiaDoda40A woman and a 13-year-old girl are among four civilians shot to death during a Hizb-ul-Mujahideen home invasion.
    7/24/2008ThailandPattani10A 30-year-old schoolteacher is murdered by Islamic gunmen on his way to work.
    7/24/2008ThailandPattani10Islamists shoot a 63-year-old villager to death.
    7/23/2008AlgeriaLakhdaria013A suicide bomber on a motorbike injures thirteen Algerians.
    7/23/2008AfghanistanNangarhar12Religious extremists murder a local cop with a bomb.
    7/23/2008SomaliaJowhar10Islamic militia assassinate a local official.
    7/23/2008ThailandPattani10Islamists gun down a school bus driver in a drive-by shooting.
    7/23/2008IraqMuqdadiyah10A young woman is killed in a Jihad roadside bombing.
    7/22/2008ThailandNarathiwat10A 41-year-old rubber worker is shot to death by Muslim militants.
    7/22/2008ThailandNarathiwat15A local soldier is killed in an Islamist bomb blast.
    7/22/2008PhilippinesAleosan11Moro Islamists shoot a 62-year-old woman to death as she is farming her field.
    7/22/2008AfghanistanKhost43A woman and child are among four civilians blown up by Sunni bombers.
    7/22/2008AfghanistanGhazni41The Taliban kidnaps a man after invading his home and killing his four sons.
    7/22/2008IsraelJerusalem011A Palestinian attempts to run Israelis down with a bulldozer.
    7/21/2008IraqMosul68Freedom Fighters murder six Iraqis in various attacks.
    7/21/2008PakistanBajur12Islamic militants gun down an elderly man riding in a car.
    7/21/2008AfghanistanPaktika13Sunni extremists attack the home of a former governor, killing him and injuring members of his family.
    7/21/2008ChinaKunming210The Turkestan Islamic Party takes credit for a bus bombing that leaves two dead.
    7/21/2008IraqSaidiya78al-Qaeda kill seven Iraqis by planting a bomb on a tractor.
    7/21/2008SomaliaMogadishu712Three children are among seven killed in an Islamic militia mortar attack.
    7/21/2008AfghanistanNorth Waziristan20Two civilians are abducted and murdered by Talibanis.
    7/20/2008IndiaGulmarg25An 8-year-old boy is among two people killed when Islamic terrorists toss a grenade into a resort.
    7/20/2008AfghanistanLaghman60Six civilians are killed when Sunni hardliners blow up a fuel truck and a nearby minibus with a rocket.
    7/20/2008IraqBasra10A suspected prostitute is shot to death by fundamentalists.
    7/20/2008IndiaReasi10A civilian is shot to death outside his home by Mujahideen.
    7/20/2008ThailandPattani30Islamic terrorists shoot three villagers to death.
    7/20/2008SomaliaMogadishu611Six people are killed when Islamic hardliners attack a government patrol along a city street.
    7/20/2008ChechnyaGrozny30Suspect Islamic rebels kill three policemen in cold blood.
    7/19/2008PakistanMohmand40The Taliban murder four hostages in cold blood.
    7/19/2008Pal. Auth.Jabaliya10Suspected Hamas militants shoot a Fatah activist in his home.
    7/19/2008PakistanTirah910Lashkar-e-Islam and Ansar-ul-Islam clash over sectarian differences, leaving nine people dead.
    7/19/2008LebanonAin el-Helweh10Jund al-Sham gunmen take out a member of a reconciliation committee.
    7/19/2008IraqTikrit30Freedom Fighters kill three Iraqis with automatic weapons.
    7/19/2008IndiaSrinagar1016Hizb-ul-Mujahedeen kill ten Indian soldiers in transport with a horrific bomb attack on their convoy.
    7/19/2008AfghanistanKandahar41Sunni extremists murder four local cops with a roadside bomb.
    7/19/2008TurkeyBosphorus10A gay man is shot to death in a suspected 'honor' killing.
    7/19/2008EthiopiaJijiga02Two former Muslims who converted to Christianity are attacked by a stone-throwing mob of Muslims.
    7/18/2008IndiaUdhampur10A civilian is abducted and murdered by the Hizb-ul-Mujahideen.
    7/18/2008PakistanNorth Waziristan10The head of a local madrassa is gunned down by sectarian rivals.
    7/18/2008AfghanistanHelmand34Three Afghan guards are killed when religious hardliners bomb their convoy.
    7/18/2008SomaliaMogadishu30Muslim gunmen shoot three elders to death for helping humanitarian effots.
    7/18/2008IndiaBanihal036Three dozen people, mostly women and children, are injured when Islamic terrorists toss a grenade into a crowded market.
    7/18/2008PakistanSouth Waziristan30Three civilians are brutally executed by al-Qaeda backed militants.
    7/18/2008IraqMosul47A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out four Iraqis.
    7/17/2008SomaliaHuriwa53A mother and her two children are among five killed when Holy Warriors stage an ambush.
    7/17/2008AfghanistanZabul15Taliban militants attack a convoy, killing an Afghan.
    7/17/2008IndiaMurshidabad10A Hindu man is beheaded by Muslims, angry that he married a Muslim woman.
    7/17/2008PakistanMohmand30Three people are killed when rival Islamist groups clash.
    7/16/2008IraqMosul29Jihadis kill two Iraqis with a car bomb.
    7/16/2008IndiaDoda10Islamic militants abduct and murder a civilian.
    7/16/2008IraqTal Afar1890Mujahdeen detonate a car bomb along a city street, slaughtering at least eighteen Iraqis, including seven children.
    7/16/2008IraqBaghdad37A female al-Qaeda suicide bomber detonates in the house a Sunni family, killing three people.
    7/16/2008PakistanLahore10A teenaged Christian boy is kidnapped, tortured for two days, then killed by Muslims for dating a Muslim girl.
    7/15/2008IraqBaqubah3569Fedayeen bombers massacre nearly forty Iraqis, including first responders.
    7/15/2008IraqMosul126Two suicide bombers take out a dozen Iraqis in separate attacks.
    7/15/2008PakistanKhyber75Rival Islamic groups continue to work out their differences by shooting at each other (seven more dead).
    7/15/2008ChechnyaGrozny13A local cop is murdered in a staged Mujahideen ambush.
    7/14/2008SomaliaMogadishu22Two woman are murdered in a shooting attack by Mujahideen.
    7/14/2008AfghanistanPaktika72Sunni extremists take out a car with a roadside bomb, killing seven civilians.
    7/14/2008IndiaDoda12Islamists toss a grenade into a police station, killing at least one local officer.
    7/14/2008ThailandSongkhla11A local security patrol is ambushed by Islamic militants, leaving one member dead.
    7/14/2008IraqBaghdad314Three people are killed when a Muslim terrorist tosses a grenade into a gathering.
    7/14/2008SomaliaMogadishu10Islamic militia gun down a man sitting in a tea shop.
    7/14/2008SomaliaMogadishu44Islamic militia kill four local soldiers in two ambushes.
    7/13/2008IraqBaghdad1118Eleven Iraqis are killed in at least three Mujahid attacks around the country.
    7/13/2008AfghanistanOruzgan2530A suicide attack near a busy market leaves over two dozen people dead.
    7/13/2008PakistanKhyber610Lashkar-e-Islam and Ansar-ul-Islam continue to work out their differences (six more dead).
    7/13/2008PakistanKharqamar10A civilian is abducted and beheaded by devoted members of the Religion of Peace.
    7/12/2008PakistanTirah75Two women are among seven people killed in clashes between rival Islamist groups.
    7/12/2008AfghanistanGhazi20The Taliban force two female prostitutes to their knees, then shoot them.
    7/12/2008AfghanistanHelmand45A Fedayeen bomber in a suicide vest kills four local soldiers on routine patrol.
    7/12/2008IraqTal Afar70The bodies of seven people kidnapped by Islamic terrorists are discovered.
    7/12/2008AfghanistanBargi Matal10A youth is killed defending his village from a Taliban attack.
    7/12/2008AlgeriaBeni Djemaa10Fundamentalists behead a 66-year-old farmer.
    7/12/2008PakistanHangu160Sixteen pro-government tribesmen are killed by the Taliban, eight by execution.
    7/12/2008ChechnyaGrozny12Mujahideen detonate a bomb hidden in a trash can, killing one person.
    7/12/2008IraqMosul34A woman and two local cops are murdered by Sunni radicals in separate attacks.
    7/11/2008PakistanKarachi10The head of a Shia mosque is murdered by Sunni gunmen.
    7/11/2008SomaliaTaredishe10Suspected Islamic militia gun down two aid workers in separate attacks as they are handing out food.
    7/10/2008PakistanKurram712The Taliban kill seven civilians in two landmine attacks.
    7/10/2008IndiaKupwara11Islamic militants ambush two local police, killing one.
    7/10/2008PakistanBajaur12Islamic militants kill a 15-year-old girl in a targeted rocket attack on a home.
    7/10/2008PakistanDosli10A doctor is shot four times in the chest. A note pinned to the body accuses him of 'opposing Islam and Jihad.'
    7/10/2008PakistanKhyber80Two women are among eight killed when militants fire mortars into two homes.
    7/10/2008PakistanTirah515Rival Islamist groups clash, leaving five people dead.
    7/10/2008IraqBaghdad213Two civilians are murdered when Jihadis detonate a car bomb in a residential neighborhood.
    7/10/2008SomaliaAfgyoye10Islamists with automatic weapons shoot a Christian man to death for not praying toward Mecca.
    7/10/2008SomaliaBaidoa24Two local soldiers are beheaded by the Al-Shabab Islamist group.
    7/9/2008TurkeyIstanbul30al-Qaeda gunmen stage a brutal attack on the US consulate that leaves three guards dead.
    7/9/2008PakistanKurram11One man is killed and another loses his leg after an encounter with the handiwork of Taliban bombers.
    7/9/2008PakistanMardan21Islamic militants fire on a police van, killing two officers.
    7/9/2008IngushetiaMuzhichi30Islamic rebels kill three local policemen in a shooting attack.
    7/9/2008IraqBaqubah411Jihadis bomb a funeral procession, killing four mourners.
    7/9/2008IraqBaghdad68Muslim gunmen fire inside a rival mosque, murdering four attendees.
    7/9/2008IraqMosul841Eight Iraqis are murdered by Mujahideen bombers.
    7/9/2008LebanonTripoli454Four people are killed in a Religion of Peace sectarian clash.
    7/9/2008JordanMafraq10A 16-year-old girl is stabbed to death by her brother on suspicion of pre-marital sex.
    7/9/2008SudanUmm Hakibah722Janjaweed militants attack a group of Africans working as UN peacekeepers, killing seven.
    7/9/2008IraqFallujah618Six elderly people are blown apart by a double bombing at a mosque.
    7/8/2008IraqMosul48Sunni bombers kill four contractors traveling in a vehicle.
    7/8/2008PakistanBara53Hardliners ambush a security vehicle, killing five local cops.
    7/8/2008ThailandPattani20A husband and wife team of laborers is shot, showered with gas and then burned by radical Muslims.
    7/8/2008IraqRamadi220Twenty-two victims of sectarian violence are discovered buried at an elementary school.
    7/8/2008PakistanKarachi137Religious hardliners set off a series of bombs, killing at least one person.
    7/8/2008PhilippinesPagangan10A farmer is killed following an ambush by Moro Islamists.
    7/7/2008PakistanSwat10A religious leader is killed by rival Muslims.
    7/7/2008IraqBaghdad1740Various attacks by the Mujahideen leave about seventeen innocent people dead, including women.
    7/7/2008PakistanQuetta10A Shia lawyer is shot to death by sectarian rivals.
    7/7/2008ThailandPattani23Islamists open fire on a bus full of Buddhist teenagers, killing two guards.
    7/7/2008AfghanistanKabul65147Sunni hardliners bomb an Indian embassy, killing over sixty people, including seventeen children.
    7/7/2008SomaliaBaidoa27al-Shabab terrorists attack a government facility, killing two people.
    7/6/2008PakistanIslamabad1923A brutal suicide attack by a teenager near a market and a police station leaves about two dozen dead and many more maimed and bloodied.
    7/6/2008IraqJalawla712Seven members of the same family are murdered by a well-placed roadside bomb.
    7/6/2008IraqMussayab10Suspected fundamentalists kidnap and torture a woman to death.
    7/6/2008IraqBaghdad614Jihadis kill six Iraqis with a car bomb.
    7/6/2008USAAtlanta, Georgia10A devout Muslim strangles his 25-year-old daughter in an honor killing.
    7/6/2008PhilippinesKauswagan50Five people are killed in a shooting attack on a bus by suspected Moro Islamic terrorists.
    7/6/2008PakistanQuetta11A prominent Shia is killed in a sectarian killing that also leaves a young boy injured.
    7/6/2008SomaliaMogadishu10Islamists gun down a UN official in charge of development.
    7/5/2008SomaliaMogadishu60A married couple is blown up with four others by a bomb planted by Islamic fundamentalists.
    7/5/2008IraqMosul36Islamic militants manage to kill three Iraqis in two bombing and shooting attacks.
    7/5/2008ThailandYala44Muslim gunmen open up on a crowd eating breakfast at a tea shop, killing four.
    7/4/2008ThailandPattani10A retired schoolteacher is gunned down by Islamic militants.
    7/4/2008AfghanistanMaidan-Wardak25Two Afghan security personnel are taken out in a Taliban bombing.
    7/4/2008ThailandYala10Muslim radicals shoot a 42-year-old man to death.
    7/4/2008ThailandYala11Islamists shoot a Buddhist, hammer nails through his hands, behead him and then set his body on fire. The man's son is seriously injured as well.
    7/4/2008AfghanistanKandahar10Islamic hardliners are suspected in the assassination of a local official walking home from work.
    7/4/2008IndiaKupwara50Five Indian army personnel are massacred in a Mujahideen ambush.
    7/3/2008SomaliaHiiran100Ten civilians are killed in an ambush by Islamic militia.
    7/3/2008IraqSamarra140Fourteen victims of Sunni terrorists are discovered in a mass grave.
    7/3/2008PakistanKhyber54Five people are killed when rival Islamist groups clash.
    7/3/2008IraqBaghdad48Four Iraqis are blown apart by an Islamist bomb.
    7/3/2008AfghanistanKandahar83Eight local police are killed in a brutal ambush by Sunni militants.
    7/3/2008ThailandYala10A school principal is shot to death by Muslim radicals.
    7/2/2008IsraelJerusalem357Two teachers, including a mother, are among three people are killed when a Palestinian goes on a violent rampage with a bulldozer.
    7/2/2008IraqBaghdad36A streetsweeper is among three people killed in a Mujahideen roadside bombing.
    7/2/2008ThailandNarathiwat10Islamic gunmen murder a woman shortly after she drops her daughter off at school.
    7/2/2008AfghanistanLogar50The Taliban murder five local soldiers with a roadside blast.
    7/2/2008IndiaBhaderwah120A man later dies of injuries suffered when Islamists toss a grenade into the street.
    7/2/2008AfghanistanNimroz52Five people are murdered by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
    7/1/2008AfghanistanLashkar Gah27Taliban bombers kill two local policemen.
    7/1/2008PakistanSwat53An elderly woman is among five people shot to death by Islamists in four separate attacks.
    7/1/2008SomaliaMataban5340Fifty-three people are killed in a series of ambushes by Islamic militants.
    7/1/2008IraqBuhriz31Three members of the same family are murdered by Mujahideen bombers.
    7/1/2008IraqMandali416A Fedayeen suicide bomber sends four Iraqis to Allah.
    7/1/2008IraqMosul232Two Jihad bombs leave two dead and about forty wounded.
    7/1/2008PhilippinesAleosan10A Christian man is shot to death after refusing to give up his property to Moro Islamic Front raiders.
    6/30/2008ThailandYala10A 46-year-old man is shot to death by Islamic terrorists.
    6/30/2008SomaliaMogadishu10Muslim radicals kidnap and kill a humanitarian aid worker.
    6/29/2008IraqUdhaim30Mujahid kill two women and a child with a mortar attack on their home.
    6/29/2008IraqDuluiya73A Fedayeen suicide bomber murders seven Iraqis.
    6/29/2008PakistanSwat10A civilian is beheaded by Sunni radicals.
    6/29/2008AfghanistanFarah45Religious extremists attack a local police post, killing four officers.
    6/29/2008PakistanSwat65Islamic militants kill six people in at least two separate bombings.
    6/28/2008LebanonTripoli225Shia terrorists detonate a bomb in an apartment building, killing two residents.
    6/28/2008IraqSamarrah70Seven dead torture victims, including a woman, are found in an al-Qaeda hideout.
    6/28/2008AfghanistanFaryab80Eight local cops are ambushed and killed by Talibanis.
    6/28/2008IraqSamarrah500A mass grave is discovered containing women and children among fifty people rounded up by Sunni militants and executed.
    6/28/2008PakistanKhyber85A sectarian disagreement leaves eight dead.
    6/27/2008IraqKhanaqin12Islamic militants kill a shepherd with a well-placed bomb.
    6/27/2008PakistanDamadola20A mob screaming "Allah Akbar" slits the throats of two Afghans, then beheads them.
    6/27/2008IraqShurqat23al-Qaeda takes out two Iraqis with a roadside blast.
    6/27/2008ThailandNarathiwat11A 36-year-old civilian is shot to death by Mujahid after dropping his children off at school.
    6/27/2008ThailandPattani10A 64-year-old man is murdered by Islamic gunmen.
    6/27/2008ChechnyaVedeno40Four police are ambushed and killed by Jihad fighters.
    6/27/2008AlgeriaJijel614Six security personnel are taken out by al-Qaeda gunmen.
    6/26/2008PakistanBarikot70Islamists burn down a girls school and kill a family of seven.
    6/26/2008IraqKarma2024A Fedayeen suicide bomber murders twenty innocents.
    6/26/2008IraqMosul1762Jihadis successfully take out seventeen Iraqis with a well-placed car bomb.
    6/25/2008PakistanJandola280Twenty-eight members of a local peace council are murdered by the Taliban.
    6/25/2008SomaliaDeynile90Nine local police are ambushed and killed by Islamic militia.
    6/25/2008IraqBaghdad525Two Jihad bombings leave five Iraqis dead.
    6/24/2008AfghanistanHerat10A policewoman is murdered by fundamentalists as she is walking home from work.
    6/24/2008IraqBaghdad1111Eleven people are killed when Islamic militants set off a bomb at a government building.
    6/24/2008LebanonTripoli10Another person is killed in a sectarian clash.
    6/24/2008SomaliaKismayo12A local official is assassinated by suspected Islamists.
    6/24/2008IraqMosul275A baby is among two people killed by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
    6/23/2008LebanonTripoli20Two more people are killed in sectarian violence.
    6/23/2008AfghanistanKandahar30Taliban militants kill three local police in a brutal ambush.
    6/23/2008PakistanKurram110Eleven kidnapped Shias are brutally beheaded by Sunni radicals.
    6/23/2008DagestanBuinaksk10A police chief succumbs after being sprayed with automatic weapons fire.
    6/23/2008PakistanJandola1610Islamic militants attack pro-government tribesmen, killing at least sixteen.
    6/23/2008IraqMosul42A woman and a university student are among four murdered by Islamic gunmen.
    6/23/2008AfghanistanShindand519A suicide car bomber takes out five Afghan civilians.
    6/22/2008IraqKhalis712Jihadis murder seven Iraqis in a mortar attack on a residential neighborhood.
    6/22/2008IraqKirkuk32Two women are among three killed in a Mujahideen bombing.
    6/22/2008LebanonTripoli935Nine people are killed in sectarian clashes within the Religion of Peace.
    6/22/2008IraqBaqubah1742A female suicide bomber massacres seventeen Iraqis.
    6/22/2008IndiaSrinagar10Lashkar-e-Taiba members ambush and kill an Indian soldier.
    6/22/2008SomaliaDharkenley34Three local soldiers are killed in an Islamic militia bombing.
    6/21/2008ThailandNarathiwat40Four railway workers are gunned down in cold blood by radical Muslims.
    6/21/2008PakistanKhyber2950Feuding religious sects clash, leaving about thirty people dead.
    6/21/2008AfghanistanKhost48A woman and three children are taken out by a Mujahid rocket attack.
    6/21/2008AfghanistanKunar12Extremists send a rocket into a hospital, killing at least one person.
    6/21/2008IraqBaquba20Two brothers are kidnapped and killed.
    6/20/2008AfghanistanHelmand710Children are among the casualties when a suicide bomber detonates in a crowded market.
    6/20/2008IsraelNeveh Tzuf02Masked Palestinians shoot two Israelis in a brutal drive-by attack.
    6/20/2008SomaliaMogadishu1330At least two children are among thirteen civilians killed in attacks by Islamic militia.
    6/20/2008ThailandYala14Islamic gunmen open up on a truck, killing an occupant.
    6/20/2008IraqBaghdad38A Jihad car bombing kills eight Iraqis.
    6/20/2008AfghanistanZabul23Two local soldiers are killed in a bomb attack by religious extremists.
    6/20/2008FranceParis01A 17-year-old Hassidic Jew is beaten into a coma by Muslim immigrants.
    6/19/2008PakistanKurram40Muslim radicals ambush a food relief convoy, killing the driver and three others, and then setting fire to the goods.
    6/19/2008IraqTuz Khormato10A man is kidnapped and tortured to death by Mujahid.
    6/19/2008ThailandYala20A 3-year-old boy and his father are gunned down by the Religion of Peace.
    6/19/2008PakistanKurram710Clashes between Sunni and Shia leave at least seven dead.
    6/19/2008PakistanKharian10A man shoots his sister-in-law to death on suspicion of 'bad character.'
    6/19/2008PakistanHajira43Four local soldiers are killed by Islamic terrorists.
    6/18/2008AfghanistanKhost43Four local cops are killed in a Taliban bombing.
    6/18/2008ThailandPattani25Two members of a security patrol die from shrapnel injuries following a roadside blast set off by Mujahideen.
    6/18/2008SomaliaMogadishu43Four local police are killed by a roadside bomb detonated by Islamists.
    6/17/2008IraqMosul10Religious extremists gun down a journalist who had presented segments on Islam and culture.
    6/17/2008IraqBaghdad6378Shiite radicals bomb an open-air market, slaughtering over sixty shoppers and vendors.
    6/17/2008SomaliaMogadishu317Three civilians are killed when Islamic militia open fire on government troops.
    6/17/2008Iraqal-Saba Abkar42A suicide bicycle bomber pedals to paradise, taking four Iraqis with him.
    6/17/2008ThailandNarathiwat10A 45-year-old widow and mother of five is chased down and shot by Holy Warriors.
    6/17/2008PakistanHangu40Four members of a Shia family are murdered in their car by Sunni gunmen.
    6/17/2008SomaliaMogadishu32Islamic militants fire a mortar into a home, killing three civilians.
    6/16/2008PakistanDera Ismail Khan45Four Shiites praying at a mosque are blown to bits by radical Sunnis.
    6/16/2008IraqBaghdad431A double suicide bombing is one of two attacks that leaves four civilians dead.
    6/16/2008LebanonBekaa34Three people are killed in a sectarian clash.
    6/16/2008PakistanTorchapar10Local Islamists kidnap and murder a village elder.
    6/16/2008ChechnyaGrozny35Three border guards are murdered in a Jihad ambush on their vehicle.
    6/15/2008IraqBaghdad034A female suicide bomber targets soccer fans celebrating a victory.
    6/15/2008PakistanFATA57Islamic militants kill five people in two landmine attacks.
    6/15/2008AfghanistanHelmand11The Taliban kill a local police chief with a remote-controlled bomb.
    6/15/2008AfghanistanKhost10A 12-year-old boy is killed by Taliban bombers as he is walking to school.
    6/15/2008IraqMosul21A college professor is among two people shot to death by Freedom Fighters.
    6/15/2008IraqBaghdad31Three members of a family, including two women, are murdered by Sunni militants in a home invasion.

    Yeah, Ahmed, call me an Islamophobe, a fear-monger, spreading lies about a few Muslim terror attacks, nothing to worry about.

    If you came here looking for examples of Jewish Honor Killings, what are you, meshugana? Did you actually believe Jews are like Muslims?

    ### End of my article ###

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